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  1. update: so far everything is runing good now its at its normal overclock which is 3ghzs which is weird because befor it never like going over stock with them. and now i am not runing out of memory:) also everything is runing alot faster than runing with 2gb dual channel which what i herd is dual channel is ony like 1 to 3% faster and ony will see it in bench marks. tho soon i want to upgrade to 2more 1x2 sticks the same brand and specs as my adata ram that i have in it now to make 4gb total:) if i had xp on this computer i wouldint need more memory than 2gb but i perfer vista over xp because i just like it and i have it runing pretty good:) but every buddy knows vista does take more memory than xp:) and about 2 to 3 of my games i play eats tons of ram than i get that stoping and going lol. with the 2.5gb i dont get that now:)
  2. hmm weird now it overclocks now with it lol i did higher the ram volts from 2.6 to 2.8 so maybee that fixed it:)
  3. ok today i decieded i wanted to try more ram sense i have vista which does take more ram than xp but at 2.5gb it seems to soved all the ram problems in games like stalker and tablula rasa. but the thing is i have to run at stock not just the ram but cpu to. when i tried it at first it just would stop at the check dmi test so i tried the ram at stock and it still wont pass it. so when i tried everything at stock it passes it and runs fine. i was thinking it might because its mixed brands because my main ram is adata 1x2gbs and the ram i put in is kingston ddr400 same speed. but it works perfect when the cpu at stock.
  4. never mind got it sovled lol didint see the icon when you talk to the guy inside that place to medcated lol
  5. anyone? come on i know theres alot of you that played this game:)
  6. i tried alt didint show anything:/
  7. ok got the game today but im on the quest inside this place in the labatory its ony like the 2nd quest in game but how do i make a fire with the flint? i tried going were the fire is and i even drop the flint but doesint do anything? so far game seems cool but im stuck at this part:confused:
  8. * Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista * CPU Processor: Intel Pentium D (Dual Core) 2.8GHZ or AMD Athlon 64 3500+ * Memory: XP - 1 GB RAM, Vista – 2GB RAM * Hard Disk Space: 5.1 GB + 1GB Swap File * Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card * Video Card: 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required – 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 128 MB Video Memory * Video Card (ATI): Radeon X800 * Video Card (Nvidia): Geforce 7600 * Media Required: 4X DVD-ROM drive * Windows XP/Vista compatible mouse and keyboard with latest drivers * Guitar Hero 3 Official PC Guitar Controller he has everything but the cpu tho my laptop is ony intel 1.74pm and it plays it good. but all i could see is its lacking sse2 or something. tho i dont get why it whould do nothing when you click the exe and its not even in the backround. tho i was hopeing that someone else got it runing on a socket a or there was a fix or a hack to get it working. but if its sse 2 causeing it i guess theres nothing for him to do other than get a new motherboard and cpu:( i just dont get it thats the ony game he has problems with crysis loads and plays. oh forgot that lostplanet allmost does the same but says the exe cause a error.
  9. ok heres the problem my uncle got guitar hero 3 for pc but when he clicks on the icon nothing happens not even in the backround. his system is asrock kvm4 amd athlon 3200 xp 7800gs and 2gb of ram. i also tried it on my sytem that is pretty much the same but with 512mb ram amd duron [email protected] and a ati 9600xt and it does the same thing. but on my laptop which is a pm 1.74m 7800gtx 2gb ram it pops right on and also does every other amd 64bit i have. even my cusions pops it on which also have a amd 64bit. but now im wondering is it not working because the socket a systems lacking sse 2? and i wondering if anyone ever got it working on there socket a if anyone still useing them:)
  10. ya im understanding everything im just telling the truth on my behalf:) also about the chickmunk voices its not the codecs i tried everything and i tried every driver out there. ony fix that fixed it is when i installed vista and all my sound problems has been fixed:) i whould love to get those 2 games working 100% with xp because that what im useing on my laptop right now till i get a bigger hdd but looks like it wont be fixed seems like the sigmatell cmager xp drivers has bugs or something... also cant find a fix for need for speed prostreet skiping on xp either. when i installed vista last week on it i pop on need for speed ps and the skiping has gone and was alot smoother. so im not realy sure what going on lol but ya i dont understand why they put vista on store bought pc mainly with ony 512mb or 1gb of ram thats just to low for vista to run happy lol just like they did with xp when it came out with 64mb ram up to 128mb lol and the ones that came with 2gb of ram or more didint have no problems like the new dells laptops and desktops. but i do understand why peaple wont upgrade mainy because its a ram hog but so far im not haveing any problems with ram runing out or any slowdowns in games.
  11. well for one thing my eyes was wide open:eek: lol and like i said threw this whole thread vista runs smooth and fast and works with every program i have and all games. and it does it all better than xp maybe my systems are unique or maybe i am to make vista run silky smooth :cool: also xp is not great either because how long its been out and cant keep up with sound cards lol like 2nd sight or juiced which has chick munks voices. and guess what? vista fixed that on my laptop:) and vista been out like not even a year for all the problems i see with vista i blame the drivers not the os.
  12. video was funny but in my eyes vista aint like that:) i had my computer on non stop for months i never shut it down ony time i shut it down is when im overclocking in the bios:) but other than that i never had a error or any freezeing lol and also the computer steams music allways to:) but ya my uncle wants vista back even but his sound card cmedia is chit so he runs xp right now. thats my problem why im useing xp on my laptop because of the sound card. other than that everything worked better:) and my cusion wants it to but mainly waiting till he gets more hdd space and makes sure his drivers works right with vista.
  13. guess i got lucky with vista:) i dont have any of those problems like torrents and games not closeing right.
  14. sure its gona run like crap on under 1.5bs i know that lol its just like they did with xp loaded xp on machines that had 64mb and 128 to 256 and it ran like crap to. and tahst why alot of them took vista off because they ony have 1gb or less. but vista runs smooth with 1.5gb to 2gb for me:)
  15. ya if you have xp and have no problems theres no sense of upgradeing to vista. also got mine for 20$ from my work:) so theres a win for me:)
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