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  1. Sorry for the problem, i have resized the pic... Yes, the power connector is plugged in correctly My previous (and for now actual) AGP is 6800 gs that also work with power connector and don't have problem
  2. Hi all I have just purchased a new x1950 like title and i have mounted it in my pc that is DFI Infinity nForce II Ultra Athlox XP overclocked 2x512 mushkin BH5 Q-Tec 550W So this is what happen I have tried to mount the card on pc of my brother and seems to work perfectly I have tried to change memory and power supply on my pc but the problem persist... Can be incompatibility with my motherboard? Thanks for help
  3. Thanks for the reply Shinobi Can you suggest me if this is an update that must be made? Are there improvements from 5.0.35 to 5.0.52? Thanks again!
  4. Hi all i have just bought a HDD sata and i have installed it on windows through latest driver that i have download from official site of silicon image Now i have seen that i can update also the bios of the chip and i have downloaded it, but i don't know how to do this... On the official site, i have read that i must go to control panel and use the silicon image panel to do the update, but it's impossibile because the bios result unknow to the program Anyone can tell me what i must do? Even if is possible to do this... Thanks at all
  5. Hi all i have purchased a DFI Infinity from about a week. I'm, for now, satisfied... But i want to ask some question regarding this mobo First of all, is there a software that concern me to view VDD voltage from windows? MBM seems not do this... What is the "best" bios modded to use? I have read good things about Hellfire mod, but there are lot of version... Thanks for help
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