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  1. A while ago i got help on doing this and installed thermaltek heat sink and it does seem to work. it keeps the chipset chip at 47 degrees centigrade.
  2. If i have a creative sound card installed can i also enable the built in sound chip and put some speakers on it and use it as well?
  3. thanks for the info I will check to see if i have an old heatsink
  4. has anyone used a zalman pasive heatsink cooling for northbridge? does it work? the installed fan on the northbridge chipset is loud and i was hoping to replace it. this is for a nf4 system not the nf3 system of my signature.
  5. your question: sorry I mean the Chipset drivers like nVidia 5.11 i am using 511 although i downloaded a newer version which i have not tried yet. i am using a artic cool freezer cpu cooler i have ram in 1 and 2 and tried moving them around even using slot 1 and 3 it did not seem to make a difference although if i go down again i will try it two other peculiarities: i tried using 3 512mb ram sticks all the same kind but the computer did not seem to like that so i have stuck with just 2 also given the problems i know not to shutdown completely recently when i needed to reboot but when i used restart it was like shutdown. in the past the system would restart as long as i did not actually shut it down. you said: What kind of HeatSink Fan are you using to cool your CPU? and If you have your RAM is in slots 1+2 try switching them to 1+3, 1 being closest to your CPU and see if that helps any
  6. Just a few more things BIOS version? Chipset Version? Have you added any new hardware lately? NO<< and What are your RAM timings? bios version is recent if not most recent not sure what chipset other then nforce 3 250 mb it now booted up when i held the recet switch in could it be temperature related?
  7. DFI LANParty UT nF3-250Gb Phoenix AwardBios AMD 64 3000+ 2x512mb value select DDR-400 Ram ATI AGP 9600 all in wonder video card <<<< Maxtor 250 gig eide drive western digital 160 gig drive coolmax 500x power supply <<<< thanks for the help so far
  8. I have a system which seems to boot sometimes and not at other times. when i turn the computer on the two leds on the motherboard for memory and system standby go on the fans all start-the one for the cpu and the powersupply, the hard disks wirr up when it works i get a beep and a solid power light and a blinking hard disk light and a bios message on the screen as the computer continues to boot up into windows but when it doesnt work like now: i get a blinking power light that stays blinking and no beep the hd lisk stays solidly on and the drives whir on. and the system just sits there. i dont see the bios message on the screen. any suggestions on what is happening or how to trouble shoot the system? taking componants out of the loop does not seem to help e.g. going to one stick of memory and no hard drives.
  9. i am setting up a new nforce3 system and was wondering what the best sequence is to load the software. for example if i load windows xp first is it then better to load the nforce drivers or the sp2 patch?
  10. i know to turn off win sp2's firewall but beyond that which firewall is best to use with a dfi lan party ultra d mother board? the built in one by nvidia? or a software one such as symantec or mcaffee or zone alarm?
  11. just to clarify: so you are saying use either the creative or built in sound not both (with audigy being better) how about if you use built in sound only, can you use both the analogue and digital spdf outputs each leading into a different sound system?
  12. i have a lan force nforce2 board now on which i am using onboard sound with both digital and analog speakers attached. can i do the same to a lan party nforce 4 ultra board or do i have to choose either analogue or digital sound output? if i have an audigy 2z card should i use that instead because it will produce better sound? can i use audigy and one of the built in sound systems at the same time or will that not work? what would be the best combination to use?
  13. the conclusion was it slows things down although i think a previous version was used. it will be interesting to see if the new build and drivers make a difference.
  14. Has anyone tried 64 bit windows xp: is it faster? they have a new release candidate out now. also nvidia has newer nforce drivers (i think beta 6.25) then in the sticky thread on this topic. michael rand
  15. i ordered a diamond max 10 16meg sata drive and got a 16meg diamond max 10 ide drive by mistake. is there a real performance difference between the two such that i should send the ide drive back to get the sata model? or is the difference in performance so small that it just makes sense to use the ide version? :confused:
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