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  1. Your absolutely right Pntgrd, and after doing some thread reads, it seems that most of the time it doesn't matter if the driver is installed or not. There has only been some issues with the eairlier stepping X2's, with the slowdown and speedup problems in games.
  2. Thanks THunDA, I just read several posts related to the Wini core. I think I need to just get two more sticks of OZC VX and upgrade to an X2,
  3. Now I know the Wini core A64 has had problems with their mem controler using 4 sticks of memory. I was wondering if anyone has had any success using all 4 slots on a Wini core. If so could you list your mem settings and any other special procedures you used to get it to work. I am trying to get my BH5 Mushkin 2x 256 sticks to work with my OCZ VX 2x 515 sticks. They have very simmilar timings and can handle the voltage that I throw at them. I have latest official bios installed (623.3) Am I trying to do something impossible? Can I just upgrade to the Venice, X2, or SanDiego Core to get this to work? Is it possible to use 2x 512 sticks with 2x 256 sticks and still use as dual channel? Thanks in advance.
  4. The dual core driver is to allow XP to utilize both cores properly, if you don't want both cores utilized properly don't install it. Sorry for the sarcasm, Just install the driver and patch after you install the CPU.
  5. I think 3Ghz is only going to be achivable with the new Venice A64.
  6. This 1T-2T CMD rate is confusing to me, I have read the posts regaurding it and now my brain just hurts. Could someone just expalin, in plain english, on how to change between the two in bios settings? Is it called something else in bios? Want to adjust settings in bios so that I run at the 1T CMD rate. I'm sure this has been disscussed before, but my searches pull nothing.
  7. Same thing here, reads 11.55 on 12v rail. I've measured with DMM and it reads 11.9V.
  8. Just rolled back to 6.39 drivers. I was gettting program hangs intermittantly and sometimes my internet connection would stop alltogether. All these headaches started with the switch to 6.53.
  9. Just order a new bios chip preloaded with the bios revision you need through BADFLASH.COM or other sites. After that you'll have a spare you can hotflash. Or even through one of our own here Bios Chips
  10. swap you chipset fan and your cpu fan, if the problem swaps you know you have a fan problem, if not, time to RMA.
  11. I'm running 280 FSB on Mushkin BH5 @ 3.5 V No problems with Prime or Memtest? :nod:
  12. Anyone have any links for the SLI bridge (where to buy)? :confused:
  13. Are you kidding? I'm puttin 3.5V into my BH5. I know the BH5 loves the volts, but as long as the memory stays cool (AIRFLOW) you should be fine. Just find the voltage setting you mem likes and stick with it.
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