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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Unfortunately for me, changing the card to the other 16x PCI-E slot did not solve my problem (which would have been a bit of a surprise, considering the rig used to boot normally pre flashing to 623-3, but it was worth a shot) I'm starting to believe that my bios has somehow become corrupt in the flashing process; could that be causing the strange boot up behaviour ? and if so, does anyone know if it is possible to get a replacement bios chip from DFI Europe ? (preferably without sending the entire board for RMA )
  2. Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions, I'm still having a bit of a problem, but at least I know my rig isn't completely hosed Here's my current situation : My rig takes about 1-2 minutes to cold boot; at first I get no video signal, no bios beeps, and diagnostic LEDs 2 and 4 stay lit. After a minute or two, the bios seems to finally kick in; the chipset fan slow down, the diagnostic LEDs restart their normal cycle (4 LEDs lit, 3, 2...) and the rig posts fine; I was only able to run a couple of hours of Prime95 and a few runs of 3DMark2005, but things seem to be working. I can also warm boot in a normal way; however, any attempt to shutdown the rig will result in the same problem on the next cold boot. I've also attempted to flash bios 632-1 (again from the bootable CD found on the thread I linked in my original post); since my problem began immediatly after flashing to 632-3, I was hoping it might be the result of a bad flash. No luck there, though : after flashing to 632-1, my board still exhibits the symptoms described above. Any thoughts ? While I can again use my PC, this strange boot up behaviour has me a little worried that there is ultimately something wrong with my bios, which might result in further problems down the road. Edit: forgot to mention, I did trick the 'hold insert during boot' method; no change there, holding insert during the 'dead' phase of the boot shows no results. Thanks in advance !
  3. Finally, some progress ! Thanks to Spartacus' advice, I discovered that letting the board sit there in it's (in appearance) non booting and idle state, actually works. After a little while, the board seems to soft reset and post sucessfuly. My problem isn't completely solved, though : even after reloading optimized defaults in the BIOS, I still have to cold boot with the same procedure (boot, no post, wait 30 secs, then board posts and can be hot booted successfuly... as long as you don't turn it off)
  4. Update: No luck with a longer CMOS clear (10 hours or so); I still get LEDs 2 and 4, and I still can't post. If anyone has any suggestions as to what could be wrong, I'm all ears... I have to admit this board really has me pulling my hair out.
  5. Thanks for the link I gave this procedure a try, no luck so far... same symptoms again. Since it's getting pretty late for me anyway (I'm in Europe), I'm going to try a much longer clear, as suggested in the link you provided. Hopefully I'll wake up to a working PC
  6. Thanks for the answers so far Sadly, I've just tried booting with most of everything unplugged, and still no luck. I've even tried removing the RAM altogether, and then even the vid card, in an attempt to get the diagnostic LEDs to show something other than LEDs 2 and 4 on, 1 and 3 off. I'm assuming having no RAM and no vid card should mean I would have LEDs 2, 3 and 4 on : this is not the case, regardless of what is actually plugged in, I'm still stuck with my usal 2 and 4 pattern. Any thoughts ? I've already had to RMA this board once less than 6 months ago (it was DOA on arrival from overclockers.uk), I'd hate to have to do it again, especially since shipping fees amount to a relatively hefty 50€ :/
  7. Just tried that, no luck I still get LEDs 2 and 4 on, and no video signal, so I can't get into the bios to change anything.
  8. Hi all ! I had been running the rig you can see in my sig for a while, and finally decided to flash to the latest official bios, in the hope that it would improve compatibility with my RAM (which I previously had to set to 2.9V to get it running stable, even though everything is at stock speeds). However, I've only run into more trouble by doing this I used the bootable CD from this thread to flash to 623-3; as mentionned in that thread, I first set everything back to optimized defaults, then booted on the CD and flashed the bios. This appeared to go fine; after the 1st reboot, I again set things to optimized defaults and powered down to clear the CMOS (again, as suggested in that thread). Problem is... even after clearing the CMOS, I can no longer POST; I get stuck with no video signal, hard drives and DVD drive apparently running, and diagnostic LEDs 2 and 4 on (which isn't even a combination mentionned in my manual >.
  9. Quick bump to update this thread: I've RMAed the board, since the DRAM LED not working seems to indicate it's dead. Has anyone ever experienced something similar ? Any idea how likely it is that other components could have been damaged if/when the board died ? (the ram seems fine, but I can't test the cpu or the graphics card and I'm a little worried about those... RMAing those would be a true pain in the butt) Thanks in advance !
  10. Aye, I tried clearing the cmos, even tried removing the battery for a while. I've also tried reseating the card (one one of them, in single card mode); just for the hell of it, I even tried without a vid card at all : same problem.
  11. Yep, tried that also, same results... basically, the DRAM power LED never comes on anymore, even with every possible combinations of ram sticks / ram slots I could think of.
  12. Sadly, as mentionned above, I've tried 2 other power supplies already Thanks for the suggestion though !
  13. Hello everyone ! I was hoping someone on these forums might have some idea of what is wrong with my new pc. (full specs in sig, assuming I did this right) I just got done assembling my new pc (I was waiting on the DFI nf4 SLI-DR motherboard which I received today), and I have a major problem : the pc did boot once; at the time, even when powered off (but with the power supply on, obviously), both the Standby power LED and the DRAM power LED were on. Since everything seemed to be fined, I powered down to add a DVD drive an begin installing windows. When I tried to power back on, the power supply fan turned briefly and stopped; all subsequent attempts at booting failed with the same result. (board starts and seems to shutdown instantly). I then noticed that, while the standby power LED was still on, the DRAM power led was off and stayed off permanently; no amount of swapping ram sticks to other slots, or testing ram salvaged from another (working) pc helped. Does this mean my brand new board is fried ? I'd hate to have to RMA it (I've been waiting on various parts to build this pc for about 2 months) but I can't think of anything else to try :confused: Just in case, here is a list of things I did try : - disconnect everything but the CPU and ATX power connectors - attempt to boot without any RAM at all / with working RAM from another PC - attempt to boot with 2 other (different brand) power supplies - remove the card from the case and test without a case Sadly, none of these worked... which is why I'm here, hoping against my better judgement that rulling out all other factors (as far as I can tell) still doesn't me my board is bad Thanks in advance for any help !
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