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  1. another one waithi ng for your last bios....
  2. I'm desperate :sad: . Is it possible that anybody from DFI can help me just telling what kind of chip is that and where I can pourchase it? I also sent an email to ther assistance service, but they just answered that if the mobo is under warranty I can try to RMA it, but it's not. I just need the name of a chip, is that so difficoult? :confused:
  3. Tha mobo that I was talking about is no more on my system (now I own a nf3 250 UT). I just need to replace the chip mentioned, and I can do it myself, just need to find and buy it. I try to explain wath happened, I attached a dissy on the chip with artic alumina bi-component, and while I was operating around the mobo I taked off the dissy with the head of the chip attached (the bottom part of the chip with the pin are still soldered on the mobo), that's all. Sorry again for my english, I hope that you understand. So i need just to find that chip. Thanks
  4. Hi to everybody, and sory for my bad english (I'm from Italy). For a reason that is to long to explain, I need to replace a chip on mine infinty ultra nf2. The chip is the one green-circled in the image: i know that the code written on the chip is: Top Row --> A (with circle around it) 4609 Bottom Row --> BD3V16 The A with the circle around should be a company logo. I made a search on the net for that code but couldn't find anything. If anybody can help me should be great. Thanks
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