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  1. Start- Programs- accessories- System tools- System information, its listed on the first page that comes up about 4 or 5 lines down
  2. thanks for the replies, been working on it for hours. I dont know exactly what happened, but I removed power, battery and cleared CMOS for 10 minutes . I got it to boot up now, but it seems to hang alot. I thought PSU as well, but after clearing the CMOS it seems to let me at least boot into windows. Weird thing is that I wasnt getting any yellow lights or power at all. I will fine tune tomorrow, Thanks for the time and help..........
  3. Was cleaning the dust out of my rig today, put everything back together. Went to start up , and everything seemed normal at first, it listed my CPu, memory info and just locked up, there. So I held the power button down, to try and shut it down, wouldnt work, so I used the switch on the PSU. When attempting to restart I got Nothing. I opened my case again and noticed an errant 3 pin fan connector had slipped into the cpu fan lodging it. Now, my question, would a burned cpu in this manner cause the whole comp to not even attempt to boot? I get nothing, No LEDs, NOTHING. thanks for any help!!!
  4. no problem, glad to help, dont forget the next time you ask for help, to include your full system specs in your sig to better help, its a requirement 'round here....
  5. ignore that BTX thing, mine has been running better than perfect :nod:
  6. yes definitly use the 4 pin P4 connector, it supplies power to the processor
  7. They are telling you not to use the Black "E" connector in the 4 pin stand alone connector, you must attach this "E" cable to the 20 pin cable and use both. Than use the blue P4 connector in the standalone 4 pin CPU slot, DO NOT USE P4+, the other Blue connector
  8. they have a thread on this exact thing in there forums, it is so detailed you cant mess it up, it even shows pics of how to put the thing together to make it a 24 pin
  9. to clear it up, go to www.ocz.com and go into the forums, they have detailed instructions with pictures....
  10. Just got it today, man it is some nice memory. Just the way it looks is amazing, copper covers with the raised OCZ emblem.... :drool:
  11. DFI definitly, Never had any problems, this is the third DFI I've owned.
  12. i tried to boot in to my old install when I set this board up. I went from a 875 pro 2.6 pentium 4. It did the same thing you are describing. First time I ever tried to do that, just to see what happens, and it didnt work. Try to Re-install. if you need files, you'll have to re-setup your old board and transfer them over to a safe drive.
  13. YES!!!!! the other day I got an Email from OCZ. I actually won the monthly Grand Prize drawing!!!!! They are sending me a 1 gig Dual Channel 3200 EL kit. First time I ever won anything!!! I was just about to buy the exact same memory, too. Thought I'd share that with y'all :nod:
  14. did you try reinstalling Windows? You usually cant boot into an old install with a different Motherboard...
  15. sorry , that i'm not sure on. Im sure someone else here can tell you . Maybe go into device manager and roll back the drivers???? :confused:
  16. i read this over on DFI Website support FAQ: This symptom might occur in Windows 2000 and Windows XP based operating system. Windows 2000 and XP have supported USB2.0 device already, there is no need to install USB 2.0 driver from Lanparty Utility CD. This USB 2.0 driver is for Windows 98 only. If this driver is installed in Windows 2000 and XP, the USB 2.0 device will work at USB 1.1 instead. Please do not install USB 2.0 driver in Windows 2000 and XP. Maybe thats it I don't know, Im still waiting on my video card to show up to actually fire this thing up...
  17. just ordered mine at zzf for $157!!!! http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=246486
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