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  1. Roll back the drivers. The CD drivers don't work. Uninstall the "USB2" drivers. Reboot or redetect, and let Windows install the correct ones.
  2. Most of the information you'd need is here. Take a nice, slow read through the stickies for informative posts. It's possible, but don't expect 3Ghz, or even 2.8Ghz. Even though this new core is supposed to be solving some Winnie problems, "luck of the draw" still applies. And it is possible to o/c the processor without o/cing the RAM. You'll need to get used to the RAM dividers and spend some time learning exactly what they do.
  3. I measure mine via temperature probe attached to my case's front display. I don't think there are any software monitors.
  4. Click "User CP" at the top of the page. The stickies are posts that are always at the top of the forum.
  5. Nice. Thanks, Vista. http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/114 - if you have problems with some of those links.
  6. That Everest reading is the SPD timing, not the currently-set timing. It sounds like you're running full-Auto DRAM configuration. The board/BIOS defaults to 2-3-2-6. If you want 2-2-2-6, go into BIOS, DRAM configuration and set... 200 (1:1) CPC Enable 2 2 6 2 Auto from spot 7, down.
  7. Click "User CP" at the top of the page and add specs to your signature. Put everything you're running in it so we can try to offer suggestions. Suggestions: Put one RAM stick in slot 2 (orange, closest to the top edge of the board). Install the FDD cable correctly, or remove the FDD, for now.
  8. If you have a temp probe, test it yourself. I don't have active cooling, so I never loop test 5. A single run at test 5 will run 5-10 degrees hotter than the rest of the tests. The one time I looped it, it went up about 15 degrees in 3 runs. Test 6 seems to run hot, also.
  9. You can create a bootable CD from a floppy image. That mimics a floppy boot in one section/session of the disc. The rest of the disc can be used to hold BIOS files.
  10. I think it depends on your RAM. The three different 4/14s are for different types of RAM. Does anyone know which version is for which RAM (VX, TCCD, Micron, etc.)?
  11. Try repairing the install. Boot to Windows CD. DO NOT choose "repair install." - that would just take you to a DOS prompt After that screen, it'll search for current installs. It should find your install. Choose it and repair. If it ever asks you to format, say no, but it shouldn't if it's working correctly. Generally, existing installs from completely different hardware will not work.
  12. DRAM Configuration: Settings 1-6 200 (1:1) CPC Enable 2 2 8 2
  13. Holding in the power button for 5-10 seconds forces a power-down.
  14. Puts your full specs in your signature. Click "User CP" at the top of the page. And you are running a ton of voltage through that Winnie (1.72V). I don't go over 1.6, and most people suggest 1.65 as the top. What "problem" is there? That's quite a respectable o/c.
  15. Just read through the stickies at the top of the page. There's a ton of information, there. You'll learn as you go, and those will give you a good starting point. My only suggestion would be getting some active RAM cooling before cranking your VX sticks.
  16. Are you running memtest as you increase the FSB? I never try to boot to Windows without knowing that the current config is memtest solid for at least an hour (8 hours when you're doing real stability testing). Something to try: set everything other than the big four RAM settings to Auto. At 230, try 3-3-3-8.
  17. I think it's a Winchester problem, not a mobo problem. Google "Winchester phase change," or something like that and you'll see tons of problem reports.
  18. And if you are in any way unstable, do not use Winflash to update your BIOS.
  19. I never loop just test 5, since that's when my RAM heat (temp probe) really soars (60+). I may give it a shot if I get some active cooling on my RAM. If you have backup sticks, test them out. It sounds like your sticks may be damaged; these mobo's are pretty tough.
  20. Possible issues... Heat. If that 45 is at idle, it could be spiking when you aren't paying attention. Bad cables. Try it with better cables. The shipping ones aren't very good. RAM. Have you qualified each stick (if that 1G is 2x512)? Try running everything with one stick in slot 2 (orange, closest to edge of the board). These are just guesses, though. Could be more things that I'd never think of. Also, add detailed specs to your signature. Click "User CP" at the top of the page.
  21. I power down right after it's done flashing (you can jump back to the DOS prompt with F10). Then clear CMOS. Then boot into BIOS to load optimized and restart.
  22. I'll throw in votes for both the Powerstream 520 and the Fortron Blue Storm 500. Search the forum; this is a very common question.
  23. 275x9 and 275x10 are worlds apart. You will definitely need more VCore, but even that is no guarantee. My winnie tops out at about 262x10 at 1.65V, but I keep it at 257 at 1.6V. Memtest doesn't work the CPU anywhere near as hard as simply booting to Windows does, so running memtest is no indication of overall stability.
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