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  1. You could try 2 Mhz. And yes, VCore has a direct impact on RAM stability. The RAM controller is on the CPU, so if you aren't supplying it there, it isn't getting it.
  2. Have you tried increasing the voltage? My test 5 errors are generally due to low VDIMM. As for RMA, you could call/email Twinmos and ask what to expect. Tell them you're unhappy (which you should be).
  3. FrontX makes different mounts, I think. Google that.
  4. Try using the chip remover that came with the board. If you type 12000 wpm, you'd better have that USB kb. Seriously, though, USB allows chaining and hot-swapping. I haven't seen many other selling points. Insert forces default bootable settings if the system's having trouble getting going. Also, with Angry's minimal boot suggestion, that means no keyboard, no HDD, etc. Just what he listed. I've been stuck at the splash screen due to bad BIOS flash and due to a bad HDD.
  5. There are multitudinous issues streaming from inadequate PSUs. This could be one of them. Both VCore and VDIMM need a jump when pushing the RAM.
  6. Ditto Sharp. The second slot is 8x max, 2x default.
  7. When you clear CMOS, all defaults blow back in. The headache default is probably that PATA will always default in front of any SATA drives you have. So, if your boot drive is SATA, and you have a PATA data drive, it will try to boot to the PATA drive. Also, if you manually disable FDC, clearing CMOS will reenable it, and thus change your boot order. I'd guess that your RAID setup is confusing to the defaults. I don't know why getting into BIOS would be a problem, though (sobol).
  8. Personal preference. I like staying at 1.6V, but I'm on air. I know a lot of people say to stay at or below 1.65, no matter what kind of cooling you have. Apparently, the on-die memory controller will degrade with higher volts, even when cool. - just what I've heard; I have no evidence.
  9. What default are you talking about? The software sensors won't tell you the correct voltage. Just trust your calculator. 1.425x1.1 --> you're running at 1.57V
  10. Stay away from value anything. I love my PQIs. And did you ever try removing the HDD to boot? It's tough following all of your threads.
  11. All SATA ports are locked on the nF4 boards.
  12. Add that information to your signature: "User CP" at the top of the page. Next time you post, check the box that says "Show your signature." It makes things easier for everyone.
  13. Possible fixes... 1) Drop any USB components. 2) I recently fried my SATA HDD, and I had the exact same error (permanent spash screen). Unplug the HDD, and try again. 3) Also, try holding Insert while it's booting.
  14. ...and read the sticky for the exact jumper-changing walkthrough. Follow it to the letter.
  15. Move your specs to your signature (click "User CP" at the top of the page). Get a more powerful PSU. That one is way below requirements. When doing an OS install, get rid of the extra HDD and optical drive, and only run one RAM stick in slot 2. You'll also probably want to flash to the 3/10 BIOS and increase DRAM voltage to 2.7 or 2.8.
  16. I have the Blue Storm and the Powerstream 520. The PS has two FDD connectors and a rear-fan LED. They are both nice PSUs. My only complaint is that the BS specs sticker is on the wrong side of the unit, so if you want it visible, you have to mount it upside-down or take off the non-window (right) side of the case. But it is cleaner looking with no sticker.
  17. I'd suggest pushing air from side to side (across the RAM) and using a top vent to push air out, not pull air in. The hot air will be at the top of your case, so a top-intake will probably be swirling around hot air. Suck that stuff out of there. And I don't know about the Mushkin + Venice combo.
  18. http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1785701,00.asp Check out the BIOS screenie on the BIOS page (which looks kinda familiar). I think one DFI improvement would be to show the Auto value.
  19. It would be nice to have 18+ on the 12Vs, but it looks like a pretty solid unit.
  20. FDD --> lower-left of CPU HDD --> between chipset and IDE connections 24-pin --> fairly obvious 4-pin --> right next to 24-pin
  21. One of the reviews of the DFI board said the chipset fan and location were shortcomings of nVidia design, not DFI. I haven't looked closely at other boards to see if it's the same across manufacturers. Does anyone have further insight with this? I can't think of anything I'd want to change.
  22. 3/10 for PQI Turbo PC4000s (but I haven't bothered trying anything more recent).
  23. It's possible. Try doing a repair install. DO NOT say yes to repair when you're first prompted. Just bypass that screen. Eventually, it will tell you what installs already exist. When it does this, choose to repair the install that it shows. That may work. If you take the first repair option, you'll be taken to a DOS prompt, which doesn't help anything if you don't know exactly what's going wrong and how to fix it.
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