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  1. Thanks for the link. I had even posted in that thread on a couple occasions, but must've missed over/forgot about that part. I'll have to try it out.
  2. And I was thinking, support for PowerNow! in the BIOS would be nice, as mobile A64s/T64s don't use CnQ. But I may be asking too much.
  3. But that's the thing, I'm not OC'd. Everything is running at rated speeds.
  4. Hey now that I think about it there is something I have noticed about Turion64 on the DFI Lanparty NF3 board. Every now and again, I'll get a "detecting array" error during boot. Happened with all previous BIOS and it appears to happen with the new 6/23 as well. I've had it happen on cold as well as warm boots. Never bothered me much, as I don't turn off or restart my system often, and the system will automatically reset itself on the error and boot up fine after that. I'm 99.99% sure it's not a stability issue, as I've used P95 to test stability, fold 24/7/365, and have not encountered a single error or crash. Not a big priority IMO, but if the BIOS team is bored one day maybe they could look into it.
  5. Should do that no problem, default for the 3700+ is 2.4GHz. It's really a pretty good deal when you think about it. $350 may seem like a lot, but you're basically getting what is equivalent to a 4000+ on Socket 939 (w/out dual channel mem of course), which is like a $475 processor. Plus it's guaranteed 1.35v.
  6. For overclocking... a 3400+ or 3700+ Newark. 3400+ 3700+ They're based on the San Diego core and have a default voltage of 1.35V. Members on XS have hit 3GHz+ with the 3700+.
  7. Hello, For overclocking, I would not choose Turion64. Myself and a member on another forum attempted to overclock an MT-34, and no matter how much voltage was used, we weren't able to get them stable past ~2.6GHz. For what a Turion64 costs, you can buy an Athlon64 Venice/San Diego, which will overclock much better. If you really want to stick with Socket 754, Shentech.com carries 3400+ and 3700+ mobiles which are based on the San Diego E4 core. 3400+ - http://www.shentech.com/amn3400bkx5bu.html 3700+ - http://www.shentech.com/amn3700bkx5bu.html However for a HTPC or low power system Turion64 is great. I'm currently running my MT-34 passively with only the power supply fan for cooling. 38-39*C load ([email protected]), lol.
  8. Ditto. 4/8, 4/15, and 5/4 have all worked fine with my Turion64. But I'll flash to 6/23 anyways, and report back with suggestions/improvements (if any).
  9. I know you guys aren't engineers, but I figured you might be able to get in touch with one of them easier than I would. I do appreciate the suggestion, though. Maybe someone has already taken the time to calculate this information. I'll do a little Google'ing and see what I can come up with.
  10. Probably a long shot, but here goes.... Would it be possible for one of the kind fellows at DFI to provide me with a graph that displays efficiency of the CPU power regulation circuitry at varying loads (and varying ambient temperature if possible). I have an Athlon64 3700+ mobile ("San Diego" core) and a Turion64 MT-34 both in my possession and would like to do head-to-head power consumption comparisons. I was planning to measure power consumption through the 4-pin connector using a clamp-style ammeter. However, I would also like to know power consumption of the processors themselves, so I could compare them to those on different platforms (Dothan, for example). Ideally, one would measure power consumption from the traces supplying power to the processor. However, I do not feel like sacrificing my motherboard for the cause. So let me know if you can help me. I'd assume information such as this would be considered confidential, and would not be available to the public. Figured I might as well ask, though.
  11. tristancarton, let's shoot for 5.4GHz between the both of us. 1.8GHz at 1.1v seems to be about the best I can do. 2.0GHz seems to be the best possible at 1.2v. Hopefully it'll scale better with 1.35/1.4v, because so far these results are a little less than I was expecting.
  12. Vandi423 at XtremeSystems is the one who hooked me up. I believe he can order more from his vendor. If anybody's interested shoot him a PM or email. My MT-34 was nearly $300 (and he was basically selling it at cost, just asked me to cover PayPal fees and shipping of my choice). But then again, he only ordered four. If he can get at least 10 people on board, I think he gets a bulk order discount, so it should be cheaper.
  13. No problem. Booted up in the DFI NF3 board fine. Even detected it as a Turion 64 MT-34. Looks like these sneaky guys at DFI slipped Turion microcodes into the new BIOS update. Am currently seeing how far I can undervolt at default voltage. Am P95'ing at 1.1v right now. After I do this I'll get to the actual OC'g.
