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  1. does anyone have some real experience with the onboard raid controller on the nforce 4 while updating bios?
  2. hi all im still havin random bluescreens on my system (think its a compability issue with my corsair ram... more info here: http://www.houseofhelp.com/v2/showthread.p...221488&posted=1 ) now i wanne try a new bios till now i allways ran the latest official stable dfi bios, but since dfi decided to stop finishing their unfinished beta bios'es, i tired of waiting, and i will try the latest beta bios... i was thinking of runnin 704-2tba or 704-3 (suggestions for my ram are welcome!!) but there is 1 thing i REALLY need to know FOR SURE FIRST.... i have a raid 0 and a raid 1, with important data on it... and i wanne know if updating the bios can possibly influence these raid arrays?? cause the last thing i wanne do i risque loosing all this data for risquing a freaking beta bios update so if anyone knows the answer to this REALLY sure: plzzzz tell me
  3. strange i have raid0 and raid1 and also uninstalled 6.66 before installing 6.70 didnt notice any probs at all
  4. i think it was 62,5mm x 62.5mm height i dunno
  5. u can find my experiences with my mod here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23043
  6. now the heatsink fitted the mobo!! so i started fitting the videocard... offcourse i had to remove some pins for that... this is the result then i finally installed the heatsink very carefully with some as5 and after that also the videocard after this i was very glad everything still worked and also the results are very nice!! without any casefans on the temp became 50°C, which is about the same temp as before with that small fan!! with the casefans on it only becomes around 40°C!! this is passive!! quite a nice result if u ask me... UPDATE: 2 new pics: 1 of the cablemess inside my case that i tried to reduce as much as possible and 1 of the pc with case closed and lookin good having problems with random bluescreens in meanwhile dont really have a clue why... (dont think its my OC though) i just know it kinda .in sux really hard
  7. Hi all ive been planning to replace the heatsink/fan combination of my NF4 Ultra-D for awhile now and finally i did it!! first i bought an old swiftech heatsink after this i did ALOT of fitting and measuring then i drilled the 2 holes as u can see above, the drill just pushed the pins in the neighbourhood away, i didnt even have to remove those pins after that i drilled a bit from the bottom away so that some obstructions on the mobo are avoided as u can see its all a bit amaturistic, but i dont give a fu** about the looks, as long as its silent and cool! i also used a drill only for it, which is actually a wrong tool but i couldnt find any better (and it actually worked ) the next few hours i spend lapping the heatsink... i started with 120, followed by 180, 240, 400, 600 and finally 1200 (i couldnt find any steps in between) then i went fitting again, and i noticed two more obstructions had to be avoided this is how it looks like after the lapping and after making place for those 2 extra obstructions (did those 2 with a metal saw, and with a big bolt ) Edit By THunDA Watch the language please !!
  8. i am modding my chipset heatsink im replacing the heatsink with a swiftech cpu heatsink so ill need to make my own holes in the heatsink to attach it to the mobo this is gonna be a pretty delicate job thats why i rather would prefer doin ALL the modding now, and NEVER having to take the heatsink off (with all included risques) so if it aint to hard, and has no downsides, then i rather do it now, then later when i really need it
  9. im preparing my own mod atm!! i bought an old swiftech socket a heatsink for 12.5 euro (inc shipping) if im correct the 2 points pointed below are the only parts interfiering with the heatsink (except the videocard itself offcourse) im i right about this? or am i missing an important thing here? strange that so many had to cut to use the usb or sata connectors they all fit around nicely for me...
  10. hmm sorry i didnt read all thread lookin for an answer to this, 1st question: but would there be ANY possible reason NOT to mod my ultra-d to sli-d? cause atm im changing the chipset fan + heatsink, so it might be a good time to do this mod too i have no plans at all yet to use SLI, but who knows... perhaps someday... 2th question: i dont see any epoxy (whatever that may be) between the 2 points that have to be connected (its also kinda small, perhaps thats the reason?) i bought my ultra-d end february is this possible? does this mean i dont have to scrape anything of before connecting the 2 points? 3th question: i dont like pencil at all, i would hate it if i had to repencil the damn chipset every year... if i do it i wanne do it final and foreva! i also dont wanne spend more then 10 euro on some special stuff that does the trick (it aint worth it, since i prolly wont use it anyway) so i was thinking: can i (i kinda mean a friend with this ) solder it perhaps? i think it should be possible too in the time of the socket a amd cpu's i had a duron 800 which also needed 2 small points to be connected i tried this first with a crappy pencil, but a week later it started flippin allready so i asked someone at my work back then, to solder it for me it has been runnin unlocked and overclocked ever since never had problems with it never had to redo anything it was perfect... can i do the same with the chipset?
  11. aha i finally got through the damn site again... and finally found the driver too i still wonder what this is for though: Revision All Driver LAN Drivers OS Others File NDIS_452.zip Size 688,108 bytes Date 2005/06/09 Description NDIS driver for Integrated LAN of nForce Chipset. isnt this inside the nforce drivers? which one is the newest? still think dfi should get a decent host though
  12. hmmmmzzz very strange i allways thought the driver for the marvel ethernet was inside the nforce drivers today i wanted to start using the marvel controller next to the nvidia controller so i enable it in bios, go look in windows, and windows cant find a driver (also not on the internet) so uninstall nforce drivers, reinstall em still no driver found for the marvel controller so i try to go to the dfi website, it works for a very short while (allthough extremely slow allready), but before i could find the driver, the damn site starts timing out (all 404 errors) damn dfi, get a .in decent webhost.... can anyone plz tell me where i can find the latest drivers for that marvel controller?
