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  1. I'm on bios 310 from DFI and if there was a difference in the DIMMS, my memory would surely know it as I've got all 4DIMMS populated. Does THIS look like there is anything wrong/subpar with the YELLOW DIMMS? :shake:..........errrmmm.....that's 4x512 [email protected]:1 :eek:
  2. It could be relative to a weak on-die memcontroller, however, at default clocks your CPU should be able to handle 4x512 with no problem. Try increasing the VCore a bit to accomodate the load that is placed on the on-die memcontroller for running 4x512. Bios tweaking is a must as well. My 4x512 at HTT285 1:1
  3. Places on the board to check Voltages: CLICK ME :nod:
  4. Good job with inclusions from a conglomerate of info.
  5. Which bios for TCCD vs. BH-5? OPB(OnePageBook) implies that the betas for TCCD are -1 or -3 and Bh-5 and the likes are -2 or -3............Not that OPB is the DFI God or anything, but in conjunction with the guys here, he also communicates with Oskar too. :nod: Anyhoo.........one can "assume" that the -1 bios' are set for TCCD and the -2 bios' are for BH-5.............and the -3 bios' are for both, but "probably" not as forgiving with BH-5 vs. TCCD. The -3 bios' are "probably" geared towards the people that DO install this bios, but "probably" have a hard time walking and chewing gum simultaneously. :shake:............certainly not all, but "just in case" a n00b gets a hold of this rocket board and goes to switching bios'. Now, none of this is etched in stone, and variations are possible, but keeping up with the betas across the net in various forums.............this seems to be the "implied" concensus.
  6. ........and will continue to get better as new games are released. :nod:
  7. Good stuff RGone! I feel for the guys that invest so much time and money in hardware and it fails to operate as expected or even at all. Most peeps that come into a forum of this nature with a problem of this magnitude have usually performed the necessary troubleshooting procedures and then come here out of exhaustion and frustration seeking an answer and I commend them for their efforts. I also admire the hardwork and dedication of the mods in this forum that "get down" to a near personel level with these guys having problems and address their problems at said level. Good job RG and AG and glad to see it's working out for the ones that were having problems.! :nod: meh.....a simple bios option.............who'da thunk it? :shake: Psssttt....RGone......when you're through torturing that chip, let me get a few licks in on it...
  8. The guys at XtremeSystems have been running Venice cores on the DFI mobos for at LEAST a month... Overclocking the dirt out of them. The core IS compatible, HOW one gets it to work properly is certainly up to the user. Reformatting may or may not be the end-all answer, but I wouldn't have a problem trying it if I was having issues on hardware others get to work just fine.. The question is NOT whether these cores are compatible or not, the question should be how is the individual going to approach allowing it to happen. :nod:.........again, just to reiterate, to format or not is not the message I'm trying to convey, but one should NOT disregard ANY suggestion on troubleshooting hardware that is known to be compatible, but said user still has problems. Besides, formatting has never been known to be a "negative" when troubleshooting.......and has "fixed" more issues than it has "broken".
  9. This is a know problem with Service Pack 2 and UT2k4.................disable DEP and see if that helps...............also, when gaming with UT2k4, with all 4 DIMMS filled, try downclocking the memory to a divider of 166. I have problems with UT2k4 and 4DIMMS filled, and this resolves the issue for me. There is a reg hack for DEP, but I forgot it, as I don't use SP2...........maybe someone else can post it. And like others have suggested, get a PSU that is "reputable" and will deliver/hold amps with the load these machines pull.
  10. It "shouldn't?"............OK...........then you guys HAVEN'T exhausted all possibilities. I'm certainly not going to spend time bickering on the topic of reformatting or not to fix issues. All I said was, if it were me. Send it to me.........I'll get it to work. :nod: I promise.
  11. Once again, can't wait bro! This late Spring, early Summer heat has put a damper on my overclock down here in Hicksburg, Humidissippi. :sad:
  12. If it were little ole me............I'd put the Venice in.........Load Optimized Defaults and format my HDD. These new cores offer some new stuff and trying to get to the OS may be a problem. Not saying it will fix your particular problem, but these cores are known to work on the DFI boards.
  13. piotrgurin.................post if you need ANYTHING. I'll try to keep up and answer as much as I can. The day has been long, and I'm about to retire for the evening.
  14. I personally built my VERY first computer from ground up SOLELY on the help of a forum and it's members........step by step the whole way through. Even flashed my first bios in that same build. I conversed with alot of interesting people that have connections/design top end hardware.........hold the top scores on the ORB......and I still remain in contact to this day with most of those guys..............and that was a long time ago. If ya ain't here to help..........whatta here for? And I ain't trying to be rude either.
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