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  1. No luck with that setting. Thanks, though. I'm consistently making it to the post-format driver load. I just get an inordinate amount of fail/skip files, and if it does finish it won't reboot successfully. Does anyone have HDD setting tricks? It would make sense that this is an HDD problem (though, I'm not ruling anything out); I just don't know what kind of problem (cable, BIOS, etc) would span hard drives and IDE/SATA.
  2. So, I increased the voltage to 2.9 and disabled interleaving. I was able to get just beyond the HDD formatting. After the formatting, the XP dll load has about 100 failed copies. If it does make it beyond the format and initial load, the reboot kills it. It makes it to the XP setup screen, complete with mouse cursor, but everything stops there. I tried your setup, RGone, but that just brought the crash about even earlier. The errors are the same with the RAM being used 1 stick at a time. I saw a thread where someone mentioned running a memtest when his machine wouldn't boot. How could I do that? I don't know if I have two busted sticks, a bad motherboard or just really bad setup ability. Everything should be working...it just doesn't. I'm open to any suggestions for anything that could possibly help. Feel free to wax eloquent about the most obscure troubleshooting possibilities. I want to try everything before I throw this thing out the window. Anyone? I don't think it's the hard drive, because I get similar errors with other drives (salvaged from old machines). One thing I have noticed is that, if I have more than just the SATA drive (2 IDEs), the SATA cannot be formatted by itself. It has to be accompanied by one of the IDE drives (the master). I have the SATA set as first boot HDD, but I don't think the XP install cares about that. This sucks. Any and all help will be appreciated. I'm all ears. Thanks, again. :confused:
  3. A glimmer of hope! Thanks, RGone. I was able to get to the XP EULA, this time. I canceled the install so I could head off to work, but things are definitely going more smoothly. Dropping back down to 2.6V still hangs at random XP loading point, but I didn't expect everything to work with no new BIOS. Thanks, all, for your help. I'll post tonight on fulll results. While I'm away...any thoughts on which SATA connector? This is a minor query. The boot screen lists the SATA connections in a weird order. I'm just wondering if that's meant to be a suggestion.
  4. This is my first full PC build. I believe everything is connected correctly, but I'm getting random halting/crashing when trying to get to an XP install. Problems: 1) Sometimes I can't get beyond BIOS at all. The system will repeatedly boot, ignoring my keyboard Delete. 2) When it does make it beyond the BIOS boot, it will start the XP install and crash with different warnings (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, BAD_POOL_CALLER, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL). 3) I'd like to flash the BIOS to the newer beta, but the instructions say to boot with the floppy with only those files installed. This is a new system, so I can't even get to DOS to run the flash utility. Keeping the disk in at boot won't let me boot. I think I'm running the 1/25 BIOS, but when the boot actually works I can't get it to stop at the version readout screen. 4) When I'm forced to reboot, for various reasons, the system rarely makes it successfully beyond the nf4 splash screen (it just sits at that screen). I have to power off and wait. From when I do get into BIOS, it does not seem that anything is overheating. I believe the core problem is either the motherboard or the RAM (Ballistix 512 in 2 and 4), but I have no idea of where to start for troubleshooting. Upon a friend's suggestion, I upped the DRAM Voltage from 2.6 to 2.9. With 2.6 I get problem 1 (or worse = nothing happens after system powers up). With 2.9 I get problem 2. If the RAM is unstable, how can I tell if the problem is with my board or with my sticks? Again, this system is part-by-part new, so nothing can be installed until I can get a successful boot. Side question. With one SATA drive, does it matter which SATA connector I use? I have it in slot 1, now, but the BIOS order makes it look like I should be using 3, first. I'm new to this, so there is pretty much nothing I can do without some starting help. PSU is an OCZ PowerStream 520, so I don't think power source is the problem.
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