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  1. my calc comes to using a64info v0.5: htt 400 cpu x7 = 2800 ht mut 2.5 = ht speed 1000 mem 120 = 233.33 mhz or ddr466 about try unchecking odd divisor in bios. can also get same results using htt 311 cpu x9 ht mult 3 and 150 mem div
  2. i have the same ram, max seems to be around 265 for my set, was hoping for 270 but..... try this for good starting settings http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....973&postcount=4 am using the orange slots btw
  3. yeah it hurt my eyes at first, but if it's temp no biggy as i am sure better will follow
  4. core 1 will fail first, have'nt pushed enough to see 0 fail
  5. core 1 will fail first, have'nt pushed enough to see 0 fail
  6. well this seems to be a better bios than 704-bta for me anyway, had problems booting even thouth was prime stable. no problems booting now so can tighten timmings up a bit
  7. yes the dividers help to max cpu/mem at different speeds. problem is on opty's not all of the dividers work, some will boot others not but the x2's seem to boot on all of them.
  8. my 165 is doing 2.7 atm, not the best but still kicking good
  9. new 165 CCBWE 0551 WPMW from egg, we shall see how good my luck is
  10. cool thanks, now when fedex decides to deliver cpu can actuall get to building this new rig. should be nice upgrade from lp nf3 3400+ 6800gt :0
  11. i have a question, has there been any speed/cpu usage comparisons between the two lan's on the MB ?
  12. update: seems to be getting slowly worse, pressing reset on boot hang will clear the cmos of saved settings once in awhile now. cmos chip failing?
  13. shameless bump because still having problem and this was on page 7 now
  14. using the nf4 files seems to work fine for me, check your events log as might see some errors
  15. try lowering your fsb by 20 or so, windows can be a bit qwerky at installs
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