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  1. this thing maybe are weird. but. u can try if u can get the blind flash with a simple FDD. make the autoexec.bat and the awflash and the bios rom. in a floppy. sometime when i get 4 leds i got the blind flash scenario. but doesnt work for me. i think that the floppy makes error. in my case. but i hotflashed in a biostar NF2 chipset. with tmod cd5. another thing. put the 100mhz fsb. try with 2100 stick. and make sure that all are connected. only the nessesary. only agp cpu and memory. u don need hdd and cdrom to get post. when i was in my first 4leds. a got a month without the mobo alive. dont worried. something could work.
  2. weird case... u said that are 1 and 2 led on but after that there passed 2 tests. thats mean that u have working mobo. and something are wrong if not when u turn on the pc the 1 and 2 led turn on inmediatelly. nah u have bios corruption. try turning on without memory, agp and the rest of things. only with the processor. remember to use ps2 keyboard. so u can try with another PSU and another video. use only 1 memory stick. hope that helps to you.
  3. well i got some experience with the psu´s. if the power supply turn on when u put the AC cordle behind the case. the psu its burned. so if the psu turn on with the mobo buttom. and the mobo wont turn on. its because some voltage and current are in the wrong range or not present. try this. the gren cable on the atx adapter with one black force turn on. without mobo present. and test all the voltages with a multimeter. remember the psu needs to be more 400watts just for the mobo. un need like 450 watt psu for all the components on the mobo.. use this guide should it helps http://www.fonerbooks.com/power.htm
  4. i had the same situation before. this is that i do. i got another nf2 mobo and i did a hotflash to the plcc rom. to the dfi official bios rom. 28/7 date.. and the mobo revive. i try with all the dfi tricks. only the hotflash works for me.. trust me in my case i was dessesperate. and i was thinking buying another mobo. that was my oportunity.. if u had questions PM me.
  5. im going now to put out of the case and test everything.. with another psu.... all the time hot wiring :drool: but i still cant startup with tha normal switch
  6. well are the flash reflective to the camera...i took like a 15 pics to get this one in the forum to have a good point of view for the mobo
  7. well the bios show the same voltage. i got another PSU here. i will make a test with the another one... to compare if something its wrong.
  8. well when i had recently instaled the volcano 10.. the temp down to 40c i think that its some of garbage with the airflow that obstruct the cooler... thanks for the tip.. u guys. maybe u need to see what its a hot wiring. to know what i did in my mobo..
  9. here its the thing that i do... http://www.compute-aid.com/atxspec.html the name its HOT WIRING it force to turn on the motherboard. the problem was that the motherboard doesnt turn on when i pressed the pw button and the pw switch in the motherboard. to make a hot wiring u need to make a bridge in the atx connector in the pin 14-15 to force the PSU turn on the motherboard. thanks
  10. here is some interesting this is my voltages. i have 550 watt PSU.. i think that something its wrong with tha -12v.. the winbond detects. -13 its too much change...what do u think?? this is my current temp.
  11. i going to test every switch of the case and the mobo.. if i need to change one.. ill do ya. but in this moment im posting from the dfi comp.. every looks normal. but i do a bridge with the pin 14-15 in the PSU...
  12. well i have tested each of the components... nah..... i got good news.. for everyone... i do a (hot wire) with the PSU and force the mobo to turn on... everithing works... so i have able to restore my last bios config.... now all on my comp works... i think that its some wrong with the pw switch in the mobo and the case... but the rest works good... almost. thanks for help Xerck...
  13. if u see in the pic im clearing the bios since the sunday... it might work
  14. ok u mean that i need to reset the cmos.. then i need to remove the jumper... then pressng del and ins continuisly..then try to get boot scenario
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