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  1. If you want a new BIOS chip contact TMOD on this forum he might be able to help you out.
  2. Yep the Evercool VC-RE Twinkling VGA Cooler works great got it on an Ultra-D now
  3. One Approach On How To Test/Qualify Your Memory At Stock Settings Load Optimized Defaults and set your memory timing and VDIMM to the manufacturers specifications. Don’t know what they are go the manufacture’s web site and look at the specification for your memory. Don’t rely on the e-tailers webs site for this information. Go straight to the horse’s mouth. In the DRAM Configuration Menu, Set Dram Frequency to 200Mhz 1:1 and Command Per Clock (CPC) to Auto. Set your TCL, TRCD, TRP and TRAS to the manufacturer’s specification for your memory. Leave all other setting as set by Load Opt. Defaults. Now you are ready to test your memory:Put both sticks in the orange slots and run Memtest86+ for 3-4 hours. 1) This will loops tests # 1-8. If there are ZERO errors you should be in pretty good shape to install windows at this time if this is an initial build and you have not already done so. I tend to go a little further. I now loop test 5 and test 8 for 12-24hours. If there are any errors try and tweak your memory timings other than the ones you set at the beginning and re-run tests 1-8. See references below for suggestions. If you are still getting errors See section Errors. 2) How to loop test #5: In Memtest86+, Choose © Configuration, from the menu select (1) Test Selection, then (3) Select Test, then use what ever number key, 5, then, hit Enter and finally (0) Continue. You are now looping just Test 5. If there are ZERO errors go to Step 3 and loop test #8. If there are any errors try and tweak your memory timings other than the ones you set at the beginning and re-run looping test #5. If you are still getting errors See section Errors. 3) Loop Test 8 for 12-24 hours. To select test 8 follow the same procedures as in step 2 with the exception of the test you select is now 8 instead of 5. If no errors then go to Step 4 If there are any errors try and tweak your memory timings other than the ones you set at the beginning and re-run looping test #8. If you are still getting errors See section Errors. 4) No Errors good!!! Now you can go sky rocket your rig if you wish. See THunDA Overclocking Guide. Errors: Errors could be caused by: Bad stick of memory, not enough VDIMM or other memory timings need to be changed. This found by trial and error (no pun intended). . DRAM Drive Strength, DRAM Data Drive Strength is important and even more so on the Expert motherboard. If after trying tweaking your memory timing and still getting errors, now is the time to test each stick individually to see if one of the memory stick is bad. A) Shut down and pull out the stick from the orange slot closet to the CPU. This leaves one stick in the orange slot furthest away from the CPU. Now you are going to loop test #5. See step 2 above with this single stick. Again if you get any errors try tweaking your memory timings. If you get ZERO errors go to Step B. If you get errors after tweaking your memory timings now is the time you may want to contact the manufacture of memory. B) Now you are going to loop test #8 with this single stick of memory. See Step 3 above. If after looping test #8 and you get ZERO errors then go to Step C. If you get errors after tweaking your memory timings now is the time you may want to contact the manufacture of memory. C) Now almost done with this single stick. Now you are going to test this stick with loops of test 1-8. See step 1 above. If you get ZERO error here then you are done with this stick and you will now repeat steps A, B and C with the second stick of memory. Suggestions on where to get help for tweaking your timings you need you can do a few things. -Search the forum or other manufactures forums’ to look for settings. -Check the Stock Speed Database -Call/Email the memory manufacturer’s tech support -Check the nF4 Memory BIOS Guide -Check EVA2000’s Memtest Guide Memtest 86+ The latest version at http://www.memtest.org/. At memtest.org there are files for using memtest via floppy or and .iso for those without a floppy drive. Better yet go get TMOD CD in the BIOS Section of the Forum. It has the latest version of memtest on it. Things to Note: -Memtest86+ can be found in the Genie BIOS Setting section of the bios on the NF4 boards. Make sure you scroll down far enough. -If you are running 4X512MB sticks on the NF4s and you have loaded Opt. Defaults make sure you go into the BIOS in the DRAM Configuration section and set CPC to Auto and DRAM Frequency to 200. You will need to do with each time you clear the CMOS. Why, because it defaults to 333Mhz and some BIOS set CPC to Disable (1T) -CPC in the BIOS Disable=1T Enable=2T Credit: The basis for this has comes from a guide over at i4Memory.com by EVA2000 and can be found at the link below. The guide is about in the middle of post 1. I would suggest you go over there and read the guide as it gives you some suggestions on what to try and change when you get errors in certain memtest loops. http://i4memory.com/showthread.php?p=6#post6 Other References: Stock Speed Database http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=38 TMODS BIOS CD http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22031 DFI nF4 Memory BIOS Guide http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.php?p=203179&postcount=4 THunDA AMD Overclocking Guide: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823 Search Guide DFI Threads http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22072 OCZ Forum at BleedinEdge Forum http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=45 Also you can PM AndyOCZ or RyderOCZ at this forum GSKill Forum over at Xtreme Systems Forum http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=185 Mushkin Forum http://forums.mushkin.com/phpbb2/ Cousair over at The House of Help http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?forumid=128 By no means am I a memory expert. This is just a procedure that has worked for me. I know this takes some time but so many are in a rush to start OCing and then get errors they don’t know where the errors are coming from, too high OC, bad power supply, bad memory etc. At least this way you can be sure your memory is not the cause of your problems and can rule that out the equation when troubleshooting. Again this is just a procedure that works for me. I’m sure others with more experience can offer other suggestions.
