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  1. how much force are we talking about here? he's playing dumb on the whole thing. i got his money and in all honesty, if someone's gonna eat it on the deal, it isn't gonna be me. it worked when i dropped it off..... well, 'cept for the audio... but that's a simple thing. i don't wanna leave the guy hanging if there's something i can do, but if a motherboard replacement is necessary, i need to be confident in assuming that if someone broke it, they know it. that way, i'll feel justified in replacing the mobo at his cost. so you have an idea.... i ran this computer: 320 celery d 875B Rev A 9600Pro 512 corsair xms 3200 cl2 TT Soprano w/ 430W stock NEC 2500A 8x for initial boot up i hooked my raptor up to this setup while i waited for it's HDD. i ran 3DMark01, got a 13K and change, and then let it run a few more times so the goobers at work could get an idea of what $600 can buy 'em. i've since put in an 80GB WD IDE, installed xp pro and sp1 (in front of him at his house) as well as some other goodies (nero, norton....you know how it goes). so this thing was in obvious working shape (again, no audio) when i left it. i feel bad, but this guy's a fvckin' tard or something to break that piece off. i know i've rambled a bit here, but my main focus is that piece of plastic and the level of force needed to break it. if i feel he knows he's an idiot and f'ed it all up, then it's buy a new mobo, or sweet looking computer that don't work. i better cash that check tomorrow now that i think about it....
  2. sold to a bozo who somehow broke off the plastic piece at the edge of the agp slot that provides pressure against the plastic hook of the card. he put in the sound card because of the lack of audio detailed in a previous thread here, and has since lost video. the computer starts up, and i hear the clicks associated with the motherboard checklist... all fans start up including the vid card (fan attaches at mobo, not card). i pressed the card with my thumb at the edge farthest from the slot cover to simulate the pressure provided by the piece, but still no video. tried the monitor with another computer and it works fine. any ideas? would taking apart the whole thing and reinstalling everything help? is that plastic piece absolutely necessary?
  3. said mobo celery d 320 9600pro 512 corsair xms 3200 430TT psu xpprosp1 ..... after installing windows, i put in the driver cd that came with the mobo and everything but the audio drivers installed. it said: "our audio chip provides multispeaker surround and realistic sound effects. due to the fact that your computer is not equipped with our audio chip, you cannot avail yourself of these advanced features." wtf... onboard sound = their chip, right? why would the driver be on the mainboard utility cd if the chip isn't onboard?
  4. got my standoffs on, but the plate for my I/O ports isn't. will dfi send me one that fits my board?
  5. i know AG swears by the DD water cooling stuff, but i got the TT bigwater12 and it's a cake to install. my preshott is running at 26 idle. (BRRRRRRRRR.... that's cold!!!!)
  6. i don't think so.... i've been all through the bios and never saw it. then again, my memory blazes! OMFG!!!!!one1113l3v3nty! what NB cooler is that? looks like the $30 + swiftec. i'm starting to have cooling issues now that my stock HSF isn't blowing on it (i got the bigwater12 also). i talked to thermalright and hassled them about when they'd make a NB cooler for the 9x5's, and i got a "june" response. "JUNE!?!?!", i said. "WTF is that all about. How long does it take to make a mounting bracket for a NB cooler?" so he said maybe may. lazy bastards! that swifty treating you good? fvckin' better be for that price!
  7. when i push the power button 5 or 6 times (like priming a lawnmower) it comes on and stays on. any idea why that is? i pulled the battery, also. psu is a 430 TT 18a on the 12v
  8. installed everything except a HDD and tried to power up just to see if all the fans started up and if the motherboard worked. it's started for half a second and quit. i bought it used and cleared the cmos with the jumper and no change. do i physically have to take the battery out to clear everything completely so that it'll start up with the new hardware? i have: one dvd/cd burner ide 1 512 stick of pc3200 (corsair xms) 9600pro 128 with iceberq hsf and copper ramsinks zalman 5700 cpu HSF celeron D 2.4 478 i'm assuming that this board has no problem with the celeron d. it's 478, 533fsb, so i don't see why it would be the issue. even if it were the motherboard, wouldn't the case fans still run? the power indicators came on when i turned on the psu? any experiences?
  9. tried 'em all. i'm gonna PM this thread to AG and see if he has some info. not many people have this board.
  10. i've formatted the drive, but when i put it on serial port one, nothing happens. after the memory test and my drives are listed: cd/dvd rom dvd burner (master/slave) raptor i've tried every different SATA mode on the bios, i've tried booting with just the raptor hooked up. no jumpers on. currently i'm on enhanced mode for SATA. i put in my xp pro disc with my raptor on port one (auto arrange bios so that raptor is first drive) and nothing happens. it's like it won't let me install windows on it for some reason. it just stops doing anything at the bios screen "backup CMOS......OK!" then nothing but a blinking cursor. it doesn't even look for the install disc in my optical drive. any ideas?
  11. i have my Raptor plugged into port 2 and my adapter-fied Maxtor (master boot) in 1. when my computer boots up it lists both of them, but when i get into windows under "my computer" it doesn't list it. i check under device manager and it's listed and claims to be working properly. i tried to have just the raptor plugged in to install windows, but it wouldn't go past the boot screen. just stopped after it checked my drives. any idea how i can get my true SATA drive (raptor) working?
  12. i'm buying a raptor and using the provided adaptor on my other drive so that both are used in SATA ports. so, for best overclocking results, which ports should i use? does it matter? 1, 3..... 2, 4..... 1, 2......3, 4....?
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