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  1. Now i've used a PS/2 mouse and keyboard, my dvd writer still doesn't work. And setup will not continue, it keep prompting me for files. And no dvd writer detected
  2. Im trying to install a fresh new Windows XP SP1 on this PC. I just bought a Seagate 7200.10 SATAII and enabled it running at 3Gb/s. While installing windows XP, at the part Installing Devices, at about 3/4 of the green bar it will stuck there for quite a long time, at the bottom right which those green boxes which suppose to be moving, it will sometimes freeze for 30 secs+ and will be moving again. But now my mouse won't work, it's normal USB mouse, the optical LED doesn't light up, and most importantly my CD rom doesn't eject anymore. I don't know what's going on. I removed all other drives except this seagate 7200.10 HDD and a benq 1920 PRO dvdwriter. I've tried SP2 too it doesn't work. I don't know whats going on. anyone can help me?
  3. i've reset to optimal settingd and it's running at 2T but it hangs at the hdd detection and it won't move anymore. whats going on?
  4. my modules are all working well, i placed orange slots with TCCD and yellow slots with BT-D43.
  5. I've tried putting 4 x 512mb, tcc5 x 2 + bt-d43 x 2. But it refuse to start up, has a long beep, anyway to support? Im using venice core 3200+
  6. would wanna say newer TCCD batches love voltage, now i am on 270 with 3.05v. below that will have 2 errors in memtest #5.
  7. NO, never ever DFI will sell it to anyone who has a Ultra-D.
  8. I'm gonna SPi it with 32m and see whether it's really stable or not, after that i am trying 255 x 10.
  9. surprisingly, i'm now able to run 250 x 10, with 1:1 mem. What i did to my bios is i off cpu thermal throttling, i do not know whether it has any direct relations with my o/cing. I've increased my PCIe frequency to 105.
  10. My memory is able to take 290HTT My cpu is able to take 2.6ghz but both refuse to cooperate and work together. Where is the RGone thread for memory timings settings?
  11. I've already tried it can go till 2.6ghz. when 3:4 divider, it's the compatibility issues man.
  12. I just tried your settings and it can go till 300 x 8, i can boot into windows but Super PI can't finish the test first the time, after 5 mins i've tried again it can finish the test
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