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  1. Got my SLI-DR today (along with most everything else :cool: ), and I was wondering if there's any way to tell what BIOS a board ships with before hooking it up? PS, they must've changed the packing because my audio module was packed totally seperate from the rest of the board, preventing the broken switch problems some peeps had.
  2. I'm not so much an "overclocker" as I am a "tinkerer". I can't leave . alone. Now, I'd like to use CnQ in the way described above. Otherwise, it's a useless add-on that only half works.
  3. OOOOHHHH! A setting in BIOS that would allow "profiles" for Cool-n-Quiet would be sweet. Then it would be tailorable to your individual setup!
  4. Also try jumping the PSU to see if it indeed does work. STick a paperclip into the main ATX connector at the green wire. Bend it and place the other end into ANY black wire. Turn the power switch "ON" and it should fire up. If it does not, call OCZ or the vendor you purchased it from- 'cuz it's bad.
  5. I actually laughed out loud when I read this post. McFoo, what kind of cables did you end up getting (blocked from the images at current location).
  6. Does the PSU spin up and try to work? Have you checked the voltage selection on the rear of the PSU (115v or 230v)? It IS possible to get a bum PSU from OCZ, it's just that they will make it right if you did.
  7. Woohoo! The 4x512 will work. Now, someone show me how to get it to 250+ at 1T and Ill be a happy man!
  8. It's all ordered, along with a Dell FPW2405 now. I'm going to FORCE it to work if I have to. With as much money as is going into this, I should be able to come up with something. Does this board default to 333 when running all banks, or will it go to at least 400? Honestly, If I can get to 450-500 stable with all 4 sticks, I'll be more than happy (since I've yet to see it done). Bad comes to worse, I still have 2x512 HyperX bh-5 in the drawer
  9. DFI NF4 SLI Ultra DR AMD64 4000+ ClawHammer PowerColor X850XT 4x512 Corsair PC4400 C2 (TCCD) OCZ Powerstream 600 2x Plextor 716SATA 4x80GB Hitachi SATA for RAID 0+1 Corsair H2O (free, baby :nod:) w/ Swifty GPU block Stuffed in a CM Stacker Does anything look amiss? I'll probably only be able to use 1GB of my RAM until a processor revision- hold off until dual-core.
  10. Will this work if I'm using SATA opticals? I'll use the NVRaid for hdds, and the Sil Chip for my Plexy 716's, if that matters.
  11. All those should work well. That PSU is a bit low on the 12v rail, but it has reviewed well.
  12. These boards can boot from USB devices. That was my next question. Thank you.
  13. For your sake, I was hoping it would be that simple. Try breaking your array and using a single drive- just to see if maybe it's a borked drive (I've heard of stranger things happening).
  14. Pretty sure it's WinBond UTT. TwinMos also makes a good UTT memory.
  15. They obviously get them "somewhere". Start searching and you may find the OEM supplier. Question: N/M ...Sunon, Y.S.Tech, Vantec, etc have the larger MagLev fans for your quiet computing needs
  16. 2 of those now on my "wishlist" at the egg. Now, I just have to wait for the school I work for to process my paperwork. I was told 2 weeks- it'll probably be a month :roll:
  17. If you're doing video editing/manipulation, it's been my experience that even MORE than 1GB will show improvement. BTW, A.G. don't forget the Corsair PC4400C25.
  18. You, sir, are the MAN!!!! I am so glad you showed up. Question, will it work on the 3114 controller? Reason being, I want to use 2 of the 716SA's, and 4 HDD's. I'm hoping to use the NF4 RAID for RAID0 on 2 36gb Raptors, and RAID1 for 2 160gb Deathstars, leaving only the Silicon Image controller for the Plextors. Can I install my main drives on the SI controller and use the NVidia for my opticals.
  19. What boot order do you have the BIOS set for? Set it for CD or Floppy first, then try to boot to the XP installation. Since you've set your array already, maybe the BIOS is looking for that array, but it doesn't quite exist yet?
  20. Bumping this. Plextor's support simply stated that they had no intentions of any further compatability testing with their SATA drives. So, has anyone guinea-pigged these, or will I have to be the one?
  21. The OP is using TCCD-based memory that doesn't much care for high voltage. In fact, it can decrease stability. Your sticks may be WinBond (BH5, BH6, CH5) which DO like memory. My BH5-based sticks will be tested on my new board when it gets here to find their high-voltage limits.
  22. Does anyone know if the Plextor 716SA's will work properly on either of the SATA controllers on the new 939 NF4 boards? I'd love to rid myself completely of PATA on this build. (E-mail sent to Plextor, also- I like redundancy even on my knowledge data :nod: )
  23. Is that the Corsair PC4400C25 ram? If it is, drop the voltage DOWN to 2.55-2.6. The TCCD based sticks seem to be more stable at lower voltage and try timings at 2.5-3-3-7 until you get everything squared away. If those are the WinBond-based sticks, give them more voltage.
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