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  1. I have my pc,ps3,xbox360 and HDcable tuner hooked up to that same tv and they all look amazing. I recomend it.
  2. I went through the same thing you did. My gamerextreme 700w works flawlessly also..
  3. Ok heres a new update to the cold boot issue I was having. I rma'd my OCZ600W psu and when I spoke to tech support over there I asked if it were anyway possible to get the 700wGameXStream as a replacement. The guy said sure. to make a long story short. I got the new psu on friday hooked it up and now NO MORE COLD BOOT!!!! thanks to everyone for the input, thanks dfi for an awesome board, and thanks OCZ for just being the best.
  4. GAME ON!!!!! I just recieved my New psu (OCZ GameXStream 700W) and my cold boot issue is GONE....... Thank you OCZ.
  5. well, I got my replacement psu today OCZ6004ADJsli but this one arrived DOA.... I spoke to a rep over at OCZ and explained to him what happend and I will RMA this one...
  6. Same over here. Well I just got my rma back from OCZ. Its the 600wsli psu. Keeping my fingers crossed.. BTW those folks over at OCZ are freaking awesome man. My hats off to EVERYBODY over at the place.. Keep up the awesome work
  7. I am having the cold boot issues with my setup. ONLY when I have to shut the power down with the pc power button. As I explained before only hitting the rocker switch will get it to boot... my ocz 600w should be here tomorrow. If that doesnt work I will try the OCZ GameXStream Power Supply.
  8. I flash to the new official bios (4-6-2006) yesterday and now when I goto dfi's site its gone.. Whats going on?? now I am thinking to go back to (12-7-2005)
  9. even with the new bios 4/6/2006 I am still having the cold boot issue
  10. coolness, I will flash tonight. I hope this fixes the cold boot issue I am having... BTW, The cold boot only occurs when I shut down using the power button by holding it for 4 seconds. After I do that I have to hit the rocker switch to the off position for a few seconds or untill the yellow lights turn off then I can hit the rocker switch to the on position, push the power button and everything is good again... crossing my fingers.
  11. I don't have the origional chipset cooler anymore. I put it on my brothers board... Simple choice Powerstreem 520 or one of the FSP Fortron or Sparkle I am having the cold boot problem with my FX600-GLN. But it works on my brothers LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR
  12. Good luck to you Hanzo, I definitely have to get a new one... I was going to rma mine but I changed the chipset cooler and I put the one that came with the board on my brothers board since his chipset cooler bit the dust.. I will have to live with it for now untill I get some cash...
  13. Ok I finally got my FX600-GLN. Ok so the first thing I did was hook up al of the cables with the psu sitting outside of the case.. when I push the power button everything starts up normally. If I shut it down using the power button by pressing and holding for about 4 to 5 seconds it shuts down. BUT!!! it wont restart unless I hit the rocker switch on the psu. First I hit the rocker switch then waite for the little yellow light to turn off then hit the rocker switch to the on possition and all is well again.. This was also happening with my OCZ 600w psu.. will anything happen to any of my componets?? the reason I ask is because I feel now that it is a MOBO issue. Thanks.. ok, I have an update on my psu situation.. I don't know why I didnt try this before but, I have a FSP AX500-A, 2.0. I hooked it up to my board and tried the power button thing again and this time no power problem.. I then tried the FX600-GLN on my DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR and not power issues whats or ever.... DAMN!!! I gues I have to rma the board..... Oh Damn, I guess I can't rma the board since I changed the chipset cooler for the evercool. I guess I will live with the issues untill I get some cash to buy a new one...
  14. Im not sure of the revision, I will have to get back to you on that one. I purchased it march 3 2006 from ZZF. I just checked cpuz and I see revision A3 under the motherboard tab.
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