  14. I am the other guy, and my MT-34 arrived today. Instead of posting my results at all the forums I visit, I will just keep it all in my thread at EOCF. For anybody interested in Turion, just keep checking back here for all the latest. http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...13&page=1&pp=20
  15. Where's a good "pwned!" pic when you need it?
  16. What thread did you see this in wicked?
  17. It's probably related to this: http://www.nforcershq.com/modules.php?name...rticle&sid=2735
  18. I remember coming by that site a couple days ago. I didn't even think of posting it on the chance that we'd have a Romaniam member here. But those of us in the states should probably just wait for Turion to be available at major online vendors. Like others have mentioned, products in Europe are more expensive than parts in the US. Corbu', I have a hunch that these will work in the DFI boards on an official BIOS. DFI recently released 4/8, which includes support for E0 revision CPUs (officially the new 90nm Semprons, but I don't see any reason why they wouldn't unofficially support Turion).
  19. I personally have not bought anything from them. I agree their site is pretty basic, and it seems kind of shady at first, but after communicating with them for the last month or so, I'd feel pretty comfortable about ordering through them. The sales people I emailed were all very curteous and helpful. And I haven't verified it or anything, but they do have an address listed at the bottom of their site, along with phone, fax, and numerous emails. Although they do not have any resellerratings, if you do a Google search for MemoryExpoUSA, you should be able to come up with a few individual's experiences, all positive. Rabbi: Any word about if they do get them in stock, when it would be?
  20. I called them on the phone, and the lady I talked to said she couldn't find anything on their computers about Turion. She said that this doesn't mean they won't be selling them, and to call back in a week or so, or email one of the sales people, because they'd probably be more involved in testing and evaluating whether the product will be sold in large quantities. So I'm not sure what to think. Unfortunately the phone call wasn't very helpful. If I had time I wouldn't asked to speak with someone else, but I had to leave for work. I'm waiting for a reply to my email, which will hopefully be much more informative. What I might suggest is that anybody who is serious about purchasing a Turion email them. I'm sure if they had 5-10 guaranteed sales off the bat, they would be much more inclined to stock the item.
  21. For anyone interested in Turion, keep an eye out at memoryexpousa.com. I emailed a sales rep a little less than a month ago, and he said they received a few Turion models for testing. According to him, they were going to be available in April. I am planning to email or call them soon and see if I can get more info. I'll try to keep you guys updated. All that talk about slower transistors sounds like marketing to me. Also keep in mind that AMD does not support the use of mobile processors in desktops, so it could just propoganda to discourage overclockers for buying the chip. Then again, we won't know for sure until a few people have had a chance to try them out.
  22. Sorry, I serverly neglected this thread. Unfortunately my Oakville turned out to be a major turd. Looks like week/stepping > voltage when it comes to A64 mobiles. I was able to do 2.2GHz, but it took ~1.55v. I didn't bother even attempting to push it much further, because IMHO it wasn't even worth the extra voltage for another 100-200MHz. Currently I have it running at a very conservative 2.0GHz at 1.45v. Some guy at AnandTech was able to get his 3000+ Oakville to 2.5GHz at default voltage. Wish I knew what week and stepping it was (a mid to late week 40 CBBHD, I bet). Surprisingly, this was on a MSI K8N Neo, and not a Lanparty. So at least we now have two motherboards that are confirmed working with Oakvilles. One could also assume that the MSI mATX 754 board would support Oakvilles, which would make it a perfect candidate for HTPCs when paired with 90nm. MemoryExpoUSA.com sells 2800+ Oakvilles for $120 with free DHL shipping. Overclockers stay away, though; I emailed them, and the sales rep reported that they have 18 in stock, but all are week 24 and 27 (i.e. probably horrible OC'ers, but good for someone who needs a cool and quiet running PC). Am anxiously awaiting Turion, which will no doubt be another compatibility headache. But if we can get them working, it should be a beautiful thing.
  23. Will do. It's a pretty early chip (week 30), so I'm not expecting 2.6-2.7GHz like some of the newer chips are getting. I'd be pretty happy if I could get 2.4-2.5GHz and keep the voltage low. I may push it just to see what it would max out at, but my overall goal is low noise, so I'll probably keep it around whatever the chip can do at 1.5v.
  24. Just wanted to say thanks. I went ahead and tried the chip again with the 1/28 official. Still didn't work, but going off your suggestion, I tried with one stick in... and it actually booted up! Put the stick in slot two (was previously in slot one) and it seems to be working fine. I never would've imagined something so trivial could've caused this much headache. I wouldn't have even thought of this if you hadn't mentioned anything.
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