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    P4 3.0C on an Abit IC7-G

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    computers, skateboarding, art, guitar, cars, and women
  1. sony xplod has a bad rep but so far this amp has been going strong.
  2. hi guys, i got my windows tinted this weekend. it came out great. heres a couple pictures. the one on top is how my car looked when i bought it. (yes i know it's a sunfire, and those are not cool.) regardless, i love my car
  3. i'm having sig trouble ok i think it's fixed
  4. i'm happy with my P4 3.0c i got for $80..
  5. Kase

    Classic Cars

    my moms '72 Gran Torino
  6. Kase

    A Noob

    jeez 12 computers and only 14? Iv'e only built 4 and i'm 21. i am shame to this forum
  7. Kase

    Am I A Noob?

    here is my profile on another forum iv'e been posting on since april '03 http://genmay.com/member.php?u=10375 would you look at that postcount missed you!
  8. Kase

    Am I A Noob?

    I love you guys <3
  9. Kase

    Am I A Noob?

    i really don't know. i think i've been here a year.
  10. actually i recently updated my p4 2.4ghz 533fsb and asus mobo to a p4 3.0ghz 800fsb and an abit ic7-g. also went from pc2700 ram to pc3200. just 512MB though. using a radeon 9600 pro
  11. pioneer deh-p6500 deck sony xplod 600 watt amp alpine 4x6 typeS in the doors sony xplod 6x9s in rear deck alpine typeE 12" sub in trunk btw, thanks for the comment vyroburn. i dont know whats up with everyone. a car is a car. better than riding a bike to work lol
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