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  1. I had the same problem. Once I updated to the newest miniport drivers for the Yukon the problems went away. Hope this helps. mizzer
  2. Any more suggestions here? So far so "not so" good.
  3. Yep. Same ones I had with the ULI controller: random resets/freezes. I've checked temps and even bought myself a Digital Multimeter to check my volts. Everything checked out but the problems remain. mizzer
  4. What is "the uli option". Sounds like a play Nebraska would run. -mizzer
  5. (intended to be a PM to H_G but he's not accepting messages.) You may not recall bu I PM'd you a while back with some issues. You told me to follow forum procedure to get help. Turned out I had a bum PSU (Thermaltake crapolla) so I purchased the OCZ GX 700W on your recommendation. At that point my problems seemed to subside. But now they're back and have been back for a few months: intermittent freezes and/or reboots in games. My system is Prime stable and memtest stable. I purchased the DMM to test the volts...they are within spec idle and under load (4.99, 12.07, 3.34) temps also seem to be fine according to thermal diodes. I've tried setting the bios to "optimal" and even set it up according to OCZ Tony's recommendations (in his posts). Same. You said that if I couldn't get it up and running that you would help me. Well, I've tried everything I know (I even RMA'd the board to DFI...the new board does not have the hdd issues.) and I'm all out of thoughts. Help please, -mizzer
  6. I had the same issue (along with the uli issue). An RMA fixed the problem. Sorry mate.
  7. I got a new board from DFI (Thanks Donna!). Installed it, flashed to 7-28-06 bios...I no longer have the "disk error" events. Also, my cold boot issue went away completely. So far, I'm good to go. mizzer
  8. Still have the problem. Although the wait time seems shorter. Meh, time to install the new board.:cool:
  9. I noticed the same thing. Anxious to hear your report. mizzer
  10. I did this. I figure with 2 GB's of RAM I am safe. I'll report back...
  11. I'm not using any theme pack. Also, if my icon cache is broken then why does it eventually open?:confused: I should also add: it does it only once and then it never happens again...until I reboot.
  12. This may be a long shot: The title says it all: when I attempt to open the control panel it freezes. I cannot access the task bar or the start menu but I can open other programs and files through the desktop and "My Computer". Event log shows nothing. Task Manager shows System Idle 99 for the most part. Any help? P.S. I should add there is no thrashing of hd's.
  13. I have drive "0" partitioned once. On the first partition (30 GB) I have the OS and a few programs , on the second (~160 GB) I have games. On another drive with no partitions (~160 GB) I have video files and storage. Both drives are Seagate NCQ enabled drives. The break down is this: Drive one: C: 30GB E: 160GB Drive two: D: 200GB Here's the thing: I only have errors on drive "D" never on drives "C" or "E". And the errors ore the typical "time-out errors". I still have the errors even after the bios update and driver update. I have no idea what to do at this point (save for using the SIL connections). :mad: mizzer
  14. Well, I'm back. So, the consensus is: "the problem is not fixed"? mizzer
  15. Let's hope that "light" is not followed by a series of beeps. :cool: mizzer
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