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  1. have you reset cmos yet? That should get you into the bios.
  2. I haven't run the crucial. This is my first set of gb modules. I do know that the crucial can't run 3-3-2 as high as the OCZ can.
  3. Well it seems 280 thereabouts is the limit. No matter what I cannot get 285 without 2 lingering errors in memtest. More voltage, looser timings, nothing will do it. Now at 280 it'll run the gamut of nenchmarks but not 3d. I need 270 to run 3d, others have done it at 275. As far as running 2.5-3-2-7, I can do this up to 250 at 2.7v Aagain more vdimm does not help. Others have gotten 255. I haven't tried 2-3-2 yet but it should do it to 225 possibly. All in all for 2gb of ram it is real nice.
  4. yes it is great stuff angry. I can hold my OC and BF2 runs smoothe as butter!
  5. ok just got a little surprise from the Fed EX man today. I just wanted to post up my quick maxes. So far I am at 280 3-3-2-7-1t 2.7v passing super pi 1m and memtest test #5. 3dMark05 passes at 270 3-3-2-7-1t 2.7v I tweaked the timings a little in the super pi screenie, but the 3dmark screen was everything set to auto. So far so good. I am running bigtoes 7/06/05 bios btw.
  6. I am using MBM with X64 but I honestly like SG better for the fan control. Has DFI done anything to get this to work with X64. C'mon it shouldn't be to hard. Asus has their stuff working!
  7. try to repair. Run the windows disk as if you were installing. When it asks you to repair, don't. Continue as if you were installing. Now when it asks you to repair the second time, this is when you want to agree. Now by doing this you will have to reinstall all your drivers, but it will fix your core files. The rest of your OS will stay intact just as you left it.
  8. So I just flashed to 510-2 and so far so good at 280x10 with OCZ pc4200 EL. It is acting better than 310 did and I actually picked up .5 seconds on super pi, and I am only .2 seconds behind my VX super pi time at same cpu mghz. VX was at 255x11, and The 4200EL I am running is at 280x10. I have not ran these sticks up to their max yet as I just got them a few days ago and been busy so not sure which bios is better for max OC. Gonna try and do some testing though in the coming days.
  9. believe it or not I just use gigabytes @bios. I got used to it when running the K8NSpro, and have been using it on my MSI K8N Neo2, and this SLI-DR. I didn't like winflash cause to be honest I wasn't sure what options to check. With @bios you just click update bios from saved file, and you are good to go. I have been doing this because I did not have a floppy in this system. I didn't want the extra cables. I did just put in a media reader/floppy, so it looks like I will be back to flashing from a floppy.
  10. i thought they were soldered on from the back. turn the board upside down and take a look. If I am right a little desolder braid will do the trick.
  11. one thing for VX I have found it does not like a trfc below 15 on a lot of rig's so if you are having stability issues try 16 or 17.
  12. My 420watt OCZ PowerStream ran 2x6600gt's with 1gb ram at 3.5v and 3500+ at 1.6v with not even a wimper. It was a different story when I put the 2x6800gt's in though. The system would not even go through auto detect clock frequencies on the VC's and it made a hissing noise when loaded. I upgraded to a 600watt OCZ and now all is peachy. So even though the 420 performed fine with the 6600's I would definately go by the 480 mark DFI has set.
  13. btw, you don't need a floppy for memtest. You can either burn the memtest ISO to disk, or just enable the memtest option in the bios, and it will start after POST.
  14. the mod stream are good PSU's but they are not built to the same rigorous specs as the Power Stream.
  15. I was using a fortron 530watt with a 20 pin connector and was running 265x10 1:1 2-2-2-8-1t 3.5vddr 1.65vcc with 2x6600gt's. Thing is these psu's are built like tanks, so it is not a great comparo. This combo ran fine with no problems, but just to be on the safe side I picked up an OCZ Power Stream 420watt. Now personally I am thinking I should have just gone for the 520watt, but so far the 420 is running the same settings I had before except I now have 2x6800gt's! I didn't even try the fortron with that combo, but I feel it might have been too much.
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