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  1. It might be other component(s) causing problem, may be the CPU. Waht are your bios setting? FSB/Vcore/Multiplier/Vdimm, RAM Speed, etc.
  2. There is big mistake in my repvious post. What I tried to say was: 2x512MB Geil One WILL NOT WORK together with 2x512MB G.S FC as 4 DIMM mix. But will work great with OCZ 2x512MB as 4 DIMM mix. My point is, even with same memory chips, due to differnet setting in SPD, different brand may not work together. There may be a fix, by reprograming the SPD to make them the same. Anyway, sorry for that mistake.
  3. They may all use the same memory chips, but the SPD settig may be not so the same at all. Personal experience, I tried mixed 2x512MB Geil One wih 2x512MB G.S. FC, system will work properly. Works well with Mixed 2x512MB Geil One and 2x512MB OCZ Plat. Rev. 2. These RAM modual all use the TCCD chips. There is always risk with mixed brands, even with the same memory chips.
  4. Pass Memtest really, no guarantee for 100% stability. It is a good tool for pre-testing memory's stability. If there errors happened, guarantee will not boot into OS properly. If no error, you may successfully get into OS, but you will need to do more stability tests, like 3DMArk 03/05/06, Prime95/SP2004, Super PI 1M through 32M. It is no surprise to me that even passed the memtests for days, and still encounter reboot/crashes. I been through that before. Do more tests within Windows, that is my suggestion.
  5. "ballistix" ? You also replaced your RAM? if so, probably is the RAM that solve the problem. If not, hey congrate for problem solved anyway.
  6. in Genie BIOS Setting -> DRAM Configuration -> DRAM Frequency Set, set it to 200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01). Assuming you are not overvlovking. Also, Command Per Clock (CPC) must set to DISABLE, otherwise your system will not boot.
  7. All of them. There should be some print on the mobo, as well as in the manual.
  8. I would suggest that you measure the ACUTAL voltage by using a Multi-Meter now, since you have played with the adjusting knobs, without having good idea where they are now. Hope that you did not fried yoou mobo//CPU, yet.
  9. VGA card problem I guess. Which card do you have? can not tellf rom your sig, is the card need extra power connector?
  10. Opti 170 CCBWE 0550 UPMW, last five digits of the last line is 50123
  11. For testing purpose, it might, just run it at minimum hardware setting.
  12. Firstly, your RAM is TCCD based if I am correct (just googled). If so, you might have killed you RAM for running it at high Vdimm for too long. The kill means degrading, not physically killed. I will never set my TCCD to run at 2.8V or higher except for some crazy OCing, really. I would try this: HTT 200 LDT x4 PCIex 100 LDT v = 1.2 Chipset v = 1.5 Vddr: 2.8v CPC: Enable [Now Disabled] Tcl: 2.5 Trcd: 4 Tras: 8 Trp: 4 Trc: 11 Trfc: 16 Trrd: 3 Twr: 3 Twtr: 2 Trtw: 3 Tref: 3632 (200MHz 3.9us) Twcl: AUTO Bank int.: Enable Skew control: 0 (increase) Drive strength: 7 Data strength: LEVEL 3 Max. Async: AUTO Read Preamble: AUTO Idle Cycle: AUTO Dyn. Counter: disable R/W Bypass: AUTO Bypass Max: AUTO 32Bit Gran.: AUTO If not helping, try run with just one stick of RAM in orange slot, see any improvement. Or borrow friends' known good RAM for comparison. Good Luck.
  13. I would bet it is the PSU that need to be replaced. It would be good if you can find a spare PSU for testing without spending any money for wrong guess.
  14. One long beep is the RAM having problem. SInce when you tried it in orange DIMM and it ent away, so you should stay that way for now. 3 short beep is the VGA having problem, check that the VGA is seated properly, signal cable to the monitor is firmly inserted. And both 24-pin and 4-pin (the squire one) power connectors are firmly pluged.
  15. Before you have a second card for testing, if you got the mode successful, at boot up, while detecting HDs I remember, on the left side of screen, you should see "NF4 SLI......" If so, you will be fine. Otherwise, check the connection of those two points again.
  16. I used to follow a known rule for what DIMM to use, for differnet typ eof RAM, it was: DIMM 1/3 (yellow) for BH5/UTT type RAM, which likes high Vdimm to 3.2V and higher. DIMM 2/4 (orange) for other types, expecially for TCCD chips. But tht was almost a year ago. Now newer version of bios had kind of "eliminate" that old rule. You can use either combination for dual channel, with good stability, and performance. Those user manual was done long time ago, with no revision most likely. But bios will keep updating.
  17. To power up a PSU without hook up with a mobo, you will need to short the green wire with the black (GROUND). Refer to the following link: http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/showthread.php?t=40427
  18. Have you tried just using one stick of RAM in orange DIMM? I would suspect it is the RAM causing the problem. PSU may be, but suggest to do some more tests with RAM before blaming the PSU.
  19. I appologize for my inproper answer to this guy's question. I can easily give away the answer. Again, I appologize, and I am sorry. I am just want to stating the point: READ THE USER MANUAL. There are tons of info to answer most our our questions. Personally, I like to read those user manuals, to get more knowledge of what those connectors/pins/jumpers are for, and get more understandinf of BIOS setting. I am sorry, but no regret of what I said. Good Luck and Have Fun.
  20. Your forgot to connect the VGA signal cable?
  21. A64s have the memory controller built-in, that means, if the controller is bad, you need a new CPU.
  22. Unless, your DIMM slot(s) is/are damaged. Another stupid thought, have you tried to run your current RAMs, including that ValueRam, in other PC?
  23. You do not have any other RAM for testing? It might be very helpful to isolate the problem.
  24. Just a crazy thought, unplug your CD-ROM, both data and power, and see any improvement.
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