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    Lanparty 250gb 400+ FSB

    http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11318 if you look at the 754 overclocking database, you'll see the highest FSB OC is 350MHz (very last thread). you'll also see a 345, 338, 335 and 333 so i seriously doubt you'll find a processor AND board both capable of 400 without some very exotic cooling and/or mods. that thread can prolly answer a lot of other questions you might have. that board is a beast, tho. hate to say there's anything it can't do but a 200% OC of the FSB is too much to ask of a 754 cpu and mobo, at least without some seriously exotic cooling. how high have you gotten it so far? please tell me you didn't start plugging away at 400 :
  2. good stuff! simplified the process so much, i can't even say. thanks!
  3. vega27

    Hey guys, -- I got it!!

    hard to beat this one for the price. just received but haven't installed yet. http://www.svc.com/ald-v03-us.html
  4. vega27

    Hey guys, -- I got it!!

    be ready to buy a cpu temp monitor if you care about accurate temp monitoring. the onboard cpu temp diode is the board's only real shortcoming. remember to put memory in orange slots. looks like you did a good job selecting the right components for the expert mobo.
  5. vega27

    Fan Controler

    i just ordered this cuz my temp sensor(s) isn't working. read good reviews about it. and, oh yeah, SEVEN BUCKS! http://store.yahoo.com/svcompucycle/ald-v03-us.html
  6. i'm also looking at fan controllers with their own temp. diodes and display. anyone have any suggestions? the thermaltake hardcano looks pretty sweet but it uses batteries that you have to open up your case to change. no thanks!
  7. hey, guys! i've been using a dual-core opty 175 in my expert board for almost 2 months now. this board has been rock solid in that time, the only problem is both the BIOS and ITE report my cpu idle temp at 139C. that is not a typo. i've been doing a lot of searching and i can't find anyone else with the same problem. i've tried both official BIOSes released to date, to no avail. i attribute this to using an unsupported cpu on the board. the board has been so good, i didn't bother with an RMA but i do need a way to accurately read my CPU temps. i know there are diodes you can tape to the side of the heat spreader but how accurate are these? what is the best way for me to keep an eye on temps?
  8. thanks for the replies but i'm not going to wait for a BIOS update to fix this problem. i've got two things going against me: opterons aren't "officially" supported on this board and my temp problem is different than everyone else's i've read. so i don't think it'd be wise to wait forever for DFI to resolve my opteron-specific problem. see sig. again, this is a dual-core chip so i'm still trying to gather ideas regarding the best way to accurately measure CPU temperature besides the motherboard's sensor. scarface is the only one to suggest a feasible solution so far. hell, could it be a problem with the CPU and not the mobo?
  9. is the diode flat enough to be safely placed on top of the core, if i removed IHS? or does that screw up contact w/the heatsink? thanks for your help!
  10. maybe. actually, i think the reading is shown like this in the BIOS: (-) 139C and ITE just says 139C. i dunno. *shrugs* i didn't worry about cuz i thought there were other ways- maybe even more accurately- to measure it.
  11. What choice did you make in the poll above? all over the place Motherboard: SLI-DR Expert Mobo Revision: A1 Mobo BIOS version: 12/7 Official CPU: Opteron 175 (CCBWE 0543TPMW) CPU ID: ? Idle Temp: 139C Load Temp: 145C Cooling: xp-120 w/120mm you think YOUR temps are off? LOL no other complaints, tho.
  12. vega27

    copying c:

    acronis true image 9 is great. you can create a boot CD with it that will work whether the software is actually installed on the PC or not. plus, you can create backup images that can be chopped up so that each piece fills up a dvd±r/w or cd-r/w. i got it just a coupla weeks ago and love it.
  13. vega27

    Latest BIOS

    so what's the difference between those two 11/02 files? we desperately need a new "official" BIOS.
  14. that's a lot of voltage running through the CPU for only a slight overclock. that CPU should be able to do HT220 at stock voltage (1.35/1.4V). the OC limits of your CPU and your memory are two different things. first, put your memory on a divider so it doesn't hinder your CPU as you try to find out how far your CPU can go. when you find that out, that is the time to slowly work your memory back to 1:1 with your CPU. if you can't get it stable 1:1 with your CPU, no problem. just leave it on whatever divider gets the best performance for you.
  15. me too. the nvidia firewall worked great with my DFI NF3 board but not this one.
  16. if you bring your overclock back down to stock, does the crashing continue? any strange errors in windows' event viewer?
  17. vega27

    good JOKE for ya...

    you suck, man! :shake: :nod: why you gotta dis my alma mater like that??
  18. drivercleaner is a good program to make sure ALL the old drivers are removed before installing new ones.
  19. my temp problems are even more unnerving. my expert BIOS reports my opty 175 (unsupported, i know) idling at (-) 116C! is this negative 116C? cuz smartguardian reports it at around +140C! *sigh* my board was shipped with 11/02 bios. i tried all the BIOS's on TMOD's CD but none of them fixed the problem. now back to 11/02.
  20. i encountered a weird problem yesterday but luckily i called a friend who found the answer on overclockers.co.uk. just wanted to give a heads-up for other users of the new sli-dr expert board. i have to have "Machine MAC(NV) Address" enabled in the BIOS b/c my ISP. i've never had to enter the actual MAC address of my modem in the BIOS, just enable it. yesterday, i was trying out TMOD's CD to try out some new BIOS's in order to try to fix my severely inaccurate CPU temp. well, none of em worked so i ended up flashing back to the only "official" BIOS on the CD (11/02). after that, BIOS would NOT allow me to enable "Machine MAC(NV) Address". actually, it would let me enable it but it would switch back to "disabled" after every save & exit. seemed like every other BIOS setting would hold except this one. i tried clearing CMOS, killing BIOS with the app on TMOD's CD, nothing worked. as a result, could not connect to the internet for anything. the fix was simple. in the BIOS, i now have to enter the MAC Address that's on the white sticker on the used ethernet port on the motherboard. weird that i didn't have to do this before but now i have to; same BIOS revision, just tried different ones in between.
  21. did you try clearing CMOS via the jumper method?
  22. vega27

    boot problems

    trying booting with just one stick of RAM and put it in DIMM slot #2. if that doesn't work, please post specs of your power supply. look like it may not be enough for your system.
  23. i was getting three lights and no post on my board. then i tried putting only one stick of RAM in the orange slot FARTHEST from the CPU and it worked. this is slot #2 on my board.
  24. for the record, which arctic cooler fits a 7800GT or GTX? last time i checked, there wasn't one out yet.
  25. probably depends on the reason the board failed (i.e. manufacturing defect, user negligence, etc.) have you contacted customer support? this is a support forum but not the place where RMA's and defects and such are handled.