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  1. I am currently trying to fix my friends dfi lanparty nf3 250GB pc. He told me his kids were using it and hear a loud noise like the fan was dying. Now it won't boot. I replace the PSU and still no booting. LED1 and LED6 light up, but that is it. I tried booting without the video card and a single stick of memory. All the power connectors are there. I replaced the Thermaltake PurePower 480Watt with a Ultra X-Connect 400 Watt. The specs are in my sig. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Is the nVidia firewall installed with the nforce driver package? It is listed under programs or services. I do not see it in my system, I am just wondering if I accidently installed it. I can't figure this out and it is driving me nuts.
  3. The problem is that I have a tri-OS house. I have two macs, a ubuntu server and nslu2 server. That wizard is useless to me. BTW, I did rerun it on my DFI rig.
  4. I don't know if this an issue with DFI or Windows XP. I just reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition back in Aug. I ran all the updates, etc and everything ran fine. However, two days ago, all of a sudden my home network shares disappeared. I did not change anything in terms of my settings. My PC is set for the correct IP address, subnet, etc. I am not running the nvidia firewall and I am using the Marvel lan. I can still access my file server because it is a mapped drive, but when I go to network places and look under workgroups, it gives me "Workgroup_name is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource". I have three other machines on the network and I can't access them. I am currently only running the crappy windows firewall. I have tried accessing the network with it shutdown, no change. I also use AVG for my AV. I am pulling my hair out over this. I even reinstalled the Drive Image 7 backup image from back in Aug. It lost the network shares also. HELP!!!!
  5. I figured it out. Had to change the setting in xorg.conf for the video card form 'nv' to 'vesa'. Then I was able to boot into the gui and install the nvidia drivers.
  6. Just installed Ubuntu 5.10 -k7 kernel onto an external USB drive. It running really nicely. I want to upgrade to the latest nvidia drivers for my 7800GT, but I am leery of borking the setup at this point. Ubuntu is a nice step up from Suse 9.1, which I liked but found a little cumbersome to install some programs that I wanted to test out.
  7. For Sale: Boxed Athlon 64 3000 Venice Core with HSF - Pending Sale ADA3000DAA4BP YBBLE 0525EPHW This is a socket 939 cpu. The CPU was tested and is working. It is a brand new CPU. I have the original receipt, so the warranty is still good. $135 Shipped My ebay ID is rvr2k3. If you have any questions please PM or email me. [L=My Heatware]http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=43998[/L]
  8. Does anybody have Ubuntu (5.10) running on their dual core opteron. I installed it to a 30 gb partition last night, but when I try and log in, I get a distorted grey line across the screen and no further boot of the gui. I think it may be a graphics card driver issue, but I am able to get to the log in screen and everything looks normal. Any help would be appreciated. I am still a linux neophyte.
  9. My point is this card is not detected as a 16x card on the 16x slot. I assume it is the card and not the board.
  10. I have a similar problem. My eVGA 7800GT runs at 8x speed in either slot(1 or 4) when set to SLI and only the 1x slot (4) when set for non-SLI. This card does the same thing on an eVGA board. It does not work in the x16 slot but works in the 8x slots.
  11. Passed smallFFT for 3 hours. Running memtest right now, while I am at work. Here are my memory settings. In Genie Bios 200 auto 16 16 auto 100 disable 1.425v 1.275 above VID 110% 1.20v 1.50v 2.7V DRAM Config 200 enable 2 3 5 2 13 16 2 (this is very tight...might need to be 3 for you) 2 (ditto) 1 (again, very tight...maybe 2) 2 (ditto for tight...maybe 3) 0780 auto enabled auto 0 Level 8 normal Level 2 8ns normal 6ns 256 disable 16 07 disable
  12. OK, here is what I have with my Opteron165. Hitting 2.5 pretty easy. The problem is my second core does not advance past the 1st mersenne in prime95 or the SP2004 test. Both core work together with the memory and cpu only tests, but not the mixed test. Here is my screenshot Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong. The LDT/FSB ratio is at 3x. Thanks
  13. OK, here is what I have with my Opteron165. Hitting 2.5 pretty easy. The problem is my second core does not advance past the 1st prime95 or SP2004 test. Here is the image and some info. Screenshot Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong. The LDT/FSB ratio is at 3x. Thanks
  14. To top things off, now my IDE1 is not funtional. This is frustrating. IDE2 works, while IDE1 does not. Hope the bios flash helps.
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