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  1. For about a week, now, I've been getting network cable unplugged popups. If I have a download going on this PC, it is immediately killed when the popup appears.

    My laptop, which is running wireless to the same router, and running the same firewall (ZoneAlarm) has had no problems. I just tried to download Ubuntu on both the PC and the laptop; the laptop downloaded all 600MB on the first attempt, and the PC quit after about 2MB (each of my 15 or 20 attempts).

    What I've tried:

    1) Rebooting the router

    2) Switching the connection I'm using (nVidia and Marvell)

    3) Re-entering the manual MAC addresses in the BIOS

    4) Yelling at it

    5) Disabling the firewall

    6) Switching router ports


    Nothing's worked. Has anyone else seen these popups? Any solutions?

  2. Next time you're jogging down a street, have someone else change your shoes for you. An ankle will be twisted, and one of you will end up on the ground.

    Best bet is to stop running, sit down, and do it yourself.


    nTune is going through the Windows cloud and deciding, based on an extra layer of software readings, how hard you can push your hardware. I don't let Windows programs play my most shameful DVDs, so there's no way I'm going to let one force values into my gear. ;)

  3. Not sure about the -1 and -67 (should be temps), but that second screen is a mapping device. You tell it the software to read. It reads the software. You tell it what each number means in hardware terms.

    You should have the selected software running at the same time.

  4. As far as hardware goes, it shouldn't cause any problems. Plug it in, jump into BIOS and make sure it didn't set itself as the first boot drive, continue boot.


    I don't know if XP will set it as the next available drive letter or if it will bump your optical.

    So, you may end up with D:optical E:320 or D:320 E:optical. My guess would be the latter.

  5. 1a) Set it to 1.5. If it doesn't POST, set it to 1.55.

    1b) Different processors seem to react differently. Some people have said that Winnies like the low control and high special, but mine will only run this speed (in sig) if I get to 1.6V using 1.45x1.1. Try both.


    2) Memory controller. You're pushing everything harder, so there's no guarantee that it'll work with everything topped off. You could try increasing VCore a bit, but people rarely get max mem and max CPU o/c at the same time.

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