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  1. Any and all who can offer a hand my 64 mobile 3400 claw is topping out at a 260fsb I have tried differeny bios & drivers in many different config's but to no avail. the question bieng am I topped out at 260 for my rig or could my mushkin be holdin me back any suggestions ??
  2. Thanks fot the reply I am wondering if the 2800 hits the wall at around 2.5 to 2.6 I havent found anything higher yet ..
  3. yes it is stable and thanks again the memory is black pcb ..
  4. I Have looked in there but Like you said not alot of 2800's I was hoping for a more model specific oc base. I think I did pretty well considering I had a native 1.8Ghz and now I have a 2.52Ghz! Just looking for some more opinions. Thanks for the reply!!
  5. :confused: Anyone With a amd Athalon 64 2800+ Newcastle core please post here I Would like to Know how I compare For oc on a low end processor THANKS ALL !!!! :nod:
  6. not sure on the version but it has 18 amps on the 12 v
  7. your right in my sig it says nf3 250 lol
  8. actually i switched out the psu to a antec neo power 480 and had the same results as my ultra
  9. actually i switched out the psu to a antec neo power 480 and had the same results as my ultra
  10. thanks did that still want's to boot from ide first I ended up removing the second raid set and just put in a wd 180 now it works fine .
  11. :confused: :confused: This is very interesting I have Speed fan installed and running at 240 fsb I have 5 Temp sensors When I overclocked to 260 I lost a sensor but I remain Stable according to occt ???? Weird Also I seem to have some start up problems with power comsumption massive draw sometimes, othertimes normal. power supply?? any help.....
  12. I did a search for this subject but I couldn't find an answer any one with any info please help! The Question can you some how choose to boot frome sata instead of ide I Have a pair of raptors I want to run as the boot drive in raid 0 and a pair of maxtor 60gig I want to run in raid 0 ide every time I hook up all drives it always picks the ide raid set not the sata can i do anthing besides hitting escape and choosing manually ??? Thanks.. :drool:
  13. :eek2: As you can see by my signature what I am running Hopefully some one can shed some light on this.. I was I thaught running stable at 2.4 from my native 1.8 not bad for a 2800+ I was happy! then It happend after passing occt, prime 12 hours, mem test 8 hrs, and running fine for 4 weeks. NOW!! its got a mind of its own you can see what i had to take it down too to get it to function correctly! Did I push it to far temps are fine ???? 45 at load 27 at idle on avg ??? :cool: :confused:
  14. I also have the same cpu and am now running stable at 2.4 my voltages are in the attachment :cool:
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