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  1. well i know for a fact using a DVI convertor on the iiyama vision master pro 455 will reduce image quality a whole bunch . It will result in something called ghosting as i found it described in 2 seperate CRT FAQ's predating TFT technology (ergo i'm not talking about TFT ghosting) . Each vertical line would reproduce white'ish echos to the right of the original which would fade in intensity as echo was further from the orginal line . The distortion would not show up on any screenshot only on screen . I'm not gonna go into to deep on everything i tried to solve the problem but trust me when i say it was the monitor conflicting with the DVI connector. But dont worry, my problems totally baffled everyone i contacted about it (iiyama support wouldnt even answer my mails after a while) so i'm guessing its a VERY rare thing to happen . If your wondering my problems disappeared after upgrading to a pci-e puter and a vidcard using the standard VGA connection .
  2. HIS uses the artic silencer as stock cooler ;-) . My card runs at about 58°c in windows surfing etc WITHOUT my fan spinning.
  3. I let my puter have a nights rest last nite and when i booted this morning the fan was spinning again without any cmos clear.
  4. problem is i had to mod the sucker to fit my DFI board . Its got an artic silencer 5.2 as stock cooling and i didnt know about the option of using the second pci-e slot. Just typical i had no issues with any vidcard ive owned in the last 6 years and the one time i do void my waranty it craps out on me . That is if it really is the vidcard... If i only knew someone in person with a pci-e mobo i could make him confirm the issue.
  5. Both molex and floppy got their own dedicated line attached to them (the OCZ HDD/VGA lines) . I found out the fan wasnt spinning after i was getting artifacts while gaming , since my card was at stock i decided to check what was up and saw my coretemp was at 114°!!!! . A quick glance at the fan confirmed my hunch my cards fan had died . I only found out by accident a long bios clear would fix it for a while , i took out my card to inspect the fanheader on the card itself, i figured maybe it wasnt plugged it properly . When i installed my card and tried to boot it wouldnt , i tried reseating it ceveral times and clearing my CMOS (1 minute procedure) . After a few times i was almost convinced the card had now died completely but i got reminded by a m8 how dodgy DFI bios's can act so i tried a long CMOS clear as a last resort . After one hour not only did it boot but my fan was spinning again!! imagine my suprise
  6. the what??? hehehheheh , as far as i can see there are no powerconnectors on my card but i'de love to be wrong . just checked my manual , nothing in there about a powercable.
  7. Xerox X7 19i 8ms there's a big catch though this screens partnumbers can have 2 panels and you'll only want the MVA/PVA overdrive panel. If your allready lost let me break it down for you real short and simple . All TFT's use 1 of 3 different kind of panel which roughly got the same specs for each kind of panel, what differencates the brands is the quality of the other components like the control board/casing etc. The 2 most popular panels are MVA/PVA and TN . The MVA/PVA panels are the one with 16.7 million colours and a pretty large viewangle, almost everyone agrees these panels got awesome picture quality and very nice colours , but they lack speed . They will ghost like hell, so you cant use these for gaming . The TN panels only got 262.000 colours which gets interpolated to 16.2million but there's a notable difference in colour representation if you put both screen next to each other . Also this panel isnt suited for wathing movies cause of the lower viewangle (that for my case specific -> the position of my bed vs my monitor) and a distortion that sometimes appears cause of the interpolation . But these panels are FAST , they are very well suited for gaming. I'm confused you say , first you mention i need an MVA/PVA panel on the xerox and then you go explain how hard they suck for gaming what gives???? Right , so the latest developement in TFT world is something called overdrive , i have no clue how it works but its a technology that'll speed up response time and that can be used on every kind of panel be it TN or MVA/PVA . It'll make TN panels get responce times of 4ms and more interestingly the MVA/PVA now has a responcetime of 8ms!!!! . So now you got a screen with true colour represantation, awesome picturequality and fast responce time suited for both gaming and watching movies .(hardcore gamers still might prefer TN's, some still claim ghosting on the mva/pva overdrive panel , other say there's none its very personal if you can see it) Xerox is one of the few brands that has one of these panels in their TFT's other brands i know of so far are Fujitsu-Siemens P19-2 and Viewsonic VP191b both cost a bit more then the xerox . If you can read dutch it might be interesting for you to check this : http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_messages/1040566 or http://www.prad.de/board/thread.php?thread...htuser=0&page=1 if you speak german It also holds some tips for identifying as the overdrive MVA/PVA version : the specs have to be contrast 800:1 (not 700:1!), helderheid 300nits, viewangle 170°, among things. contacting the distrubutor wont get you far either aparantly noone can really give you a clear answer which panel your gonna get :< Personally i'm waiting for the more established brands like iiyama to come with their overdrive MVA/PVA screen , the trouble with identifying the xerox + the infancy of this new technology is holding me back (maybe also the bigger brands cause this panel is out there for about a month maybe two and so far the biggies arent jumping on the bandwagon)
  8. For some reason the fan on vidcard seems to die every so often . The reason i'm saying i'm having pci-e problems is because i can get it up and running again simply by doing a long CMOS clear (needs to be on clear for about an hour or it'll fail) so imo its not the card and certainly not the fan itself . At first i figured it might be due to overclocking and it certainly has an influence , the fan will stop spinning much faster when oc'ed. Last time i just kept the default settings after i cleared my CMOS and ive been gaming without any problems for 3 days , till today that is . I was just gonna boot flatout when i saw my fan wasnt spinning :< . I'm pretty baffled by this and i'de love some assistance in trying to fix or finding out what really broken (psu/mobo/vidcard??)
