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  1. Had the same thing happen on a test and review baord this morning, after try several cmos clears, I removed everything from the board, cpu, memory, vid card the stuck everything back in 1 by 1. after putting the CPU back in and hitting power it came to life. then I shut it down and reinstalled everything.. it is running nicely right now.
  2. All you have to do is grind off one screw hub on the Artic cooling system for the ATI card and it will fit.
  3. Thought I would post with my thoughts on the nf3 ultra-d, well I have had it for about a week and have had no problem with mine after doing some fine tuning. Yes it undervolts the cpu bad and does not have a good cpu voltage table. My fx -55 130 nm defaults to 1.40 in the bios, it recongnized the sd4000 no problem. I have not had any problem with the release bios and memory.. I have been able to run run all my memory at 1t, even had my 4 sticks of OCZ 3200 256mb (not rev 2) running at 1t. I have ran the old ocz 3200 2x256 , 4x256, ocz rev 2 2x512, and my G. skill 4400le 2 x 512.. I have had the htt up to 320 2.5-3-3-6 with the g.skill. I flashed to the updated bios on the DFI website, forgot the name because I wanted to.. ( IT SUCKED did i mention that) It took me the better part of an hour to get the old bios installed... the new one SUCKED for me.... but DFI needs to get oscar on the bios, we needs some fixes... oh and get rid of the warning message on the post screen about somethin somethin rom... :shake: my specs on this rig 602 bios pcp&c 510 sli fx-55 130nm ocz pc3200 2-2-2-5 X 220 850XT PE 2X74 Raptors xp-120 W/ sunon fan
  4. There are 4 power connection that must be made on the board. the 24atx, the 4 pin, the molex and the floppie power connector. IF you look at the mother board manual you will see where they are located.. Plug them all in
  5. try reseating the heatsink, maybe you are not getting good contact with the IHS on the chip
  6. oliveryochest, said it and is right..With that PSU and Memory you are asking for problems. Go to the PSU thread HERE to get an idea of what and why and then go HERE and search for memory threads
  7. If the part number is labeled correctly then it is a 184 pin DDR part that requires 2.5 volts, maybe it was a labeling machine mistake and for some reason it mislabeled the ram or it accidently put the wrong voltage on it. The only way it could work on 1.8v is if it was DDR2 and you should easily be able to indetify weather it is ddr or DDR2.
  8. First you need to look and see which bios you have, it could be one of a few depending on which revision MB you have.. Second you need to run memtest to verify that you setting are stable enough to install windows.. The HD will prolly not show the correct size until WinXP and the service packs are installed
  9. If you were to get the TCCD or CH-5 or BH-5 you would not be wasting any of the options on the board. The board is designed so that you can tweak and adjust settings and voltages based on your hardware and what you are trying to accomplish. Each ram type has its benefits and its drawbacks, the options on the DFI board alow you to choose and adjust based on your needs or wants. I have seen great overclocks on all sorts of ram with this board, in my opinion the ram is the small part of the equation. Its the CPU that seems more limiting now than the ram..my .02$ That is like saying a 800mhz Overclock at 1.4 volts is wasting the voltage options on the board, When you can have a 800 Mhz Overclock at 1.8 volts..
  10. Not so sure about the 2.9 on the TCCD I have always had my best results on TCCD with 2.7-2.8 and at times have seen that certain TCCD does not like anything above 2.8 but this has been on G.Skill LE. The OCZ may like the 2.9I don't know if you have tried the same timings at a lower Vdimm, if not give it a shot, would help keep the dimms cooler. Besides put a fan on em to be safe. Nice OC you got going anyway, with some tweaking you can get those setting tighter.
  11. Not sure about the Vapo XE as I have never used that one, but does it use USB to connect to the MB? The reason I am asking is I have seen in a few occasions that with the DFI at times there have been problems booting with a USB device attached. So this question is for me to add to my little black book of things to remember. Also as OzSnoal has stated several people are currently trying to work thru the cold boot issue.
  12. Yes you can put AS on it, just make sure you dont get any on anything else because it is conductive. Look in the bios and see what you have the fan set to, like at what temp does it come on full speed? You could adjust that too if you have not already. Not sure if you have it set up in a case, but you should also look at you case cooling and airflow. Just a few suggestions
  13. Which vid drivers you using, if you are using the latest remove them, use driver cleaner to make sure you get all of the drivers removed, the install the older drivers. I have seen several post on the net about this, and so far I have seen that the issue has been fixed with using the older drivers.. Looks like a bad driver for the 6800gt (the new driver that is)
  14. YES some Sd and Venice cores do have the cold bug. But what your are describing does not sound like a cold bug to me, if you are getting a to the splash screen. Try put the regular HS back on and see if it boots Or you could try to jump start it with the prommy, which is booting computer then turning on phase after it gets started... but it is your rig do as you like
  15. Try using the windows driver, instead of the Nvidia IDE driver. I think that is what Thunda was talking about.
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