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  1. @Bulldog Aha, da's goed nieuws! Hij heeft een rond Nieuwjaar een DFI mobo gekocht - in een ondertussen niet meer bestaande winkel - dat nu een paar probleempjes vertoont. Ik heb hem reeds eerder naar de importeur (jullie) verwezen, maar ik had de indruk dat hij niet goed durfde, omdat hij de Engelse taal niet helemaal machtig is. Ik zal hem nogmaals dezelfde tip geven, met deze berichten bijgevoegd, zodat hij geen drempelvrees meer hoeft te hebben Bedankt!
  2. Interesting. Just out of curiosity... Aangezien u blijkbaar in Nederland gevestigd bent, kan u dan bijgevolg ook Nederlandstalige klanten helpen? Ik heb een vriend in Vlaanderen die daar ongetwijfeld voordeel zou kunnen bij hebben. Or is it British only?
  3. Good thinking! I had a "friend" do that to me with one of the first dollar store laser pointers, far less powerful than what you can buy now, over ten years ago; and my eyesight has never been the same. It took a mere half a second, but I couldn't see through my left eye for half an hour. Back in the day, when laser pointers weren't well-known, I couldn't make a case, because "there was no physical contact". If you do that now, I think all it takes is one witness to pay for that kind of stunt for the rest of your life.
  4. Here's a cut down version of my screenshot - 800x600. I had to cut off some parts to make it 800x600. The original, 1024x768, for comparison, can be found here.
  5. Golly Travis. I read the rules, both when I signed up in February and a couple of months ago when I had a new problem. I thought that size limit applied to uploaded graphics? Because the rules say "Post them here (use the bimg /bimg tags if they are larger than 800x600)." Doesn't that imply that they can be larger than 800x600? Since my file doesn't reside on this server I assumed it was OK. I guess I was wrong. I am not a native English speaker. I do my best; but occasionally I do interpret things wrong. And I do not hang out on message boards all day either; so excuse me if I'm not an expert. I realize I have zero rights here, but why the hardened criminal treatment? You've been getting mighty ticked off lately when people make a small mistake. Whatever happened to telling people in a friendly way? It would be nice if your earlier statement applied to the other board members as well. Here's a cut down version of my screenshot, if you're still interested - 800x600. Unfortunately I had to cut off some parts, because the original file only had 256 colors (I did that to keep the file small), and a simple resize rendered the image almost unreadable. The original, full size, for comparison, can be found here. I know you have a lot of things to do. Sorry if I wasted your time. I guarantee you that it won't happen again.
  6. No, you're not weird! That is truly something that I'd like to see as well. OK, so maybe I'm weird too...
  7. I'd go back in time and tie grandmother Bush's tubes :shake:
  8. If I could only attract mister Travis's attention without making him angry...
  9. Thanks, weeks of hard work! Sure do. It's called TimeLeft. The standard version is freeware. I used it to keep track of Prime95; but it also has a nice countdown feature with alarms, etc.
  10. Thanks Tmod. I really wasn't expecting it today! Even next week would be OK.
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