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  1. As said above, dividers are not perfect... My G.skill (I dont need to run a divider, do sometimes for testing) refuse to run on dividers such as 180, 150 etc. does fine with 133 166 type settings........ next you will need to loosen those settings up....... and last google is your friend.... search you equip. and overclocking... bet you can find some settings or a procedure to work for you.
  2. p.s. (even thought there was not actual *.s.) fairly easy to pull the stock from 4 without removing the xp-120, back in trick but very doable...... finger on either side (front and back) release tabs, pull up slightly then flip towards top..... opposite going in but use thumb and fore-finger to push down.
  3. http://indabasement.com/DFINF4/bios/DFI_BIOSROM.rar if you dont have a floppy burn this
  4. Being the ultra is modular check thier site they have a 24 pin cable for ya, believe its 20 bucks....
  5. Kevin Wu aka One page book over @ xtremesys..... (G.skill rep) says 2.63 is enough volts on these, going through some testing for an issue i to got errors @ 2.75 or higher..... try 2.6 and see how she goes.
  6. did the board ship with 310 bios ? (your sig) if not and you loaded with floppy or optical you could rule out the board, drives and cables focus on the disc, if it shiped w/ 310 try a new cable (i have messed up and used some old skool cables before and it would show the drive connected but couldnt read 0 most likley your using the ones shipped w/ the board though..
  7. Try it once with RG's settings ...# for #.... This on a fresh install ?
  8. Most likley a fresh OS install will fix your problem oh ya better go do this straight away http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...701&postcount=2
  9. long steady beeps ? beeeeeeep beeeeep beeeeeep or 1 long and 3 short ? how many of the leds are on ?
  10. Agreed with above, your posted just not getting a signal to your monitor yet.
  11. currently using some OCZ performance 3200 w/ same heat spreaders, fits.... just a little fun getting it in the last slot.
  12. Well thats weird..... works... ipod... dont work...... any chance the 1st boot device in bios is "removable storage" and your rig is trying to boot off the ipod ??
  13. A buddy of mine USED to take his in the garage and start up his leaf blower (gas powered kind) Not recommended... key word "USED" to............. use fan filters they help a bunch, keep rig off floor, another big help....
  14. Lot of 400+ over on xtremesys... mine poops out around 350.... but good enuff for me. Nice oc's btw,,, Stepping ?
  15. So is it a choice of a million or a 4400+ ?? I'd ask for a frickin' raise !!! "Minds are like parachutes....... they only work when they are OPEN"
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