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  1. Hi all, Just did a minor upgrade from 3000+ to 3700+ partly because I was hoping to be able to utilize all three DIMM slots with double-sided RAM (from an early CO stepping in the 3000+ to CG stepping of 3700+). With 3000+ I would get a no POST but now I can boot just fine, only problem is computer only sees 1x512 instead of 3x512. Tried setting RAM speed explicilty to 166MHz and both 1T and 2T command rate gives same result. I tried loosening timings a bit using CAS 3 and tried flashing bios to a later Oscar Wu beta bios also with no change. Only 1x512. I remember seeing in an anandtech review that the lanparty 250GB would handle 3 dimms fine, even without restriction of 166MHz RAM: http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2198&p=7 Any suggestions? Yes I do know that it will not render me optimum performance using three sticks of RAM but if you really *need* RAM it is waaay faster than swapping Edit: Btw, my third RAM is a "lesser brand" Ram Bo with 2.5 CAS (which works fine in a single RAM conf) but Im using restrictive timings enough - surely I can mix RAM to some extent? Oh and I guess they do not say explicitly on anandtech that they're running 200MHz *DDR*, but still...
  2. Just thought I'd report in case somebody else gets a similar problem (I did not deal with the windows issue yet) with freebsd. I had to disable booting with ACPI to get X stable with the nforce3 250GB. No reinstall necessary in freebsd, wish windows would be so forgiving as well...
  3. Ok, I was sorta expecting somebody to throw this in my face together with a "doh, n00b" at once (I *did* point out the VIA->Nforce transition in the 1st post) but as nobody did I was thinking ok well I *am* a n00b what do I know:) Just trying to save face here, but really, *thanks* everybody for helping me out here and sorry for being the proverbial n00b. Now I just gotta dig out the installation disks from somewhere...
  4. Oh, another thingy....did some googling on what this "safe mode" in freebsd means. What I got was this: it disables ACPI, APIC, ATA DMA, ATAPI DMA, ATA Write Cache, and EISA. Going to try to tweak the BIOS for these settings tomorrow (dont have access to the computer right now). The Google match I found was about someone having trouble with ACPI. Don't know the exact settings to try, guess I'll manage, but if someone has a bright one - hit me...
  5. Tried to apply some arctic silver thermal paste today. No such luck....I feel somewhat at a loss here actually, the only thing that is changed apart from the motherboard is the thermal paste (and this new paste is good). I really do not think the PSU is the problems since everything was rock-solid with my MSI Neo with a full array of peripherals at 10% FSB overclock. I did look at the ratings of the PSU in the BIOS and although I do not have them in front of me right now they did not seem out of the ordinarily (ok it is not really top of the line PSU but should be plenty enough for a bare-bones setup running at stock speed). I also tried swapping memory to a Ram-bo CL 2.5 512 stick with no difference. I am not far from taking the board back to the store right now, don't know if they'll let me but....whats a poor boy to do?
  6. Ok, so could the problem actually be me be foolish enough to not apply thermal grease? I feel slightly stupid and will apply some asap. I guess possibly the added strain of graphics makes temps rocket beyond 47C. I feel content enough with that and go to sleep and dream of arctic silver paste. ps) yes i am using default bios ps again) thnx for teaching grandad to suck eggs.....
  7. Minimal config made no difference (still using it) but I discovered that I can boot into freebsd using safe settings (not sure about the difference to normal boot). Windows do not want to play at all. Just to test I ran benchmarks in matlab (in freebsd) and videocard is actually performing better than ever (may be due to AGP and core voltage .1 increase). Still, normal boot won't work. You are right about the heatspreader, I actually did not apply new thermal grease when changing mobo (for testing), will buy some tomorrow and see if that helps but is 46-47 degrees celsius (bios-readings) really so bad (as to cause freezes?). Thanks for the help and if you think of anything else I'd be most happy! This online service is the best one I've had yet to experience!
  8. Thank you very much for a quick response! *Optimized* defaults? I loaded safe settings in BIOS, sure, I could try optimized...? Have cleared CMOS and removed creative (is the AC'97 really better? interesting!) Am running single stick of RAM in slot 1 will try the other slots. The geforce is getting a non-shared molex directly from PSU (Antec Sonata 380W). CPU temp is slightly below 50C and fan is working properly and attached as it should be. Any other tips? (Will get back to you if switching RAM slots or upping voltages helps)
  9. Hi! Just moved from a perfectly working setup using MSI K8TNeo (VIA chipset) to a new Lanparty NF3 UT 250 GB board. Not using any RAID setup or SATA disks. System otherwise as in sig. When booting into windows I get reboots/freezes. Trying to boot in safe mode will render me a system freeze. Booting into freebsd 5.2.1 I sometimes manage until starting X server (graphics) when I get a freeze-up. About to try a minimal config with one HDD and 1x512 stick o' memory and no firewire/usb/whatnot connected but I get the feeling there's something else the matter. Any tips would be gratefully recepted! ps oh yes, I running everything at stock speed.
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