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  1. I have increased the Vcore to 1.65V hoping to hit 3G. But, it can only last for 30 mintues Prime stable.
  2. Try it before. The OC result is worse than using 10x multiplier :drool:
  3. I just got 7 hours enough for priming my system as my wife want to use it. :nod:
  4. Just finish my upgrade project from my previous water cooling rig and hit 2.95C. :shake: Pic 1 Pic 2
  5. 510-2 is more stable than 618-2. Verified by running Prime 95 in follow config. It fail after running 2 hour prime 95 using 618-2 BIOS.
  6. Yes, I have successfully cloned my Drive C: which is one of the partitions from RAID 0.
  7. Not sure all of your aware this information. I just got this info from TW site . I follow the method shown belows. It works to recognise RAID 0 and clone the image successfully. :nod: Here is the quote Using Ghost in NVRAID Problem The Symantec Ghost Client can interface with hard disk controllers by accessing the appropriate memory and hardware locations directly. However, in doing so, this can bypass the RAID enhancements that are provided by the system BIOS. The system BIOS understands the underlying disk and RAID array structures and formats. In order to properly use Ghost to interact with a RAID volume, the user should ensure that the tool is operating in a mode where it does not talk directly to the hardware resources, but rather communicates using the system BIOS. Solution In order to use Ghost in a RAID volume, the user must: 1. Disable the Ghost Direct Disk Access 2. Force it to rely on Extended INT13 to access the disk Ghost Version 7.5 To set these options for Ghost Version 7.5, do the following: 1. Start Ghost from the DOS prompt. (Not the Windows Command 2. Prompt session) 3. Select the “Options” (ALT+O) menu 4. Scroll to the “HDD Access” tab 5. Select the “Use Extended Interrupt 13h disk access” (ALT+E) 6. Select the “Disable direct IDE access support” (ALT+ 7. Select the “Disable direct ASPI/SCSI access support” (ALT+ 8. Press (ALT+A) to activate the “Accept” button to use the new settings 9. Proceed to run Ghost as normal Ghost Version 8.0 To set the options for Ghost Version 8.0, do the following: 1. Use the command line option to disable direct disk access and enable INT13 2. In DOS prompt, start Ghost with this command line: ghost.exe -ffx -fni Note: ffx - Prefers the use of Extended Interrupt 13h disk access for hard disk operations. fni - Disable direct IDE access support for IDE hard disk operations.
  8. By loosing other timing parameter except 2,2,2,5. I can hit 274.7. http://anti-x.org/bbs/attachments/forumid_13/TfId_9x274.jpg
  9. Just playing my old Corsair XMS 3500 V1.1(BH5) 256MB x2 with very tight timing. I am wondered how high can you guys reach on the following settings. My friend can hit 240 FSB while mine one can do 246.7. Need you figures. Thanks http://anti-x.org/bbs/attachments/forumid_...mX_9x246ext.jpg
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