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  1. i been running prime for 12hrs plus now and no probs but i get memtest error in test 3 my sandra 2005 bandwidth is 5800 approx :mad: i was hopin for 6000 is my problem a timings thing its goin strong with 95 so far i'm gonna go for 24hrs at least so it can make the stock database
  2. fresh install didnt help me either still crash when installing ethernet driver
  3. from way out!!! are u using nVidia firewall if so have you tried disabling/enabling firewall
  4. add me to failed 5.11 ethernet i wonder if nVIDIA is aware of this and will there be a fix hmmm should we send a collective email ?????
  5. thanx guys so far everyone not usin nv ide i could use it before with all bios's (betas included) with latest official bios i have to uninstall nv ide for my system to run
  6. Hi guys Just curious if anyone is running a SATA and PATA drive using latest official bios with no problems also if u are using all nvidia 5.10 or have u not installed the sw ide drivers
  7. i have a similar problem using an nf3 mobo did we miss something????
  8. Very glad to hear it works now jAMBAZZ. Thanks for the love its my birthday tomorrow hehehe helpin u out is an early present
  9. i've always had it in Sata 3 for that reason anywas i contacted the retailer and they will return it for me if they say the HD is ok then the problem could be my new power supply or this latest official bios
  10. sorry for goin OT when u install windows on a single sata HD are u meant to press F6 as well i been having problems with a sata HD i installed windows on it worked for a day then the next time i cold booted i get bsod and then on restart it wont load because it cant find ntldr i had to install again on my pata HD should i rma HD i still got warranty
  11. for win xp SP2 the service pack reduces Firewire 400 to firewire 100 there is a hotfix for this here http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;885222 hope this fixes your problem are u in Sydney????
  12. ok i have had a similar experience with the MEMtest in this bios now i got a weird problem i have a Sata drive that now doenst show all its file on bootup or erases some data when i reflash the bios it works ok and all the files can be seen but after a couple of weeks the same problem will occur Windows is on C: and D: is my SATA that only has IL2 and Reason when it .s up i cannot read D: contents windows says the drive is experiencing a hardware error or some BS i checkdisk D: and all is well so i reboot and all of a sudden it works only to have it occur the next time i switch on my PC i reflashed the bios and all is well but i am sure this problem will rear its head again i am gonna reinstall windows to eliminate windows from the equation its seems like reflashing the bios fixes it for a while the drive is hooked up to SATA 3 and it has worked fine up until now i have run checkdisk so many times and there is no error or bad sector on the drive either my windows is screwed or the bios not workin properly anyone shed any ideas i even reformatted drive D: only to have the same problems occur a couple of weeks later this bios is temperamental on my PC the betas worked fine but this official be a bit loopy
  13. its winter here in Sydney brrrrrrrrr or maybe he has a good fan setup
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