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  1. guys i need a small help .... what'll be the max temp. a Socket 478 P4 3.0HT can continuously run at while playin games ... detailed config of the system: Intel P4 3.0HT 1MB 800MHz FSB Socket 478 with Intel Boxed Heatsink\Fan Gigabyte 865PE Chipset Mobo MSI FX5500 256MB DDR 1024MB Dual Channel DDR 160GB WD SATA im getting temps upto 59 degree celsius (138.2F) "edited" is it safe to continue operting at this temp ?
  2. ok guys what im really worried abt is the stable performances of the cpu/mobo performance/heat issues of both intel & amd configs.. coz ive so not rigged up dual core systems & am not aware of its problems & its real life performance ...
  3. "Go with an intel since you cant really afford the x2" ok .. but i find Athlon 64 X2 3800+ for USD374 & Intel D 830 for USD313 "the psu has to go" ok i dint think abt the exact requirements for psu .. do suggest some .. "and you need a good 500gb for a decent setup for video editing" actually i do have extra SATA I HDD's - so that part is not an issue .. "i would go amd intel/amd are pretty close in the video editing world now and amd will run cooler." I dont but here & there i still keep finding those vibes of " .. if u need video render performance then .. its intel .. its intel "
  4. hi .. I would like to have suggestions for building a performance Desktop PC on a tight budget :-) that'll be used for the sole purpose Video & Image Editing.(It wont be used for 3-D rendering or previewing & the video in will generally be from dv) my tight budgets around 1500$ +/- $100 I would like to hear an approximate for cost estimation as well I dont mind AMD or P4 as long as it performs and doesnt melt my mobo during long hours of rendering without having to spend a signifanct amt on cooling . these r my ideas ----------------- Pentium D 830 - 3.0GHz \ AMD Athlon 64 X2 1MB 3800+ GigaByte GA-8I945G Pro \ MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum MSI GeForce NX6600-TD256E DDR2 1GB x 2 PC4200 Sony DRU-800A Samsung DVD CDRW 120GB SATA II WD 500W Thermaltake PSU Canopus ADVC110 Im not sure abt the dual core comparisons betn these 2 models of CPU's .. but then again im not sure of the performance upgrade of dual cores either .. is there another cpu solution reaching almost the same or more performance with even a lower priced cpu? (itd be gr8 if someone cud tell me which single core cpu[single thread app] nearly beats the dualcore[multi-thread app] & is much cheaper) do give me pointers on what i should look out for coz ive no idea of the performances / heat issues / driver issues or any other problems with the hardware(cpu,mobo,gfx,drives ..etc) i think is possibly ok .. i wanted to make a no-nonsense system .. waiting for everyones comms ..
  5. i just bought a cooler master aero 4 lite for my p4 2.4B .. now i dint know the cfm of this thing (had no manual + no writing on the cover) the vendor tricked me saying it gives 40CFM .. & later i find it gives only a max of 20CFM .. anyway im getting a replacement .. so i can select anything better.. btw my cpu temp with Aero4 Lite [20CFM,3500rpm,70mm blower]is: normal: 40deg C load: 56degC so what shud i go for now? - Aero Jet 4 -Thermaltake Spark 7 Is the conventional fan or blower better? i heard the blower is better ..is it ?
  6. my maxtor has been giving the noise(like how old hd's sound) since the day i bought it. both hd's are on ide1 with wd on master & maxtor on slave .. as for using the multimeter to check the power consumed .. where can i find more features on how to do this .. & no one said anything abt my doubt on hdd's heating up & shutting down? is it possible ?
  7. yea i reformatted and pc started workin fine .... but after sum time it got stuck and restatarted .. once .. hd switchin on/off .. i know the difference when the head is bad .. no this is the hd switchin on/off ... is it possible the hdds are overheating and shutting down ? btw my psu was 450WATT switchin power and had no problems so far even when i connected 3 hdds + 1DVDCOMBO earlier ... im not sure which hd is giving the noise .. i tried switching on the system to check the noise with one hd unplugged but in either case the pc doesnt boot or do POST ..sumthin with my bios config of master/slave .. i had trouble installing the drives before ... two more qs this time: - is it possible to check whether the power required is sufficient for the parts in my pc using some software prog? (just wanted to be sure bfore i go out & get more stuff) - how can i check whether my hd is havin trouble ? thanx agallion,vampire & newport for the reformat .. it did remove most of my problems ... and Pent uP Rage .. so far my wd gave excellent performance in terms of data transfer speed + low or no noise .. whereas my new maxtor 120gb makes a horrible scratichin noise & is slow with data transfer ...
  8. no problems with the hadd .. 120gb is not even a month old .. the other 80gb is like 4 months .. the cpu fan dint exactly die .. it started to make a whining noise b'coz of acumulated dust .. so i changed it b'for it died.. will the psu make such a diff.? i mean i have another 350W psu which is running a p4 2.4 .. i use it only for video encoding & has no vga and dvddrive & it kind'f exhausts fire red hot air most of the time .. but my psu has never over heated even aftr connecting all these things .. so thats why i dint bother changin it + branded psu is a very difficult thing & very expensive to find in this part of the world and yeah what range of power shud i look for 450W or 500W .. i dont want to shell out a lot for psu .. + is aopen psu a good choice(i cud find only this so far) anyway i'll reformat and see .. is the 40mm fan on the northbridge of my 845mobo chipset that important? coz that is also whining these days and i cant find a replacement with the proper pin & other stats.
