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  1. why 256? Its good stuff. I have the 512mb versions and they run good for me
  2. uhh no. load optimised defaults
  3. go in a set each setting for the memory manually. Take it off Auto and that should work
  4. I know someone whos BFG works fine in their DFI Nf4 SLI board. Sounds like you got a bad card.
  5. the temps are fine anyway. Their voltage regulators to the DDR and CPU. Their good up to 110c
  6. 2.9 would probably be ok. mostly hes talking about when you get into the 3v range
  7. I think the 5/10(correct?) is a better BIOS. You can probably get away with what you have on it right now heh I am actually surprised I got the problem spot on. Expected this to be a longer problem. lol
  8. atx, p4, flopp and molex connectors under CPU
  9. try one stick. typically 4 leds means PSU or CPU. make sure you have all 4 plugs of power plugged in
  10. yes you put them in 2 & 4 you can run your card in either the top slot. or you can move the jumpers to SLI and put them in the lower one. performance is practically the same
  11. actually I am a little worried about RMAing it. I decided to turn it on today. It gave me the warning and it also turned off again once and it errors in memtest. But for some reason it has not turned off for sometime now in Windows. Im worried that if I RMA that it will work fine for them and then they will send it back to me. I left the power switch flipped last night so CMOS got rather confused. I wonder if that helped it stay up longer today?
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