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  1. I modded my Ultra D the way the article described... Once you do that you dont need that modded drivers.. The board Becomes and SLI version.
  2. Hmm.... THe 2x concerns me a little bit... But since I'm using 6800GS's with a Bridge, They would be fine right?.. Wait.. My bridge from My Ultra-D is never gonna fit... ANyone know where I can get a bridge for the wider spacing?
  3. Dual X16 SLots............ No Mention of SLI Can this be modded like the 939 Board to Support SLI?
  4. I'd call a 62% overclock pretty good..... Looks like your Ram is Divided as low as you can go, CPU Voltage is already way too high.. More voltage wont help.... Try One stick of Ram instead of 2... When I had my NF250 I could get way higher overclocks with one stick... Disable anything your not using in Bios... Extra SATA's, Serial Port, Parallel port, etc etc etc.. Other than that.. Your probobly maxxed
  5. I dont think so.... Not in Benchmarks at least..... My 6800GS's in SLI on my main rig outperform all but the very top single card solutions out there.. Mine are on Stock coolers as well.. Most scores above the 11,600 I've pulled with those have been with modifications and extreme cooling solutions.... My X1800GTO performs as well if not better than a single 6800GS.....All for naught though.... Consensus is that I definatly need the newer chipset.... So what I'm going to do is get the new DFI Infinity for Intels and use these with my Conroe Rig.....
  6. Thanks, but you have the traditional Master/Slave card setup witht he extrenal link cable... I'm trying tofind someone who has run a pair of X1800GTOS without the Link Cable... Both standard cards...
  7. X1800GTO's have the ability to do linkless Crossfire just like the X1300/X1600 Series. I cant believe anyone in their right mind would spend $500+ on an X1800 Crossfire edition card for a $200 Slave card.... As for the flashing, the XL uses a 6mosfet power stage. Most GTO's use a 5. Power requirements are different it seems... The HIS model GTO does have 6 osfets... and people have had luck in getting that to flash. I have a Sapphire... Once I figure out if my CF-DR can do crossfire with X1800GTO's my next question will be can I run one HIS X1800GTO and one Sapphire X1800GTO?
  8. OK, I'm one of the few peopel that jumped on a RDX200 CF-DR when it first came out and have had no significant problems with it..... Now that the X1800GTO is under $200 I picked one up... Great card... I want to add a second one now..... SOmeone on another forum said I need the RD480 SB for Crossfire to work..... ?????????????????/ DId I get jacked by buying an early board? Is anyone running linkless Crossfire on a RDX200 CF-DR? Impaqt
  9. He meant more voltage onteh CPU. Its not odd to find that one Core ona Dual core chip needs a little more voltage to get stable than the other one.
  10. number one reason would be un-attended installation. You can put all your user settings, geographical/time settings, network, install key, yadda yadda inthe slipstreamed install so you can run it and forget about it..... No floppy and running a RAID? Slipstream....
  11. the 480 will get the job done. Moving up the 580 wouldnt hurt though.
  12. I suggested 3x512 instead of 2x1024 because he indicated that he was looking at a new 2x512 kit to replace his existing 2x512 kit.... 3x512 is better, but yes 2x1024 would be more better.
  13. Official bios' are for wimps..... Once you go Beta, you never go back...........
  14. http://www.bf2s.com is the best stats site out there. There a few different sigs you can link. Offline play does NOT count twoards rank/points/kills/deaths/etc etc etc... only Online Ranked servers. Offline is for Practive basically...... and if you do plan on playing online make sure you are on Expert mode offline.... Get good there.... Most live players are several notches above the Expert setting inthe offline games..... Your Kill to Death ratio will be pathetically low for the first 50-100 hours of play most likely.... there is NO ballancing for new players. You got guys with level 2 and 3 unlocks smokin the newbis constantly... kinda sucks..... but stick it out.. get your unlocks then kick some butt.
  15. You would be better off getting another 512mb to add to your your one gig rather than buying a new 2-2-2 1gig Kit. THe difference in timing can help SuperPi Times a smidge... Maybe even get you 1-2fps in BF2.... Not worth it.. the extra 512mb is gonna do much more for ya.
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