  9. k...even ive been thinkin' abt it ... i'll wait for some more time b'fore formatting .. anything else i should look into ?
  10. i have a p4 2.4B 533Mhz .. have been running fine for so long ... until my fan failed (glacialtech igloo pro). i got a new cooler master aero jet cpu cooler+heatsink & a chasis fan, and my temp. levels have been under 40deg C for normal usage and under 55deg C while video encoding and gaming.i also bought a new sony dru540A dvd-writer along with this. now the problem started. my hdd(120GB Maxtor,80GB WD) started making noises, kind of like when hd's switch on/off. so i unplugged my dvd writer, chasis fan and the freq. of the sound reduced to a very high extend. but it is then that i noticed another thing. my pc starting time increased, loading norton takes a long time, dreamweaver takes a looong time to start etc, the same for everything else. (nav live update got disabled at abt the same time) i'll give u configs of my pc when it wuz workin fine & when it started being weird When it wuz normal ----------------------- Glacialtech Igloo Pro CPU Cooler (4000rpm) 2 x Normal Chasis Fan Temp - Avg: 42deg C Load: 53degC when it became weird ------------------------- Cooler Master Aero Jet w/Fan Control (3600rpm) 1 x Normal 80mm Fan 1 x Cooler Master 80mm Fan (2500rpm) SONY DRU-540A DVDWRITER Temp - Avg: 40deg C Load: 54degC Other Unchanged Configs ----------------------------- P4 2.4B 533Mhz (No o/c) Gigabyte GA-8PE6672 Ultra2 Rev1.2 Mobo 512MB 333Mhz TwinMos DDR 80GB WesternDigital 8MB Cache 120GB Maxtor Samsung DVD-COMBO 400WATT Rhycom PSU MSI GeForce FX5600 17" LG Flatron eZ T710BH Creative SoundBlaster Live Intex Firewire PCI Conexant Modem PCI WinXP Prof SP1 NAV 2004 NPF 2003 MSN v6.2 what could be the possible problem ? - psu overload - hdd trouble overheating - dvd-writer error - coolermaster cpu fan problem ? - temp reported being wrong and hence/overheating? now i cant go to my vendor for replacement of anything, unless im sure what the problem is... do help
  11. amd mebe for my next pc .. but what abt the current p4 i have .. some good overclocking tips wud be nice .. or point me to some overclocking guide/tutorial which has proper explanations ...
  12. since my system doesnt crash at 3.0Ghz is it advisable to up the voltage and check for stability ? seems my samsung ram is taking it .. tho im not that sure ...
  13. well i just wanted to know what configs u people have used for a comparable config. and i very well get the point that i can OC from 1Mhz to 2Ghz Thanks for that big idea ... however i can overclock to 3.1 Ghz (167Mhz System Bus) without crashing the system. but it wud be a good idea to know what all are the max. normal people have gone up to without burning the cpu at a near future. i need to know what all are the stable voltages and when do i need to increase them and by how much. say i might be heating my cpu unnecessarily if i put my voltg to 1.75 when running @ 2.7Ghz .. similiarly with the graphics card ....
  14. i want a stable config for overclocking my system. my current system config: P4 2.4 Ghz 533Mhz GlacialTech Igloo 4310 Pro @ 4700rpm, ~37CFM, 35+ dB Gigabyte P4 Titan 8PE667 Ultra2 Mobo MSI GeForce FX5600 VTDR128 [Memory : 100Mhz, Core: 54Mhz] 2 x 40GB Seagate HDD (5200rpm, 7200rpm each) 512MB Samsung DDR266 (PC2100) Creative SoundBlaster 128 4D Sound Card Creative 4.1 Inspire Speakers Aopen 16X DVD-Drive 32X10x40 BenQ CDRW Rockwell 56k v.91 Modem Rhycom 450W Max PSU ------- till now i had a GeForce2 400MX Graphix coz of which i think, cudnt overclock beyond 2.7Ghz upon which my sound & modem wudnt work. Now that i bought an FX5600 i expect to overclock to the possible limits of p4.i went upto 3.1Ghz and tried TMPGEnc but after some time it gives an error "illegal floating decimal point order". i guess its bcoz of my overclocking. my current overclocked values in cool room temps. are: 2.4Ghz @ 3.1Ghz (Temps: 44C - Normal, 56C - Peak Load) System Bus: 167Mhz DRAM Voltage: 2.5 AGP Voltage : 1.5 CPU Voltage : 1.525 -I dont know much abt AGP & PCI bus frequency setting. my monitoring utility shows its running at asynch. 66/33Mhz [Linear 87/47Mhz] -I havnt upped any voltages - all are on default bios setting, the only change i did was to increase the system bus freq to 167Mhz from BIOS. -Now what would be a recommended setting for my pc - thats a max. possible cpu speed with stable voltage, ram voltage, agp & pci bus frequency with possible safe voltages -good software for overclocking my graphics card -and is a Thermaltake Spark 7 CPU Cooling recommended ? If yes how much temp. wud it reduce from my current temp.?
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