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  1. GSkill HZ UCCC should do 250-275Mhz @ 1T 3/4/3/8 2.66Vdimm. UCCC is really well know for being very performance oriented. My 170 + 2GB Gskill HZ + Expert system is running 295FSBx10 9/10 1T 3/4/3/6/7/13/2/2/2/3/3072 without problems on WC. If your ram can't achieve 250FSB @ 1T, your ram is probably bad. Cjoe
  2. Sorry, me bad. My sig was not current. I was running 2.9G @ 1.39V topless and water cooled at 6am for 4hrs. Ambient temp was probably 55-60F (15-16C). On my previous AA0 board, idle/load temps were 24C/37C before +10C compensation. My idle/load temps on new AB0 board now reads 31C/42C with new simplified loop (CPU block, Rad, and Pump). I think 31C/42C (idle/load) running 2.9Ghz @ 1.39V is not optimistic with my current setup. Before 24C/37C on AA0 board is obviously unrealistic but 31C/42C seems reasonable to me with new WC. edit: I'll put my system back to 3Ghz @ 1.55V and check the temps. cjoe
  3. I totally agree. Small bore can't keep up large bore and high flow systems. Sheer brute force systems will overcome small bore and low flow systems. I was just saying that small bore / low flow systems can be very efficient and can do a very decent job. Ultimately, You get what you pay for. Good water cooling systems can cost an arm and a leg. 3 blocks: CPU, Video and Chipset - $250 Excellent Pump - $100-$150 Good Dual Radiator - $80 Reservoir - $30 Parts & Fittings - $20 3-4m Tubing - $20 4x120mm Fans - $70 Optional: - LCD Display - $30 - Inline Temp Sensors - $30 cjoe
  4. I have a CM Stack 830 case stuffed with 2 back planes (4drives/plane), CDRW, Sata Tray, and 5.25" LCD Fan controller. Although my case is large, there is very little room to manuever with pumps, reservoirs and radiators. I tried 1/2" tubing but I found it very difficult to bend and manuever between CPU, Video, Chipset blocks, two radiators. reservoir and pump. I prefer the 3/8" tubing because its a compromise between large and small tubing. cjoe
  5. I don't think anyones read my post in the Expert CPU temp sensor reporting incorrectly thread. I think that my new Expert R.AB0 board has fixed the temp sensor issue. Has anyone else noticed this? or am I the only one with the fixed temp sensor? cjoe
  6. Actually, low flow systems can provide good performance if its designed correctly. Its essentially brute force vs. efficiency arguement. Check out the 6mm and 8mm kits from AquaComputers or Koolance. Its true that they won't keep up with a monster 1/2" ID system but they can do a very good job at keeping your system cool and quiet. 1/2" systems are a pain in the a$$ because the tubes are difficult to bend and the parts are so large. Although I'm running 3/8" (10mm) in my main rig, I'm running 2 Koolance systems in my other 939 and AXP boxes. Smaller tubing is such a joy to work with. cjoe
  7. The $166 Kit on sale is 3/8" tubing. For the money, 3Blocks, double rad, res and 12V pump seems to be a decent deal to me. The performance is probably decent but not spectacular. It will probably keep your system sub 50C under full load. The only X Factor seems to be reliability and quality of components (i.e. performance of blocks, rad and pump). cjoe
  8. This is a follow on of my previous post. After running dual prime95 for 4hrs on the new AB0 board, Load temp reached high 42C while water temp reached 32C. My temps of 30C/42C (idle/load) seem reasonable and consistent with previous measurements on AA0 board taking account of new WC system. I ran the Central Brain Identifier. My thermal offset is 10C. My CPU's temp would be 40C/52C (idle/load). I don't think the thermal info provided is correct. Does anyone else have a new AB0 board? What results are you achieving? cjoe
  9. I just purchased another expert board. The temp sensor seems to be reading correctly unlike my previous board. My previous board Rev AA0 was reading 24-25C idle. I needed to compensate +10C to fix the temp. This new board Rev AB0 is reading 30-31C idle without the compensation factor. After changing my water cooling system to running two small loops instead of one large loop, my CPU temps seem to have dropped 4C. Unless my new watercooling system is really inefficient compared to my previous one (which I really doubt), the new AB0 board has fixed the sensor. Before: Idle: 24-25C +10C Compensation = 34-35C After: 30-31C +0C Compensation = 30-31C New WC system efficiency improvement compared to old WC system: -4C I'm going to do some more testing. What do you guys think? cjoe
  10. System is still bugged. Still 2 Leds only. Anyone got any suggestions? cjoe
  11. After swapping my watercooling system for another, my system will not boot now. Motherboard shows 2 leds and does not beep. I've verified my video card, memory, and cpu are good. Is my motherboard dead? When I power on, 3 Leds flash on then revert to 2 Leds. Anyone got any ideas? I've swapped memory, cpu, and video with no luck. Currently, I'm clearing my cmos without the battery and power plugged in. cjoe
  12. So have you achieved stable 3G yet on that 170? Cjoe
  13. If XTC are UCC, try these settings: DS/DDS: 7/1, 7/2, 7/3 MAL/RP: 9/6.5, 9/6 Divider: 9/10, 5/6 Try the 7/3 (DS/DDS), 9/6.5 (MAL/RP) with divider of 5/6 initially to take the memory out of the equation. Now start increasing the CPU OC. cjoe.
  14. Thanks. But that's a bit more than I'm willing to pay. cjoe
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