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  1. i assume that 15-20 degree drop is in fahrenheit, right? EDIT: It's too bad somebody can't just make something like what Asus did that is compatible with the DFI
  2. sorry i kno this is probly the wrong section but I couldn't figure out where to put this thread. So I've heard that the Seasonic S12 has alot of issues with the DFI NF4 boards. Is that true? cause I'm tryin to find a good quiet PSU and im thinkin the S12 is the best but it obviously isnt if it wont work with my baord
  3. well i just need something that can keep my chipset under 50C and stay QUIET
  4. well if ne one does end up buying this: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...roducts_id=4144 I would like to see how it works out.
  5. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...roducts_id=4144 this? thats probly what i'll end up gettin. anyone using this without a fan successfuly?? also would it be possible to set this up so it uses some of the intake airflow from an nvsilencer? kill 2 birds with one stone that way.
  6. I need to run my video card in the top slot tho. I need acess to one of those PCI slots for my sound card, and in the future i probly will need one for a physx card.
  7. i had thought about that i dont have a problem cuttin up heatsinks, but the mounting is kidna tricky on some of those. so im just to where iwanna get somethin premade
  8. well maybe one of u guys can help me heres what i need: -chipset cooler -MUST be able to use video card in top slot -MUST be able to use an nvsilencer -must be able to use both regular PCI slots -passive preferable
  9. i just remember that pounds and euros are more valuable than the dollar, and everything else is less valuable
  10. on the video card thing, yah i beleive the lowest cards to support SLI with the cable are 6600GT, BUT the new drivers allow software SLI, *I THINK*, so wait for confirmation on that.
  11. :mad: erggh i just called the san jose branch and it made me leave a message really a shame that DFI makes such good boards but doesnt have a decent tech support. I know that angry and rgone do there best, and im glad they try to help. But DFI just needs to hire some more ppl to work the phones, i mean come on, i should not have to leave a message when i call tech support.
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