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  1. I was actually curious about these sticks myself and the ones by GigaRAM (Mach1000-series). See, my current system is running really well with my BH5, but it's time to go with a 2GB set, so I regrettably am going to have to part with my beloved BH5 *sniff*. So what are you guys liking these days? My OC is at 265MHz FSB x 10 multi (RAM on a divider). I was going to go with a 2GB PC4000 set, either the OCZ Gold or Gold GX...maybe now the G.Skill set since they have been recommended here. Any of them better than the rest or is the OC-ability on all of these guys about the same? What have you guys been getting luck with? Thanks! p.s. GREAT article, Sharp!
  2. No I never OCed it, but yes $290 and I'll cover shipping and include UT2004. I'm not against negotiating either if anyone's remotely interested...
  3. Thanks for the bumps fellas. Hopefully someone will jump on this soon, lol!
  4. Bump and a price drop. $290 is what I'm asking. I'll cover shipping in the lower 48 and I'll throw in a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD version)!
  5. Bump and a price drop- PCIe GeForce 6800 Ultra - $290! And I'll pay for shipping.
  6. AstroCreep


    SOLD! Finally, lol. Thanks to everyone who bumped it and who expressed interest.
  7. I ened up swapping mine around and there were no problems with accessing the DIMMS; there's enough room to get in there under the HS's 'Over-hang', you just have to be careful. Two suckie things to update my thread with: -Bank B (DIMMS 3 & 4) were bad. Have to RMA it to NewEgg. -When removing the HS I bent the crap out of a whole row of pins on my CPU (pulled itself out of the socket when I removed the CPU). Double I think I was able to get the pins put back alright though. Anyone have experiences with bent pins? Did the CPU work okay after bending them back?
  8. That was what I was kinda wanting to do, but it seems that if I put the HS that way that part of the HS's surface is on top of that white-plastic 'panel' at the top of the CPU's ziff socket - it looks like it wouldn't make full contact on the CPU's surface. Is that how yours is setup? Or did you maybe rotate the retention clips on the HS? Thanks.
  9. Hey guys, I just received my stuff for my new system and I was slapping it all together and I ran into a question - Is there a special way I need to mount the XP-90? It just seems that the clearance between the bottom of the cooler & the top of my vga is very slim - less than an inch. Maybe I have the HS mounted worng, but when I was mounting it, it seemed like this was the only way it would fit (due to the top of the CPU socket being in the way); I have the side with the heatpipes facing the top (towards the DIMM slots) and the 'overhang' part facing down (toward the PCI/PCIe slots). Is it okay the way it is? Any info/help/insight would be appreciated. THANKS!
  10. Hey guys, I tried looking for the thread, but I couldn't find it, so I figured I'd ask: I could have sworn that one dual channel setup is better than the other on the NF4 boards, but I don't remember which two was the best combination. Which is better to go with? 1 & 3 or 2 & 4? Thanks!
  11. Think it would be okay to boot-up to at least flash it with a Diego? I unfortunately don't have another 939 to flash it with. :/
  12. Cool, thanks willyrybone. I was doing some investigation and from what I've been reading some of the VX issues seem to be related to using the 5v line or an issue with some of the CPUs' memory controller. I might just stick with my Kingston Hyper-X BH5 for now (if I upgrade). I've just never tried to burn them in and my Claw can't do 1:1 at 1T (on my s754 system).
  13. So it's 56c for your 6800GT's core? That's a fine temp. The default 'core slowdown thresshold' is 120c.
  14. Hey guys; been a while since I've been around here. I have a few quick questions I didn't see in the stickies while reading over them quickly, so here goes: 1. I bet a bunch of people have the OCZ PC4000 VX stuff; work okay on the NF4 Ultra-D? Allow proper 'burn-in' time like with BH5? 2. I've heard that the Ultra-D can be finicky about TCCD. I know that the OCZ EL DDR PC3200 Platinum Edition rev2 is supposed to be okay with it, but the newer modules shipping have TCC5 instead; still okay? 3. Will the stock BIOS shipping on them support Venice & San Diego out-of-the-box? Well, I think that's all I'm curious about for now. Thanks!
  15. I'm wanting to flash to a beta BIOS myself to try and use my BH5 (Kingston) at 1:1 1T, and it seems if I can raise my vDIMM above 3.1v I might be able to, but I don't know about doing the rail mod to my motherboard as mentioned in the first thread - can someone hook me up with a link? Or are there any other things I could try? (I have an Antec NeoPower if that helps.) TIA.
  16. Helpful stuff Angry, thanks. Yeah, I like the Diamond Flash Utility; makes easy work of BIOS flashing. Now since all of the BIOSes are Beta (including the 9/14 reverting back to Beta-status), what would happen if I do need to go back to the default one? I've never tried to 'down-grade' my BIOS before and I just want to make sure before I try one of the Betas ('just in case'). Can I revert the BIOS? With the tried & true DOS method? I didn't see anything about this in the links above.
  17. I've been messing around with my system (see sig) and I'm able to run it stably at 250fsb x 10 multiplier, but that's at a 333cpu:400ram divider, so my next step is that I'd like to try to run it 1:1. Here's the thing, I can't get my BH-5 to run past the divider at 3.1v, so I was thinking about trying a beta BIOS with a higher vDIMM. Question is if this BIOS doesn't work too well, how hard is it to flash abck to the default one? I've never 'back-flashed' and I just want to make sure that the system would let me. And while I'm on the topic of the RAM & BIOS, would it be possible to run it at 1:1 or is it a pipe-dream? And as far as a BIOS what would be 'best'? The newest one from last month? TIA guys!
  18. Hi all, I'm new here (but I have been visiting for a few months now, sicne I bought my LP_UT NF3), and I have a question: I went to see the 'Official' BIOSes at the main DFI page, and they took down the 9-14 one - why? I searched for an answer here, but I didn't get anything (maybe from the terms I tried to search with). Just curious... (While I'm here, any 'new' news on the illusive NF3 Ultra board?) TIA!
  19. I use a Thermalright SP-97 for my AthlonXP, but for my Athlon64 I went with the Thermatake PIPE 101 with an Enermax 92mm adj. fan. Right now my temps are 30c idle to 43c load on my A64 (3400 Clawhammer 250FSB x 10 multiplier). I've been pretty happy.
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