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  1. Thanks.It's a MSI nf4 board, yes. The X-FI card went from my DFI (working) to the MSI board(working), back to my DFI board (working but stuttering) to another PCI slot in my DFI board and now it's not working in either board. The odd time it picks up the card and I manage to install drivers but when I restart the X-FI isn "not there" anymore. Sometimes I don't get a video signal with the card in, sometimes it makes my Marvell LAN stop working(loking for network) but most of the time I get the BSOD with the ha20x2k.sys message! I'm SO confused:confused:
  2. Thanks. I just wanted to know. Thanks for the info. I was seriously thinking about a USB card too. I just want to get a decent sound going. Personally I don't think I'll be buying a Creative product again. So any thoughts about Auzentech guys?
  3. I tried installing windows with and without the card in and also tried to install the X-Fi drivers before AND after the mainboard drivers on fresh installs. No offense but please get over your Seasonic problems (or whatever it is). Again: I DID TRY ANOTHER PSU! Why not a USB sound card, explain please.
  4. As for me, I DID try clean installs (as I mentioned before) and driver cleaner. Board has gone through all thinkable settings including Opt.default What's wrong with Seasonics PSU's? It's worked great for me so far. I tried another PSU (as I also mentioned before). Just read the Creative forums and see how many people that have the same problem, SHOCKING!! Thanks for your input though:)
  5. Agree!! Let's start a massive Anti-Creative campaign, heh heh!!! I'm just fed up with this "bullcrap"!:nod: Any recommendations to other soundcards? Auzentech?:confused: I need it mostly for gaming and music.
  6. Lucky you!! My X-FI and Adigy used to work but now they are having similiar problems on TWO! motherboards!!
  7. It won't even let me install the driver before BSOD, this sucks. Onboard sound is ok but when you're used to X-FI.........!
  8. This is so weird! I had my X-FI installed om my DFI board and everything was fine. My friend wanted to try the X-FI card on his MSI board and that worked fine too. When I put it back in my computer it installed but I got stutter in COH, otherwise fine. I tried the other PCI slot (lower) and suddenly I had no Picture at all! Oh, well back to the upper slot that always worked great. Suddenly the drivers are gone and when I try to reinstall I get a BSOD with the ha20x2k.sys error message during the installation process. Put the card back in my friends MSI board and get similiar issues. Thinking it's the card that is busted I popped my old trusted Audigy in and have the same issues(or smiliar) on both boards!! I tried everything: Fresh Windows install (and installed X-FI drivers first) Reflashed the BIOS (tried 2) Minimum parts outside the case Different BIOS settings RAM modules indifferent slots (and memtest) Different PS My old 6600Gt card This is SO strange. Is there a memory on the soundcards that can get corrupted? Can the soundcards corrupt BIOS so even a reflash won't help? 2 Creative cards that suddenly doesn't work on 2 different Motherboards? It totally doesn't make any sense.:confused: Any idea's guys? Thanks.
  9. What should I buy? My budget is about 300 US$. I'm using my 32" LCD TV as monitor (1360X768) and like gaming (FPS, Simulation). I'm thinking the 7950 GT or similiar. Is it a good idea to wait for the cheaper cards in the 8800 line (when are they coming out anyway?) or should I just wait a little and see if the "7900" prices come down and perhaps get a 7900 GTX?:drool: I totally don't know what to do. Please give me some thoughts and advice on this:)
  10. Well, I recently uninstalled my Audigy 1 card (no sound and stuttering in some games) and I think the onboard sound sounds BETTER! I never tried Audigy 2 though.
  11. For onboard sound use the connectors in the pic. For your PCI sound card, check the manual for it.
  12. Thanks guys. Could you explain a little? What are the differences? Sound quality?
  13. I finally got rid of my old Audigy 1 card, too many problems in games etc. and I'm running the onboard sound. I tried the Nvidia driver and did an "automatic update" in the device manager and it works. But does anyone have any recommendations which driver to use? From Nvidia's site? The drivers from DFI's site?
  14. What is it showing up as in Windows? If you have the Nvidia IDE installed it shows up as "Serial Generation 2-3G" (see pic.)
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