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  1. No. What you're seeing is either a reordering of the boot devices or a change in recognizing your RAID array. Are those SATA drives in RAID config? If so, I can't offer much help. If they are not, what you are probably seeing is the BIOS not looking at the proper drive for booting. Go in, and check the order.
  2. There's a sticker on the bottom of the lowest PCI slot (by the red LEDs).
  3. The advantage to yellow is easy access if you have a large HSF. You'll be able to swap RAM w/ heatspreaders without having to move the HSF.
  4. Try it and see. 0440 was right on the edge of good/bad, so you may have gotten lucky.
  5. The divider is actually running it at what CPU-Z is telling you. The BIOS divider titles are just approximations. They can't list everything because in that CPU/X that CPU-Z is showing, the X changes depending on the CPU multiplier used. There used to be a chart on one of the stickies listing the true divider values. Of course, I found this after making my own. EDIT: Scroll down to the second chart...http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...978&postcount=3
  6. Are you memtest stable (8 hrs)? Put timings and voltages into a post.
  7. If you're in a hurry to o/c, go with the Thermalright as a temporary solution. If you don't want to o/c right away, stay with stock for now. From that watercooler review, I wouldn't bother with it at all. The XP120 will give you much better cooling. Their review shows 52 degrees at load with 1.6V on a winnie. That's not very impressive for watercooling, and most people with the XP120 (and even 90) rarely report going over 45 degrees. Wait for the money for the DD setup.
  8. Have you tried higher VCore? 1.375x1.1 seems pretty low (but I've never used a San Diego).
  9. What CPU do you have? Guessing 3500 Venice.
  10. I think that's a Winchester (hardware) thing, not a BIOS bug.
  11. SmartGuardian will be on the CD (nF4, at least). CPU-Z and A64Tweaker for readings. Benching/stability testing: Prime95 SuperPi 3DMark2001,03,05 AquaMark3 OCCT Memtest
  12. Were you running it on one of the mobo headers? I know I've seen one of the moderators writing about only using the chipset header. All others directly to a controller box or to the PSU.
  13. That's just the software's grouping/naming convention. 3and4 in CPU-Z = 2and4 on mobo.
  14. Flash to the 3/10. If you won't be able to do that for a while, use PageUp/PageDown to change the voltage on that BIOS, then F10 out immediately after. The voltages will stay.
  15. SRT-4me - You'll just have to run some benches and see. I prefer higher FSB over tighter timings, but I'm a TCCD guy.
  16. 200 points may or may not be good indication with benches. I'd say run it at least 5 times (looping 2 or 3 each), and average results. I went to the trouble of making the divider chart, then I found the one in one of the stickies. Search around up there, and you should be able to find the chart that tells what each divider means for each multiplier. And I think I'm on my fifth reinstall. And I won't stop until it's perfect.
  17. Put system specs into a signature (click "User CP") at the top of the page. Are you flashing per directions in the stickies? It seems like some of this could be fixed by properly clearing CMOS.
  18. CPU-Z is probably showing you the correct FSB (264-265?). The dividers are 9:10 in name only. The actual result depends on the multiplier. For x8 and 9:10, the speed should be core Mhz (2384) divided by 9. Have you tried 240x10 1:1 (200 divider)? You could tighten the timings a bit and see if your benches go up/down at all.
  19. 1&3 will only run dual channel with a 3/16 or later BIOS. Also, why are you running 2T?
  20. Only one way to find out, but, as you've read, it is not recommended, and you won't get much troubleshooting support until you're within (or over) spec. Good luck, though.
  21. DRAM Frequency is the memory divider. It's telling you that you're running the RAM at 199.5 FSB (2394/12). Using the divider, you're actually running that RAM at stock, so if you're happy with it, it should be fine.
  22. Nice. I'll have to break out the no clipping this week. Been a long time.
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