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  1. As the sig says...XP-90 with a Panaflo H1B. Even with a hot Clawhammer running at 2.5ghz it barely tops 40c at load.
  2. Does this board have 4 fully-locked SATA ports? If so, I'd be sold...once upgrade time comes anyway.
  3. After being out of the loop for a bit, I noticed this board is back in stock at some of the no-namer shops around the net. Is the thing still too problematic to consider purchasing? I have no interest in weeks of troubleshooting.
  4. You're all still stuck on S939. The processor in question is the S754 3700+ Clawhammer, 1MB L2 cache, single-channel.
  5. You're thinking of San Diego's....I'm referring to Clawhammer's.
  6. I've got a stubborn overclocker in this 3400+ that is essentially maxed at the stock 2.2ghz, so I've begun looking into a 3700+. If I can get a good performer that'll reach 2.6 or more, I'd be 400mhz+ ahead of where I'm at now...a decent upgrade. But, are the 3700's better-binned processors compared to the 3400 (meaning, a better chance of getting one that'll overclock)? Are the steppings that retailers have these days performing well? BTW, I'm looking for 24/7 Prime stable, not a quick suicide 3DMark run.
  7. Well, for whatever reason I went back to waste a little more time tinkering with it. To eliminate the memory, I went to a 2:1 divider and cruised through Superpi 32m at 2.5ghz 1.65v, but OCCT fails in 15 seconds and Prime in about 10 seconds. This processor, motherboard, and memory are going to soon find themselves in a drawer.
  8. After taking a couple hour break from it, I came back to it yet and again and decided to follow the overclocking guide to the t. This thing is passing Superpi 32m at 2.5ghz with 1.65v, RAM at 113.5 (2:1)....BUT....it won't even go 15 seconds in Prime. What gives?
  9. tsuehpsyde, try moving your sticks to slots 1&3 at 11x218 or thereabouts and run memtest #5 so we can compare results. I got a TON more errors on 1&2 compared to 1&3.
  10. I quit, to hell with it. Put another fan over the dimm's (even though they weren't hot to begin with), and went through all the memory options one by one setting them for maximum stability and still got errors out the wazoo.
  11. I was in a diagnosing mood last night, so I got to tinkering with mine. With both sticks of memory in, I got 2 errors every other pass of Memtest #5. One stick ran 15 loops of #5 before I stopped it, the other errored. But neither stick will make it even so much as a minute in Prime. Appears as though I may have a stubborn processor AND one unoverclockable stick of ram. :mad:
  12. Why is this board no longer listed anywhere? I checked the egg, ZZF, and Monarch. Recalled for a new revision possibly?
  13. 246 pages is a few too many to read so....is this board still one to avoid? A little tweaking I don't mind, but I have no interest in purchasing a headache.
  14. It's not a Newcastle, it's a Clawhammer CG, just like yours.
  15. You aren't alone.....http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16366 We have the same CPU, same board, and similar memory. I also had the MSI and it was great, but I can't get anywhere with this supposedly superior DFI. I haven't had any lockups/BSOD's, just no overclocks that pass Prime or Memtest.
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