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  1. To run simple default speeds on those modules, I have to run them at 2.8V. That's what Corsair suggests also. If you have a bad one, contact Corsair and make them replace them. Lifetime warranty does just that.
  2. OP, which slot is your card in? Just for the sake of trying, put it in the second slot (and move the jumpers to SLI position) and let it install. Also, which DVI output are you using on the card? I had to reconnect my monitor several times after installing the second card so the proper initialization took place. Also, is there the possibility that somehow SLI is enabled in the drivers- though I think it auto-detects pretty well, it may be worth checking.
  3. Home Depot definitely has it. I work there, and I bought my barbs there.
  4. You'll need revision 3 for a 7800 series card. Also, I'm almost positive they won't work in SLi. MOF, I'm looking at the things right now, and I'll almost guarantee it.
  5. Why can you not use Ramsinks with these installed?
  6. Has anyone tried using teh MCW5000's in SLi on the original SLi-DR? Will it fit, is my question? Thanks.
  7. Sorry,you aren't who i thought you were. BTW, that's a great price on the AA's- if they would fit, I'd jump.
  8. How come you didn't list the computer parts at ICIX?
  9. Currently own: Atari 2600 Coleco Vision Intellivision Atari 7800 Atari Lynx NES (2 of them) Sega Master System SNES Sega Genesis(CD & 32x) Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast Atari Jaguar Nin 64 Playstation Playstation 2 X-Box Gamecube TurboGrafx 16 GameBoy Advance (2) Sega GameGear Odyssey All of them work as if they're new EXCEPT the NES machines. I cannot for the life of me keep them going properly. I have to say that my favorite of the bunch is the Sega Master System. Very hard to find game carts for, but they were FAR better than the Nintendo offerings at the time. I'm also on the lookout for a full Neo-Geo setup.....but I'd probably have to sell a testicle, my first born, give my wife to porn, and mop the SkyDome with my tongue for it to happen.
  10. The 2-2-2-5 is pretty much accidental out of the 4400C25. Mine will do it, some won't. It's rated to do 275, not 200, so they probably don't even qualify these sticks at 200.
  11. Yes, that voltage issue on the memory could have caused all your boot problems. I'll let others help with settings.
  12. Swap the channels, so 1 is on a channel with the HDD, the other by itself, and give it a shot. If you're using SATA HDD's, then just put the burners on seperate channels. Just try it, and we'll work from there. Also try different cables (a LOT of brand-new IDE cables are junk).
  13. N/M, it looks like it will be too tall. http://www.polarflo.com/productimages/ttse...0-vgaconfig.jpg
  14. That new PolarFlo block MAY fit if its height is within reason. You can use the side barbs so they miss the video cards. I'll look... I don't see any dimensional info, but it's available in both 3/8" and 1/2". Look at http://www.frozencpu.com/ex-blc-221.html
  15. Have you tried swapping them as Master/Slave? I know my sister's Sony HATES being a Slave, while it works perfectly as Master. It won't work at ALL in a cable select scenario. Try it the other way, or do it as cble-select
  16. I would like to add: When using the "I-Stick" (sold under several vendor names ie: PQI, GE, etc), you must remove the stick from the housing else it will not create a bootable without the aid of a floppy. The individual memory unit will plug directly into a USB port, just be real careful as it is kind of flimsy. Once you have created the bootable drive, then it can be used in the protective housing. I discovered this almost on accident some time back.
  17. Most of you have seen that I had hellacious problems getting an overclock to be lengthy-Prime stable. I blamed my memory controller, mostly. Yesterday, my X850XT died completely, one of the RAM chips literally fell into my hand when I was looking it over. On 3-4 occasions, I would come into my office, always before work, and find the machine locked up with either no screen, or a bunch of colorful vertical lines. I now know it was the card. Now, the question: could this card's ineptitude have caused me to not be able to OC at all, due to stability? I know I could always run my RAM at super high FSB's, but I could never get totally stable. BTW, I Primed for 11.75 hrs last night at stock.
  18. There is a current issue when using the vBulletin 3 style format that leaves the "category" menu out. You cannot post a new thread without it. Please change your style in the lower left corner to fix it.
  19. OCZ Platinum PC3200 work really nice, as do the nearly identical Patriot LL's. The Crucial Ballistix are supposed to be good, but very pricey.
  20. Parport is simply the parallel port interface which you are likely not using anyway. It means nothing. It is odd, though, that your CPU isn't showing. What does it say under the System Properties "General" tab? Does it not show up there, either?
  21. Are you setting it as Master/Slave, or using CableSelect? Also, isn't the 712s the SATA model?
  22. The problem with the 120mm front fan on the Sonata is that it really doesn't draw in much fresh air. I have placed a 120 on the side panel, and it dropped my case temps almost 15*C!!! It mad ALL the difference in the world. I just wish I had place it a bit higher so it would hit the PWMIC area more, but it works fine for what it was intended. I'm going to test wheter the fron-mounted fan even makes a difference in this situation. If not, I'll deep-6 that fan to open a bit more room.
  23. DOH!!!! I was thinking of the 2-3-2-5 1GB modules. Carry on, carry on.
  24. 2.8 MAY put you at diminishing returns, though. I think those are Infineon IC's, and they don't scale very high with extra voltage, but seem to work well with looser timings.
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