  9. its a great program and in the past i used to think it was more sensitive , but on my new venice its deffo not as effective as prime95. OCCT will pass each time (ever on lower Vcore's) and prime95 will fail within 20 minutes . Torturing the CPU using OCCT (so not the test) always end in a reboot within 20 minutes ??? So it can run the test for longer then it can run its torture setting . Btw ive yet to encounter any problems using this speed for everyday use , no program crashes or errors , IE is perfectly stable , only DOOM³ crapped out on me yesterday but might as well be the vidcard as i was running right on its max settings , something ID claimed would happen .
  10. cant use cool and quiet and oc =] . That max HTT was the 4x multi , HTT multi x2 Btw, ive hit my max OC with this chip : 2934.1mhz -> [email protected] , i managed to pass OCCT @ 1.63Vcore but it needs a bit more to be fully stable . It passes OCCT but when i tried a second time my system rebooted . Anything higher with no matter what Vcore (went as high as 1.75) would also cause reboots . OCCT never gives an error , my system just reboots .µ I was hoping to get 3000mhz stable , but 'im very very happy with this also hehehehehe ,maybe with some burning in i might reach 3000mhz afterall .
  11. OC system : DFI lp ut nforce4 ultra-d --> stock bios 1/25 AMD A64 3000+ Venice CBBLE 0512DPBW OCZ powerstream 520W 2x512MB twinmoss 'UTT' HIS X800XL iceqII H²O cooled -> Cathar G4 + DD heatercore + Laing D4 + 1/2" clearflex
  12. hehehehehe sorry for not replying , i didnt fully understand your question up till now . I got it fomr deviantart.com , they have a HUGE wallpaper section with some insanely beautifull creations in it . I'll try and see if i can find it again on the site , if not i'll upload it to my webby for ya . rite cant seem to find the pic you like on deviantart , and the site itself seem a bit buggy atm (many pics not loading) . So i decided to just put a few of my fav wallpapers in a rar for you : http://users.pandora.be/xeper/Mijn%20afbeeldingen.rar . Enjoy and dont forgot to check deviantart , there's an insane amount of cool stuff on it for free .
  13. OC system : DFI lp ut nforce4 ultra-d --> stock bios 1/25 AMD A64 3000+ Venice CBBLE 0512DPBW OCZ powerstream 520W 2x512MB twinmoss 'UTT' HIS X800XL iceqII H²O cooled -> Cathar G4 + DD heatercore + Laing D4 + 1/2" clearflex Results : max HTT --> 445 HTT MAX FSB --> 243FSB/cas2 2 2 8 @ 3.2Vdimm / 10 passes test#5 . I'm having trouble getting higher even with extra Vdimm . Its most likely bios related as i'm still on stock bios . But the rest is working without one glitch and knowing DFI its better to leave it alone then ;-) (for now) 2500mhz : [email protected] (166divider op DDR) 2600mhz : [email protected] (166divider op DDR) 2700mhz : [email protected] (166divider op DDR) 2772mhz : [email protected] (150divider op DDR) 2826.8mhz : [email protected] (150divider op DDR) 2880.1mhz : [email protected] (150divider op DDR) --> SuperPi / aquamark 3
  14. you got 2 options to make it fit in the normal pci-e slot . First one, which i myself did, is dremel of the plastick thread that is pushin on the chipsetcooler . The second , i later found out, is removing the top plate of the chipset cooler : http://www.hardwareonline.be/uploads/img4284b2ff6844d.jpg I hope that helps you , its otherwise a .ing great card m8 .
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