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  1. incompatible ram timing would cause my pc to freeze during oc... memtest won't show anything but back off a few mhz normally solve the problem
  2. This is mine that use for winnie , venice and currently the X2. 200-E-2-2-5-2-7-14-2-2-1-2-3120-1-E-increase-96-7-2-6-N-4-8-E-A-A-A vdimm will depends on bios version.
  3. depend on which bios u r on.... -1 bios need no more than 2.7v for me even up to 300Mhz... -3 bios need 3.0v to run sweetly...
  4. you would had to go to cl-2.5-4-3-7 if needed.....try below 1st. try drive strength to 7 and data drive strength to 2 fix that and try memtest 5 and 8 loop... adjust vdimm up or down to see whether errors gone or not... increase read preamble time to 5.5 if needed trwt can increase by 1 if needed... with -3 bios,my tccd like voltage.....with -1...it can't go pass 2.8v else errors..
  5. atleast for my spoil twinmos speed premium that is spd programmed as cl-2.5... no cold boot but won't pass memtest anymore... actually like spoil operating prolong period with inappropriate timing issues under 3.0v...that is how it die... i say inappropriate timing because the timing i set cannot let it pass #8 but i let it loop at #5 for some time....unfortunately that some time is 90 loops as i fell asleep....tonnes of errors after 90 loops....no more workable even in cl-2.5...rma i m more cautious with 2nd pair ...only loop it to burn in if can pass #8 five loops without freezing....yes ...my winnie like to freeze bh-5 with timing it don't like...I burn this way for 5 days without glitches....no spoil and i run it around 8 hours per day with background memtest in windows...up to 3.4v very unfortunately or fortunately....i bought a venice 3200+... it like bh-5...no freezing and scale higher....still 3.4v.... then....it seems to be like 1st pair...sudden freeze in windows and upon reset spew tonnes of errors in memtest down to 200 Mhz... still alive now after testing in another rig w ddr booster.... the ram like cannot withstand a slight out of sync timing after prolong operation else it would get itself killed..with my winnie....i can detect it...but cannot detect any unstability with venice.... this is my case,,,,,
  6. i think the high voltage guarantee is for a valid reasons to rma... ch-5 is just not proven to endure high voltage ...that is the senario here... the current situation is .the actual dead ram or cold boot ram did change its characteristics and no clue on what is happening... that is the hardest thing to rectified over here.... ram are just being warrantied to operate till 3.5v or maybe more...board is supplying the require voltage as set by user... no one ever seen a spike or recorded one so far....but the ram characteristics just change or the actual spd chip is spoil ? but ram company say that those spd chips are well intact.....but some of the ram still dead..right ?
  7. this is my experience w xms3200xlpt tccd... with all the -3 bios, it need higher voltage... venice is too forgiving in ram timing... u might get it memtest stable...but freeze in windows.... u might switch ram to different slots....venice might not like it too.... true....my winnie never did this to me before but venice did... read preamble time had to be slightly higher than running winnie...by 1 the rest are quite close... my venice also don't let tccd run too tight a timing too...the timing just had to loosen abit those trrd ~ twtr loosen a bit would be better for venice on tccd.. hope this helps...
  8. just change to venice and running w corsair xms3200xlpt... okay here till 305Mhz @2.5-4-3-7-1T @3.0v..no cold boot here...
  9. cool....what oskar had do is to check for voltage spike or others that can kill ram...that is what the mobo do...right...to ensure the voltage are not the killing factor... now...high voltage ram dead....including me...the ram went dead can come other source...one thing for sure is how can we judge the ram are certified to operate 24/7 on high voltage.... remember DFI is the 1st to bring 4v board to the market that makes high voltage a real without mod...at the same time, utt spread like fire that are tight and high htt w voltage....u can't pinpoint anyone till now....i too would like to know too... there are cases w dead ram that don't die on DFI but on boosters too....so? everyone is piss over the dead ram issue but we had to be logical about it...we can't blame the board because it is the only high voltage board that are available for high voltage ram without mod or booster...
  10. generally for my XL, symtoms differ from bios to bios... memtest #8 errors because vdimm not sufficient... memtest #8 errors because vdimm too much...=> heat causing errors not contradicting as it depends on which bios version u used... not in XLPT anymore so can't show u a a64 tweak shot... dram drive strength 7...data drive strength 2..then play w vdimm from there.. u should be able to get to #8 stable w no errors atleast 5 pass before check for stability in windows.. or its best that u show a A64 tweaker shot for help...bios default differs from some version so difficult to remember...
  11. It seems something is wrong with the dram driving method somewhere...sorry i can't prove it.... my second pair of bh-5 pc3500 start to freeze after i pop in my venice for 2 day..I ran the ram with 3.2v for a week before up the voltage to 3.3v + 5v supply.. venice seem much more tolerant w 0510-2 bios with bh-5. it will never freeze in memtest #8..but i lost a gauge to find how the bh-5 would be comfortable with before die.... my 1st pair went dead after it freeze in memtest #8 but i continue to burn it in memtest #5....thought was burning in phenomena... so 2nd pair i was extremely cautious and gauge from memtest #8 phenomena.... venice is too tolerant and no errors till 250Mhz w 3.4v + 0.03v ( it allows though )... after a day, windows keep freezing or retarded as it should be....screen freeze for a couple of seconds intermittently...I reboot and memtest it.....tonnes of errors coming out from it and can't even do anything like CL2 200 Mhz anymore....this is just a 2 week ram only....... went into bios and rekey all setting manually again..ok for few rounds then same problem.... I quickly took it out and pop in tccd... leave the ram around for a day and only pop it in my spare gigabyte nf4 board to test again.....CL2 210Mhz no problem continuously for 2 day memtest at 2.8v...I would vmod it to test w 3.0v again ... my SLI-D never allow my bh-5 to run at CL-2 looser timing on this board and i had to crank up to CL-1.5-2-2-2 to run it with winnie... not a complaint here as i am trying to deal or work around it but would like AG to take note of it or maybe try to replicate it for the benefits of clearing this weird clouds over this area.... That is the senario i face with....
  12. thanks...but it only works from 220Mhz and above for your setting... is just that it breaks what now i m doing is from ground up from basic timing....but who need 200Mhz while 220 is at touch this ram just like tight and fast...not tight but 200 i think....
  13. I have issues w 0510-2 and the hellfire one on my TMSP 3500 BH-5... it can't work with interleave enable even on 200Mhz on orange slot... never try on yellow slot as 0510-2 don't like my ram on yellow slot...no memtest #8 pass amd just freeze only..
  14. winnie 3200+ & TCCD w 510-1 on orange slot => loose some Mhz winnie 3200+ & UTT w 510-1 on yellow slot => loose some Mhz too winnie 3200+ & UTT w 510-1 on orange slot => gain 1 Mhz yellow slot and orange slot does make a different but did not bring my UTT higher w 3.24v and need strong drive strength but can only manage 245Mhz orange slot w UTT and weak drive strength of 1 bring my UTT to 248Mhz on 3.24v orange slot w TCCD loose 2 Mhz both for 2.5-3-3-7 and 2.5-4-3-7
  15. Corsair XMS 3200XL here... can do 9x300Mhz @2.5-4-3-7-1T but currently running [email protected]:D
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