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  1. I don't know about voltages for those sticks (I kept mine under 3 before trading them for different sticks). But, flash to at least the 3/10 BIOS if you want any play from those bad boys.
  2. Best place to start would just be spending time with the stickies at the top of the forum. There's great info in there.
  3. 5x Keep it at Auto, though; you won't notice a difference (probably).
  4. I had that problem when it tried to auto-open SG with a non-administrator account. If I'd log in with an administrator, and then log in with a non-admin, it would work. Sucks. Try going to the folder and allowing full access to all users. But Longhorn will have Linux-style permissions. Booyah.
  5. It should still be there, but you shouldn't use it...possible corruption forcing old data into new BIOS. Just write down settings if you want a new BIOS to act like an old one.
  6. The 520 is not dual rail. The OCZ 600 is. But, I haven't seen anyone (myself included) who has problems running the 520. Check out the Fortron Blue Storm, too. Cheaper, and it has dual rails.
  7. Either (2x1 or 4x512) can push a memory controller pretty hard. 2x1 should be able to run at 1T, but don't be surprised if you have to move to 2T.
  8. Search the forum for BH-5. You may not need a PSU, but you will probably have to increase the DRAM Voltage.
  9. The PSU should be good, but if you have another one around, give it a shot. I'd suggest increasing both DRAM voltage and VCore a little bit.
  10. Download a floppy boot image (I use MS-DOS 7.1 from newdos.something.something - their link is dead, right now, but you can Google it later). Use that image to create a bootable CD-ROM. Copy onto the other sections of that disk all necessary BIOS files (awdflash, XXXX.bin). Boot to the CD. It will declare the floppy boot as A:, and your CD-ROM drive will be C:. cd c: awdflash XXXX.bin /py /sn /cc Or you could just use Winflash, if you're comfortable with your stability level in XP.
  11. If you have trouble with the XP install, increase your DRAM voltage. VX need juice. I don't think you'll need extra drivers for the SATA. My SATA installed fine off of just the XP disk. What's the rating on that power supply? It may be better to put a descriptive line about components in your sig, instead of the manufacturer jargon. "HD 74GB WD 10,000RPM 8MB WD740GD" can just be "WD Raptor 74GB" Same with the PSU.
  12. You'll have to bench the timings versus 1:1 issue to find out. Most people indicate that matching the FSB with A64 is nowhere near as important as it was with earlier chips. YMMV with what reviewers say. They have high-binned parts and much more experience. Keep crankin' on them, though, you may find a sweet spot.
  13. You may want to search more on this. From what I remember, many of the nVidia IDE complaints were over-time degradation. You wouldn't notice at first boot, but then somewhere down the line you'd end up with corrupt system files. This is just what I recall reading, so I may be completely wrong.
  14. Drop your divider if you want to do memory testing. Your winnie should be able to run 2500, but you may as well take it out of the equation by dropping to a 10 (or 9) divider.
  15. Don't tinker with that one. Keep it enabled (1T), unless you run 1gig sticks.
  16. Not sure what your question is. If you're worried about software voltage readings...don't. You can't trust them, anyway. BIOS reading is probably the closest, but for accuracy you need a multimeter.
  17. That sucks. Try retesting your RAM. I had a stick of my PQI degrade over time (Trp kept getting higher and higher to run). Eventually, the stick just gave out and I had to RMA the pair.
  18. They aren't both 16x. If you only use the lower, you manually set it to 8x. I think it defaults to 2x. I think, at least. I only said that (mod excluded) because I didn't want to get flamed by the "but, but, but, but it can" crowd.
  19. Essentially the same board, but you won't have SLI at all. (mod excluded)
  20. Auto <> SPD The BIOS is not applying SPD (RAM spec stock). They are close, but you should manually set what you want it to be. And that's a nice PSU.
  21. You'll probably need hardware to monitor GPU temps (probe). If you find something, post it. And after activating Coolbits I ended up with some weird memory leak in nVidia TwinView, or something like that. I had to manually kill the process or log out and back in to run multiple benches.
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