  13. sweet there is an answer for the stacker now thx dewds!! kilamon: sorry dont have your case :/ wouldnt know
  14. strange i though most Corsair 4400C2.5 didnt even do cas 2.0? (mine doesnt) not that i mind this bein posted as an possible example though i just think u have more chance using 2.5 3 3 7 or something
  15. lolz nice try i dont give up so soon... btw: i do trust partition magic, it just aint a HARDWARE diagnostics tool...
  16. Prostock62: redownload the utility? what difference would that make? the utility was in a zip which i downloaded succesfully (lol, how hard was that ) so i dont really see any use in redownloading it... the tool is on a bootable floppy and works and is complete, it just doesnt recognise the HDs politenessman: im using the NF4 controller, prolly the most used SATA300 AMD controller in the entire world... so i cant/refuse understand that it aint supported about partition magic: i wanne do a diagnostics test on all HDs, and according to me ONLY the tool from the HDs themselves (samsung) can do a DECENT diagnostics check... i dont wanne do half testing with partition magic, its a great tool, and trust me: i used it a .IN LOT allready, but it just aint good enough for a reliable diagnostics check (my maxtor RAID array were completely screwed and unfixable with partition magic one time fe... but (ONLY) after a low level format things were fixed... i KNEW that my HDs werent broke thx to Maxblast (tool from maxtor for hds)... if i would have trusted partition magic on that, i would have thrown 4 good HDs in the garbage) about DOA: offcourse the chance of having 4 DOA is veeeery small, but it aint about that, its about 1 DOA... the chance of having 1 DOA with 4 HDs is ALOT bigger then having 1 DOA with 1 HD... if i remember right, about 2-3% of all new HDs are DOA... so for 4 HDs there is about 2^4 or 3^4 % chance (could be wrong, but i wont be far off), so thats 16-27% chance of a DOA!! thats quite big if u ask me and even if it would only be 5-10% chance of 1 DOA with 4 HDs, then i would still wanne test all HDs before using it im gonna make RAID arrays from them, then copy my 300GB of data on it, then sell my old HDs, so if 1 HD is broke i can loose 300GB of data!! i dont wanne take such big risque...
  17. i see the drives during the post screen yeah i also went to the samsung website, to the faq, etc not much can found there except that the util should see all drives that bios sees i allready wrote a mad email to samsung complaining, but offcourse that wont have much effect in short term i find it very strange no one here bounced to this issue before... do u guys all assume that ur new HDs are 100% ok when receive em? (i certainly dont)
  18. i had a similar experience problem for me was that after a few months, stock speed wasnt stable anymore i first thought it was my winchester that got broke, but when i tried my new venice cpu it had the exact same problem im thinking very hard now about RMA'ing the mobo... more details about my prob u can find here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=70702
  19. hi all i just bought 4 Samsung SATA300 drives (2x 250GB and 2x 120GB) and offcourse the first thing i wanne do is chk if they are broken or not! so i surf to the samsung site, look for a tool comparable to maxblast for maxtor HDs (this is my first HD other then maxtor) and i find HUTIL... all great and well... so i make a bootable floppy copy HUTIL on it i boot from the floppy start HUTIL and... HUTIL doesnt see any of my SATA drives so i go googling a bit about sata drives and hutil and i find: if the bios recognises the sata drives, then so should hutil do... and guess what: offcourse my bios recognises the sata drives... but hutil doesnt.. anyone know what the problem is? i wanne use those HDs for a raid0 and raid1, so the last thing i would ever do is start using them without testing them.. thx
  20. that sounds like a very nice result man!! does anyone perhaps know any good copper heatsinks with pins that might suit the job plz? (old and cheap are prefered )
  21. kewl pics try-this ill prolly try something similar soon! just lookin for a nice copper heatsink in the area for it btw: what u think thats best? fins (like try-this heatsink) or pins (like the zalman chipset cooler, but then bigger offcourse ) pins seem easier to move at first sight... but does that copper break easy? about those position of those self taping screws: u mean like this? heatsink: (try to imagine this urself;)) mobo: ───────────┼──────────── screw: ┴ and aint it difficult to apply an even pressure with those self taping screws? or isnt it easy to crush ur chipset core when screwing the heatsink in place?
  22. it was posted once i know cause i asked it too... dont remember where though dont really understand either why stuff like this aint in a sticky... perhaps the people here just like to answer the same question a 1000 times...
  23. if u just want the floppy to be in the case and NOT in a 4in3 drive module then u can do what i did: 1) take ur floppy drive 2) attach the brackets (those metal things in the shape of an 'U') the way u think they would fit best (a lil fitting, and some common sense should do it ) 3) fit it in the case, not payin attention to the holes 4) take a pencil 5) pencil on the brackets where the holes should be (just draw with ur pencil through the holes for the screws) 6) take a drill 7) drill tha holes 8) screw it in ur case and ur done... i only drilled 2 holes, so its attached with 2 screws... its PERFECT in place and more then fixed enough... there are other ways too i know some even modified them so they could use those 'no-screw' plastic things that u normally put on cdrom drive etc but i didnt really need that, so im really pleased with my method (quick easy and decent)
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