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  1. For about a week, now, I've been getting network cable unplugged popups. If I have a download going on this PC, it is immediately killed when the popup appears. My laptop, which is running wireless to the same router, and running the same firewall (ZoneAlarm) has had no problems. I just tried to download Ubuntu on both the PC and the laptop; the laptop downloaded all 600MB on the first attempt, and the PC quit after about 2MB (each of my 15 or 20 attempts). What I've tried: 1) Rebooting the router 2) Switching the connection I'm using (nVidia and Marvell) 3) Re-entering the manual MAC addresses in the BIOS 4) Yelling at it 5) Disabling the firewall 6) Switching router ports Nothing's worked. Has anyone else seen these popups? Any solutions?
  2. Just before the computer returns to functionality, does the monitor turn off for a second or two? If so, we have the exact same problem. I usually see it when running Thunderbird and WMP or iTunes. I don't have a solution, but I've always assumed it was my PSU. I have a spare sitting around, but I'm too lazy to swap. *BUMP*
  3. VID Startup is applied through POST. VID Special x VID Control is applied once the OS takes over.
  4. You could also try jumping into the folder and allowing everyone full permissions. For some reason, SmartGuardian stopped working with one of my users, and that was the error it produced. Allowing everything for everyone fixed it.
  5. That looks exactly like my 7000. I'd thought the 7700 was a lot bigger, but I stand corrected.
  6. It covers the top (non-video) PCI-E slot, and, from what I've heard, isn't as good as the XP-90 with a nice fan. I'd go for that (if I were starting over).
  7. Next time you're jogging down a street, have someone else change your shoes for you. An ankle will be twisted, and one of you will end up on the ground. Best bet is to stop running, sit down, and do it yourself. nTune is going through the Windows cloud and deciding, based on an extra layer of software readings, how hard you can push your hardware. I don't let Windows programs play my most shameful DVDs, so there's no way I'm going to let one force values into my gear.
  8. There are a few passive solutions I've seen. Try searching for chipset cooling. And 117 -120 isn't that bad.
  9. Not sure about the -1 and -67 (should be temps), but that second screen is a mapping device. You tell it the software to read. It reads the software. You tell it what each number means in hardware terms. You should have the selected software running at the same time.
  10. The bottom slot is never 16x. It is 2x by default, and can be switched to 8x by changing one of the jumpers.
  11. It doesn't run until it gets hot enough to need it (per BIOS setting). One of the BIOS screens has some settings that decide how hot is hot enough to run. I set it low so the fan's always running.
  12. http://hardware.slashdot.org/article.pl?si...1756259&tid=222
  13. ?? Those are CPU voltages, not VC voltages. Are you overclocking that San Diego? What questions do you have about the X850XT?
  14. Save a little money and get the Fortron Blue Storm 500W PSU.
  15. I've heard people say that there's something backwards in the manual; that's probably it. For the install, get rid of one of your RAM sticks, and make sure you're memtest stable with the one you keep. A lot of people have had problems that only occur at XP install (put the other stick back in after install).
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