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  1. I will test out those settings and report back. thank you BlackDragon24
  2. Well I can run small FFT all day long. Ive tried 1:1 9X250 and I keep getting errors in memtest 5.
  3. Well the CPU was at stock speeds....And yes I tried upping the CPU voltage for crap and giggles still fails test 5. But its strange because when I retested the faulty stick it passed.....I know that nothing is stable unless its stressed for 24hrs, but now in with both sticks in dual it fails test 5 again...I just emailed the GSkill tech. Im trying to figure this out ASAP because Im still under 30 days so maybe I can convince newegg for a refund and get OCZ or Mushkin.
  4. Guys please post over at my thread. Having Serious issues with Gskill HZ ram. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...2488#post432488
  5. I just recently purchased a Opteron 144 @2.9ghz (still burning in), DFI expert motherboard, G SKill HZ 2gb kit, Nvidia EVGA 7900 GT CO, with 520 watt Powerstream PSU. I have my CPU set at 2.9ghz with stock voltage of 1.4 and divider 150 with all stock BIOS timings, I even loosened them to stock which is 3-4-4-8, still crashes 1 hr in. I am using the latest BIOS 12/07. My problem is whenever I run Prime95 blend test it crashes 1 hr into it. However, if I run small ftt it can run all night without any crash. Also, whenever I run Memtest the only test that fails is test 5. What is holding me back here? Im starting to think its ram however this ram is rated at ddr500 and therefore it should be able to run with a 150 divider. BTW ram is in Orange slots. Tried each stick one at a time. One stick passes a few tests didnt run it for long, the other does the same however, later I tried again and the other stick fails. Please give me some suggestions!
  6. Also, when OCing your ram and using dual channel upping your vcore helps as well bc your memory controller is getting stressed mrore. I would get errors somettimes and upping the vcore helped get me through with no errors.
  7. I am currently using the trick and yes you need an adjustable PSU. Damn I thought yours was a powerstream like mine =(. But the 5V line is fine as well I was using that for about 2 weeks and then decided to jus go with the 3.3 trick so I dont need to cool both my ram and mosfets. You should flash to 414-2, I had better results with this BIOS than 414-3. But every BIOS is diff for every1. Try them all out and see. BTW I cant do 250 with only 3.2 volts. I need 3.3 so push up the volts, maybe yours needs more voltage to hit 250. My rams sweet spot seems to be 3.3 volts bc if I go any higher I start to get errors.
  8. Good job ninja!!! Bank interleave was the problem. After I disabled that the error went away. Also, you dont need to use the 5V line. There is a 3.3 line trick. Put your big jumper back to where it was stock but instead put it down one row. And then in the top right hand corner put a jumper going across from left to right. If you dont understand how to do it Ill try to find the picture but Ill need your email to send it to you. With this trick you can use the 3.3 line up to 4.0. And yes try to flash to bios 414-2 or the newer one and put your mem in yellow slots, it helped me reach 250.
  9. awesome ninja! Plz let me know all your bios settings if you can! And BTW your ram can do more than 230. When I had my sticks in the orange slots I couldnt get past 230 just like you. Then I flashed to BIOS version 414-2 and now Im at 250 on memory no errors in test 5 with 210 passes. BTW what speed is your CPU at and vcore, vdimm voltages?
  10. i kno im gonna try out a few things tommorow as well. I guess since ur gettin the prob with official bios then its not a prob with bios...I was thinking of flashing but now I dont think I will. .Plz keep me posted!
  11. Yea this is really aggravating me too ninja. What bios version and slots on the mobo are you using? It seems like Ive tried everything...If you figure out the problem plz let me know asap and Ill do the same for you.
  12. My voltage on CPU is at 123% X 1.4 dram is 3200
  13. My rig is a venice 3200, dfi 4 ultra d mobo, 3200 mushkin utt blue line brain powered pcb 512X2,ocz powerstream 520 psu, powercolor x800 XL. Recently I flashed to 414-2 bios with mem in the orange slots. The memory could not do anything past 230 mhz and I would get tons of errors at 250 with 2 2 2 5 timings. Then I read the thread about how UTT does better in the yellow slots. I switched it out and now the mem can do 250 3.3 volts 2 2 2 5 210 passes under memtest 5. However, I keep getting an error only in test 7. Even running the ram at lower mhz gives me this error. The only way I dont get it is under stock settings for ram...Does any1 know how I can get around this error?
  14. Ok I have a 3200 DTR clawhamer with mushkin UTT 512X2, 6800 GT OC BFG, NF3 250UT mobo. My problem is that I Have 2 sata hdd 80 gig. I am trying to format my 2nd sata for backup but everytime I go into windows to format it I get a BSOD...Well I tested it out by changing the port it was plugged in which was port 3 where the windows OS is installed at which is sata port 4 and this allowed me to format the drive. However when I plugged the hdd back into its original port 3 and the XP hdd into port 4 it wouldnt open in windows after formatting it and froze my computer. What is the problem here? Do I have fault sata port and Need to rma the board or can I use another sata port and still OC my system?
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