  4. Evercool VC-RE Twinkling VGA Cooler At Jab-Tech for $7.95 http://www.jab-tech.com/Evercool-VC-RE-Twi...er-pr-2291.html
  5. Check out this thread Recommended! - NF4 Ultra/SLI Mobos:PowerSupplies
  6. That all depends on what you want to do with your rig. But also a good place on some of the BIOS mem setting see this nF4 BIOS Memory Guide.
  7. Check out this thread for your question about the build. Are you going to RAID your HD? if so look at this by AG on how to RAID your HD. And if you are going to RAID your HD you do need the NV IDE drivers. As far as the chipset drivers you can use the ones that came with your CD or go to Nvidia's site and download the latest drivers I believe they are 6.70.
  8. Read through the stickies and check out this thread by ED Jacobson on step for build.
  9. Check over is the overclock section in Thunda post in the sticky there is a guide to the settings. Here is the driect link. Search is your friend :nod:
  10. Memtest is in the 623-3 Official BIOS and others it can be found in the Genie BIOS section. It will be in different locations in there all depending on the BIOS version. I have attahced a pic of the BIOS screen for the 740-2bta as a reference. Also I believe what ExRoadie is saying about "qualify your RAM" is at stock settings using memtest one approach can be found in this post
  11. Just an FYI if you are running 704-2bta be aware that DRAM DRIVE Strength is lableled a little differently so 7 = Weak4 8= Normal4 I got some of the above timing info from this thread over at XS here on those sticks of mem. Hope it helps
  12. @piotrgurin If you are talking about GSKill 2GBZX I have had two sets of these also. For stock (DDR200) try these setting with 2.7-2.8 VDIMM Dram Frequency Set Mhz 200 Command Per Clock CPC Auto CAS Latency Control Tcl 2 RAS# to CAS# Delay Trcd 3 Min RAS# Active Time Tras 5 Row Precharge Time Trp 2 Row Cycle Time Trc 7 Row Refresh Cyc Time Trfc 13 Row to Row Delay Trrd 2 Write Recovery Time Twr 2 Write to Read Delay Twtr 1 Read to Write Delay Trwt 3 Refresh Period Tref 3684 DRAM Bank Interleave E DQS Skew Control A DQS Skew Value 0 DRAM Drive Strength 7 (8) DRAM Data Drive Strength 3 (3) Max Async Latency 7 (8) DRAM Response Time Normal Read Preamble Time 5 (6) Idle Cycle Limit 256 Dynamic Counter D R/W Queue Bypass 16X Bypass Max 7X 32 Byte Granulation D
  13. Try looking at this guide for Memtest. It starts in about the middle of Post 1 over at i4memory.com by EVA2000. The section starts out, so you can find it a little easier. General memtest ain't 100% but you can use memtest to guage the max possible FSB/MEM which is the top limit of what you can expect... since i don't think i've ever experienced windows 100% stability and error free at a speed higher than the highest memtest passable speed therefore max FSB/MEM speed (100% windows error free/stability) <= max FSB/MEM speed (memtest error free) My experiences and testing methods But like stated before your error could be both bad memory or need to change timings, voltage etc... Also take a look at the overclocking guide and memory guide by ThunDA et.al. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823
  14. If going with the Asetek there is a install issue with the DFI nF4 motherboards, you might want to be aware of as posted at VapoChill here The intro paragraph is below. They have a work around see link. VapoChill Micro support announcement related to DFI motherboards A problem related to the mounting procedure of the VapoChill Micro on DFI motherboards has been pointed out. All VapoChill Micro retention clips are made directly out from AMD/Intel design specifications, and even so there is a deviation between the VapoChill Micro retention clips and the plastic socket mechanism on DFI motherboards.
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