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  1. I've just tested my DFI RDX200 CF-DR board with X2 3800+... If open everest and show your hardwares by it, immediately restart the systems even @ DF. Allmost 4 LED pause and system no boot ( decrease led = boot )... I'll report some others problems later... Can't compare NF4 Expert....:|
  2. [email protected] is Very good ? ! I wanna break 280 with my Corsair UTT BH-5... For now Can do @ 2.77
  3. 1. Mushkin Redline 2. Corsair UTT BH-5 TwinX1024-3200 v6.1 ... Exactly that...
  4. 2x512MB OC harder than 2x256MB so normal with G.Skill and good OCZ... I've just got 2x512MB Mushkin LVII
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